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“Sidharth, where you are taking me? I was just trying to say sorry to you.” Sidharth was taking her somewhere by grasping her hand. Shehnaaz was asking where he is taking her, but he wasn’t answering her. After that, he threw her inside the empty classroom and shut the door close.

She fell on the floor and screamed, “ahaaa…”

“Let’s finish your following game today, I know what you want from me and I am ready to give you that.” He uttered, opening the buttons of his shirt and staring at her dangerously. She widened her eyes in shock. His act was utterly unexpected for her.

Without giving him any explanation, she stood up and marched to the door, but before she could open the door, he pinned her against the wall by grasping her arms.

“Now where are you going? Don’t act innocent, come on do it.” He moved closer to her lips, but before their lips could touch, she pushed him away and slapped him.

“I never knew that you think such a cheap thing about me, you are disgusting, Sidharth, I hate you and I hate myself that I ever loved you.” She bawled at him, her eyes were filled with anger. She dashed out of the room after opening the door.


“No, you are not monster, I am sure, you don’t kill innocent people, whom you killed today, they were Monster and that doesn’t give any proof to me that you are a monster,” I said with full confidence because I had full trust on my love.

“I’m a monster and you have to believe this.” He yelled angrily after pulling me to himself by grasping my both arms tightly. His acts and his words were clearly showing that he wanted to make me believe that he was a monster. But my heart is saying, he’s not a monster.

“No, if you are a monster, then you would have killed me instead of saving my life every time. Sidharth, if this is the reason you are hiding your feeling and pain from me then I wanna tell you, I don’t care that you are a vampire, I still love you, I love you so much.” I confessed my love from the core of my heart, grabbing the collar of his blazer and he was still staring at me coldly.

“I am not hiding anything, I am showing the real me to you and you have to believe that you are fallen for a monster.” He said and left my arms. I didn’t know why my heart wasn’t ready to believe that he was a monster. Now I came to know his truth then why he was still hiding his feeling.

“I’m dropping you home and now speak a word, I will kill you.” He warned me. I just stared at in his eye, trying to read his deep black eyes. He pulled off his blazer and covered me with it. After that, he lifted me his arms and within a second we were out of the forest and standing in front of his car. He was very fast. He made me sit inside the car and sat at the driving seat.


“Just go… fucking out of here now.” He threw me out of his room and shut the door. I fell and my forehead hit to the floor. More than the physical pain, his behaviour was hurting me. I didn’t know why again he started behaving like a Monster. I stared at the door of his room with sorrowful eyes which were brimmed with tears. I touched my forehead, it was bleeding.

Suddenly the door burst open and he glared at my forehead, his cold look scared me a bit, I didn’t move an inch. I was just looking into the eyes.

“Shehnaaz, why are you not understanding, I am asking you to go, I don’t want to hurt you.” He again shouted, but this time closing his eyes.

“Sidharth, please, don’t push me, I love you and I know you also love me, please tell me why are you doing this? We will it fight together, what you are doing, that is only giving you pain and me too, it is wrong.” I hugged him and cried in agony. I was trying to convince him to share everything with me.

But next, what happened it made me shocked. I felt his teeth near to my neck, he was about to bite me.

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