(Part: 69) Mine (Manan)


“But I want to touch you today like you touch me here.” She smiled sheepishly and pointed her finger at his crotch. Manik understood what she was talking about and he agreed instantly as he knew she wouldn’t listen to him.

“Kiss me, I will touch you while we kiss each other.”As he slammed her lips, she slid her hand into his short and touched his manhood. She stroke his him, kissing him passionately. She is enjoying giving pleasure to him. He moaned inside her mouth. She suddenly pulled his short down his legs, and as she pressed her crotch against him, he widened his eyes in shock. Her core was throbbing and dripping wet as she wanted him deep inside her and the same was with him. She ground herself against him mechanically, kissing him deeply. Her body was automatically reacting to his touch.

Suddenly he broke the kiss and pulled her away. “Baby, I think we should stop here because I don’t want to change my plans.”

“But something is still happening here, What to do?” She asked innocently, pointing her finger at her core.

He smiled mischievously at her and pulled up his short before going inside the water.

“Hubby, how will you breathe? Come outside, Hubby “before she could say something more, Manik made her quite as he started sucking her core. She moaned and balanced herself by placing hands over his shoulder. After a few minutes only, she was shouting crazily while cumming over his face. Her legs were shaking. As he came out, she fell on him, exhausted.

After their small make-out session, she slept for three hours. She woke up, rubbing her eyes.

“Hubby…” as she called him in a sleepy tone, he stepped into the room. She rushed to him and hugged him.

“Baby, let’s go outside. I have a surprise for you.” He said after breaking the hug and led her out.

A broad smile touched her lips as she saw everyone sitting in the hall. She rushed to them cheerfully like a small kid and hugged everyone one by one. Manik was just admiring her, having a beatific smile on his face.

“So what is your today’s plan, sweetie?” As Mukti asked and she yelled in excitement, “shopping.”

Then in the afternoon, everyone went for shopping.


At night, Manan reached back at the farmhouse after shopping. Nandini was in Manik’s arms. He was taking her to their room. She was kissing his face again and again.

“What do you want, baby? “Manik asked, having a smirk on his face.

“I want a kissy.” She cutely demanded and pointed her index finger at his lips. He kissed her forehead to tease her.

“No, not this one, I want a proper lips kiss, hubby bubby,” she said like a small baby and pouted.

He laid her down on the sofa which was kept out of their room and captured her lips. He became so desperate that he didn’t even wait to go inside their room. Their lips were moving in rhythm, her hands were moving in his hair. She wrapped her legs around his waist and deepened the kiss. In between the kiss, he started pressing one of her twins and with his other hand he was rubbing her inner thigh, she was going crazy and kissing him wildly.

“I can’t wait more to make you mine, baby.” He murmured after breaking the kiss for a second. Both were breathing heavily and before Nandini could answer him, he again slammed his lips with her.

But she broke the kiss by pushing him away because she also wanted to say something to him, he narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“Hubby, I pushed you because I want to say that please don’t wait more, make me yours.” She said after pulling him to herself by grasping his collars.

“Baby, I also want to make you mine soon, but I want that day to be very special and it is just only two days left and after two days you will be mine.” He said huskily after clasping her face and she was lovingly looking at him.

“I love you so much hubby, I don’t know what I will do without you,” she said having fear in her eyes.

“Baby, I will never leave you alone, this is hubby bubby promise to her baby.” He kissed forehead as a promise that he would be always there for her, but they both didn’t know that God had some other plans for them.

After that picking her in his arms, he took her inside the room. Then they slept in each other arms.


Next day

When they all were making plans what they should do today, Arnav suggested, “bike race. Hubby, I think today, we should do bike race, you remember in college days, Abhi, me and you, we all used to do races.”

“No,” Nandini shouted loudly after hearing Arnav’s word and everyone looked at her shockingly.

“Because I don’t know how to drive bike, therefore no bike race.” As she told them innocently, everybody laughed out.

Manik chuckled and lovingly explained her after holding her face. “Baby, you will sit behind me, you don’t need to drive the bike.”

“Then, I’m ready, it will be so much fun, dekhna mein aur hubby hi jeetenge. (You all just watch, we both will win.)” She said confidently, entwining her hand with Manik’s hand. He smiled at her and kissed her hand.

“Oh overconfidence, then we will see, Nandini who will win,” Arnav said and Nandini showed him her tongue like a small baby.

“Yippie, we are winning, we are at the first position.” She was whooping cheerfully, sitting behind Manik. But in this, she did a mistake. By mistake, she touched his crotch. As her hand touched with him, he became crazy. He changed the route and started taking her in the jungle.

“Hubby, where you are going, we will lose the race.” She shouted sadly, but he didn’t answer.

After a few minutes, he applied the brake and climbed down the bike.

“Hubby, why did you stop,” before she could speak more, he pulled her to himself by grasping her arms and sealed her lips with his lips. He placed her hands on his bulge.

She was lost in the kiss and as he placed her hand on his manhood, she instantly understood what her hubby wanted because now she had become Manik’s, smart baby. She slid her hands into the jeans after opening the button and started rubbing him with her both hands, he moaned in her mouth. He was massaging her twins and as he bit her lip in between the kiss, she dug her nails in his manhood, he groaned in her mouth. She giggled in between the kiss.

After breaking the kiss, he started kissing all over her face lovingly. His soft kiss was clearly showing how much he loved her. She was moving her hands all over his back. They both forgot the race, as for them their love was important than any race.

After pulling the sleeves of her top down her shoulder, he kissed her shoulder so many times, and then kissing her shoulder, he reached to her neck and kissed all over the neck. He sucked her lips and then they again go for another long and passionate kiss forgetting about the whole world.

Now they had become the inseparable soul, but someone was there who was secretly keeping eyes on them and planning to separate the lovers.

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