(Part: 70) Mine (Manan)


Friends were waiting for Manan from an hour. They all were calling them, but they weren’t picking up their calls as they were busy in romance.

“What is this, guys? Where are they, it’s been an hour passed?” Khushi said disappointedly, and then only Manan reached there. Nandini was smiling, showing them her all teeth. Manik stopped the bike and they both climbed down the bike. Everybody was glaring at them in anger.

“Where were you both?” As Abhi asked, Nandini answered him.

“Our bike broke down in the middle of the race, therefore we got late. Right, hubby?” She looked at Manik, and everyone knew that she was lying.

“Nandini, chill, you don’t have to hide it, everybody knows here where we both were. So I think it is the end of the discussion, now it’s time for lunch.” Manik sassed and she moved her eyes down shyly. Everyone was smiling at her.

“By the way who won the race?” She asked in excitement like a baby.

“Mukti and Abhi,” Cabir answered her question.

She cheerfully hugged Mukti and Abhi both and congratulated them.


After lunch, they all decided to play games. They wrote tasks on the papers, folded it and put all the chits in the bowl. Now one by one, they all would pick up one chit and do the task. They were sitting at the beach, around the bonfire. The Atmosphere was very romantic and beautiful. The pleasant breeze was caressing their face.

Nandini was sitting, holding his hubby’s arms and placing her head over his shoulder.

“Yippie, I’m so excited.” She squealed cheerfully and clapped her hands. Abhi and Arnav glanced at each, having smirk on their faces because they had make the chits and written very adult task in it for the fun.

“First Abhi and Arnav jiju will pick up the chits because they have made the chits, therefore they will get the first chance.” As Nandini stated, Abhi nodded his head and took out the chit.

“Small make out with your partner within ten minutes in private.” Abhi read the chit and Mukti looked at Abhi in shock. They all were smiling.

Nandini came close to his ear and said in low voice. “Hubby, thank god we didn’t get this chit. Or else we would have to do make out now and our plan of doing it on my birthday would be spoiled.” He chuckled on her words.

“Go Mukti and Abhi and complete the task.” They all hooted and asked them to go. Abhi stood up and held out his hand in front of Mukti. She shyly placed her hand over his hand without looking at anybody before standing up. She wandered inside the house with Abhi.

“I think we shouldn’t wait for them, because I don’t think, they are going to come back, it’s been twenty minutes past already.” As Cabir suggested, everybody nodded their heads, agreeing to his words, but Nandini nodded her head in no.

“No, it is a  game, hubby call them and ask them to come back or else we will come to them.” Nandini said in anger and everyone laughed.

Then only they came out, Mukti was blushing hard. Facing her brothers when they knows she had make out is very difficult. This was the real task for her. She wasn’t even looking at them, but her brothers were chilled out.

“Guys, are you both in a condition to continue the game or not?” As Arnav asked in fun tone to tease them and Abhi glared at him.

“Arnav jiju, now it is you turn.” As Nandini said this, he took out the one chit from the bowl, looking at Khushi.

“Fingering your partner in private for five minutes.” As Arnav read the task, Nandini narrowed her brows bemusedly because she didn’t know about this.

“What this means?” She asked in front of everyone and they all chuckled while Manik placed his hand on his forehead.

“Nandu baby, you hubby will explain you better than us about this in private don’t worry.” As Abhi said and Nandini curiously looked at Manik for the answer.

“Don’t worry I will explain you.” He blinked his eyes and Nandini nodded her head positively. She was eager to know about this.

Manik picked up the chit and he was shocked after reading the task because Nandini wasn’t aware of this. She was looking at him with excitement. As he gave angry glare to Arnav and Abhi, they both glanced at each other, smiling mischievously.

“I am not playing this nonsense game.” Manik shouted in anger and stood up crushing the paper. Nandini looked up at him in shock.

“Hubby, this is wrong, I want to play this game, for me please play.” She stood up and requested by holding his hand. Manik stared at her helplessly.

“Now tell me, will you play for me or not?” She asked again and for her, he agreed.

“Okay.” He nodded his head unwillingly.

“So what is the task, “Nandini asked excitedly. She was getting desperate to know the task which Manik had to perform with her.

“Spank your partner six times with your hands in private.” As he told her, she stared at him, baffled.

“Nandini, I know you don’t know the meaning of this, so let’s just change the chit.” As he suggested, but she denied by nodding her head.

“But I want to know everything, hubby. If you don’t tell me, then who will tell me about all this, hubby.” She convinced Manik with her words. He went with her inside.

“I think, Abhi and Arnav, you shouldn’t have added this because you know Nandini is not so mature. She is just eighteen years old. If she gets hurt in this then? I mean bhai will never hurt her, but she may feel bad.” As Mukti said, Khushi and Navya nodded their heads.

What do you think, Manik will spank her or not?

How do find this game?

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