(Part: 71) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Sana, I’m again asking, do you want to know about this or not? Because maybe it will hurt you and I don’t want to hurt you in any manner.” Sidharth asked concernedly to her as they stepped into the room.

“Hubby, I have full trust in you, you will never hurt me. And if it hurts me, I promise you that I will tell you, but I want to experience everything with you, maybe I will like it.” She smiled at him, she had full trust in him.

“Okay, for you I’m doing this. If you don’t like, then stop me, I will instantly stop.” He instructed and sat down on the bed.

“But what is the meaning of spanking, hubby?” She asked innocently and wondered, placing the finger over her chin.

“I will explain to you practically, or else you will be scared.” As he said, she nodded her head positively.

“Now lie down over my lap on your stomach,” he ordered, pointing his index at his lap. She leaned down over his lap. Sidharth laid her across his lap in perfect position, her hands were on the floor and he raised her hips.

“Sidharth, I am getting excited.” She told him what she was feeling. A smile spread across his face after hearing her words. He kissed her hair lovingly.

He slowly yanked her jeans with her innerwear down her thighs till her knees, she closed her eyes having a smile on her face, but she was unaware what next was coming.

She fisted her hands as he caressed her butts. His touch was sending a shiver down her spine and making her wet.

After a few minutes, he raised his hand in the air and within a second he hit her one of her butts slightly.

“Aahu… “As a pleasurable scream escaped out of her mouth, he understood that she liked it. She felt pleasure, not pain.

“Baby, did it hurt you? Do you want me to continue?” Sidharth asked concernedly, rubbing her where he had spanked her. She was not in a condition to speak anything. She was lost in his touch, the way he was rubbing and squeezing her butts with his hands, her core was dripping wet and throbbing for him.

“Hubby, I want more.” As she uttered, he raised her brows in shock. He never expected these words from his baby’s mouth after the skanking.

“What did you say?” He asked in disbelief to confirm.

“I want more, hubby. I like it. Please hubby, don’t stop.” She requested, making him more shocked.

After this, he spanked her right hip slightly and rubbed it again. She felt white liquid running down her core.

After this, he spanked her four times more, one by one on both side slightly because he didn’t want to hurt her. He leaned down and placed soft kisses on her butts. She was feeling incredible.

He widened his eyes in shock as his baby held his hand placed it over her wet and throbbing core. “Hubby, I want an orgasm.” She demanded orgasm like she was demanding for chocolate.

She had lots of questions in her mind, but before that, she wanted release, because spanking aroused her.

He pushed her on the bed and crawled over her. “Oh, so my baby is becoming bold day by day.” He uttered, grinning.

“Hubby, please, I need it right now, something is very badly happening in between my thighs.” Her words were clearly showing that spanking made her extremely horny. She was so desperate for the release.

“What about our friends? What they would think and if they come here to see us?” He was enjoying a lot while teasing his baby.

She pouted, annoyed. “I don’t care, I just want orgasm right now.” She shouted losing her temper, he chuckled seeing her reaction. For the first time, he was enjoying teasing her.

“Okay, let me message them.” He took out his phone from the pocket, but before he could message anyone, she snatched the phone from his hand.

“Hubby, please I want it right now, stop teasing me.” She implored in a crying tone after throwing his phone. He was shocked to see her reaction.

He just captured her lips and rubbed her core slowly and gently. With a second he accelerated the speed. He was now rubbing her vigorously. She was also kissing him back wildly and moving her legs. Within two minutes, she cummed on his hand, her legs shaking. He broke the kiss, she was breathing heavily after closing her legs together.

“I love you, baby. Tomorrow I will make you mine, can’t wait for tomorrow.” He uttered after kissing her forehead lovingly.

After that, they lay down, cuddling each other. For the first time, she didn’t sleep after the orgasm. He was shocked seeing this, but then he got to know the reason why she didn’t sleep.

“Hubby, why it is called as spank, why not slap?” She asked in confusion. This was the reason she wasn’t sleeping, she wanted to know all the answers first.

“Baby, slap gave pain. Did spanking hurt you?” As Sidharth asked, she instantly nodded her head cutely.

She said, “no, I didn’t feel any pain, hubby, rather I felt incredible.”

Sidharth smiled after listening to her words “so that’s why it is called as spank, not a slap because slap gives pain, but spank doesn’t.” Only Sidharth knew that how he had answered her illogical question.

“Hubby, please spank me before starting our romance every time as it excites me.” As she said, he chuckled and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Hubby, one more questions has been ringing in mind since Arnav jiju got the chit of fingering, what is the meaning of fingering.” She asked confusingly, looking at her index finger.

“Baby, I will tell you tomorrow about this, today, it is enough for you.” He said strictly.

“But you can at least tell me the meaning, hubby or else I won’t able to sleep and keep wondering whole night about this.” She said cutely and he agreed to explain to her because he knew his stubborn baby would not listen to him.

“So basically fingering means finger fucking.” He directly told her, but still, she was staring at him in confusion.

“Instead of manhood, fingers are used in sex.” Sidharth tried to explain her again.

“Sidharth, is fingering painful? Will it give me pain.” She asked innocently, a bit scared. He smiled on her this question.

“Baby, in starting it will give you pain, but I bet you, you will get extreme pleasure through this.” He assured her.

Her next words shocked him.

“Then do it now, because I want to know whether it will give pain or pleasure to me.” She uttered after knowing it’s meaning.

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