(Part: 52 I shot Him) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


“You were right, I’m such a fool, the world is so cruel. You always warn me, but I never listen to you.” She’s crying her heart aloud, burying her face in my chest and clutching my blazer. I let her cry for a few minutes, embracing her in my protective arms. It is the warmest place for her which will calm her down. My heart is aching. I’m even afraid to know what has happened to her after seeing her condition.

I held her arms and pulled her away from myself. “Princess, what happened?” I asked after clasping her face. She’s staring at me with her sorrowful eyes, tears are trickling down her cheeks constantly. My heart is thumping with fright.

“Veer,” I knitted my brows as she took Veer’s name. “Veer is also like Vikas, Sidharth. You were right about him, but I,” she sobbed and continued, “I never listen to you. You always say right about men. Whatever he told me, I believed him like a fool. I’m so stupid. He’s so cruel. Why I didn’t understand his true intentions? Why I always believe in the men like him? I’m really an idiot.” She’s constantly blaming herself, and I’m feeling like to murder Veer for making this condition of my strong Princess.

“Princess, you’re not stupid, it’s just that you have a big heart. You’re such a strong woman I have ever met, Princess. Just stop cursing yourself for that bastard.” I tried to explain her, wiping her tears.

She shook her head. “No, Sidharth, I’m not a strong woman, I’m the stupidest woman.”

“Shut up.” As suddenly I rebuked in anger, she flinched and snuffled. I can’t see her blaming herself. Her condition is piercing my heart, but I have to be strong for her.

I took a deep breath and led her to the sofa after clasping her hand. “Now first sit down here and calm down,” I said after making her sit down on the sofa.

I poured the water in the glass from the jar. I looked at her, disheartened. She’s weeping quietly and snuffling a bit, playing with her fingers nervously. I can’t see this condition of my strong Princess. I’m going to kill Veer.

I’m making her drink the water with my one hand and caressing her hair with my other hand. She’s sipping the water slowly, placing her shivering hands over mine. I put the glass on the table before sitting beside her.

As I wrapped my arm around her, she turned her gloomy face to me. My heart ached painfully as I saw her doleful expression.

“Sidharth, I shot… Veer.” As she shuttered, I widened my eyes in utter shock.

“What? You shot him with the gun?” I asked in disbelief and she nodded. “From where did you get it and where it is now?” I almost freaked out.

She pointed at the handbag which she’s hanging over her shoulder. “Sidharth, I didn’t have any other option. I just wanted to save myself from him. I can’t let any other man even touch me except you.” She again cried out loudly. “I’m a murderer, I killed him,”

I cupped her face and shut her mouth. “Princess, calm down, you haven’t done anything wrong.”

“I’m scared, Sidharth.” She uttered, dejected.

I pulled her into my strong arms and reassured her. “I’m with you, don’t be afraid and whatever you did, you did right.” I’m caressing her hair and back to relax her. She’s shivering in my arms. I never thought I would ever see my strong Princess in this condition. This is so heart wrenching. A few tears rushed down my cheeks.

When she calmed down in my arms, I pulled her away and asked after holding her face. “Now tell me, what happened?” I know she’s not in a state to talk, but I want to know everything and fix everything before it gets too late.

Then Princess started telling everything.

When you left me at home, I went upstairs. The main door was locked. As I took out the phone from the jeans pocket to call Mom, my phone rang up. It was Veer’s call.

I placed the phone over my ear and answered, “hello.”

“Hello, Shehnaaz.”

“How’re you, Veer?” I asked concernedly.

“I’m not fine, Shehnaaz. Could you do me a favour?” I narrowed my brows bemusedly because I found something weird, his tone was different.

I asked, “Veer, are you alright?”

“No, I’m not fine. I’m dying from inside and now I’m going to kill myself.” As he stated in a serious tone, I froze. I became anxious for him because he was my friend for me.

“Veer, don’t do this. You can’t end your life like this.” I tried to explain to him.

“Do you care for me?” He asked.

“Of course, I care for you, you’re my friend,” I answered him genuinely.

“Could you come to meet me now? I need you, I’m so alone.” As he implored, I couldn’t deny him.

I instantly agreed, “I’m coming to you right now, but please don’t do anything stupid.” I didn’t want him to kill himself, I wanted to save him.

“I’m waiting for you.”

“I’m coming.” I disconnected the call and reached at his flat in no time.

I dashed into his flat, the door was opened. There were only two rooms, a lobby and an open kitchen.

“Veer…” I strolled into another room after checking the first one.

He’s sitting on the chair, facing his back to me.

“Veer…” I called him in low voice, ambling to him.

He stood up and turned to me. My eyes swept down to his hand and enlarged in shock as I saw the gun in his hand.

I instantly moved my eyes back at his face. “Veer, now I’m here, put the gun down, please.” I implored.

“Thanks for coming.” He smiled at me slightly before putting the gun down on the table.

He reached to me and cupped my face. I didn’t like it the way he touched me. “I need you, Shehnaaz.” He moved closer to my face.

“Veer, what are you doing?” I tried to push him, but he gripped my face tighter.

“Couldn’t you ease my pain by giving me your one night?” As he asked shamelessly, I looked at him disgustingly, shocked.

“Veer, are you out of your mind?” I bawled at him in fury and pushed him away from me with my all strength.

“I came here for you. I thought you genuinely need me. I wasn’t expected this from you. Now do whatever you want to do, I’m going.” As I turned to walk, he grasped my arm and pulled her to himself.

“You’re such a fool, Shehnaaz. You believed in my every story. You know why did I come to you because I wanted you to bring you to my bed. First I tried to create the misunderstanding between you and your boyfriend, but it didn’t happen. Then I planned this. Now I won’t let you go.” I was staring at him in anger and inside, I was calling myself stupid for always trusting men. I was angry with myself more.

I was about to break down, but I gathered courage and pushed him away. I was shattered, but deep inside I knew I can’t fall weak in front of this bastard, I have to fight back.

We should never fall weak in front of our enemy.

I scurried to the table and picked up the gun. I pointed the gun at him by holding it with my both hands, glaring at him in fury.

“I know you’re just scaring me, you won’t shoot me. Girls are weak, they can’t kill.” As he uttered with full confidence, my anger rose.

“You don’t know me, Veer. I’m very good to good people, but I become bitch for the people like you. If you take one more step towards me, I’ll kill you without any regret.” I warned him in livid tone. I was serious.

“I’m not scared.” He uttered, approaching me.

“Veer, stop there,” I warned him again, but he’s still coming to me, laughing at me. I’m fuming in anger. How could he?

The way he was laughing at me, I lost my temper. I just squeezed the trigger in fury. As the bullet hit his stomach, he froze and stopped laughing. The blood oozed out of his stomach and he slumped down on the floor with a thud in front of my eyes. I stood there, stunned, holding the gun with my hands. I couldn’t believe it, I shot him. I never thought that I would ever kill anybody.

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