(Part: 51 You were right) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess


After our rain dance and romance, we’re going back home. She’s now in my black tee which is sliding down from one side of her shoulder, increasing her hotness. I always kept my spare clothes in the car. I’m sitting bare chest. She’s sitting, placing her bare legs over my lap, gazing at me, her eyes filled with immense love and passion. She’s distracting me from driving the car with her searingly intense gaze. I’m caressing her milky white legs and thighs.

I stopped the car in the parking area of the farmhouse. She’s still gazing at me in the same way, resting her head against the window of the car.

“Don’t gaze at me like this, Princess, I couldn’t control myself,” I uttered, unbuckling my seatbelt.

“Who is asking you to control yourself?” She winked at me and came over my lap. She straddled me and traced her hands all over my bare chest, her intense gaze is fixed at my face. She’s driving me crazy with her touch.

“What is going in your tiny little head?” I asked, raising my brows after grasping her wrists.

“You, and only you.” She murmured and placed her head on my chest.

“I just love to hear your heartbeat. It is so soothing.” She whispered against my chest before placing a few soft kisses there. I left her wrist and wrapped my arms around her securely, digging my face in her shoulder. She also encircled her arms around me tightly, burying her face in my chest and pulling me closer.

I brought her to the room, holding her like this only in my arms, her legs are wrapped around my waist.

“Now we should change our wet clothes or else we’ll catch cold.” I uttered, making her sit on the study table.

She raised her head from my chest and replied, “you change because your tee-shirt which I’m wearing is not wet.”

“But your inner garments are wet, Princess.” I reminded her, sliding my hand up her thigh into the tee and placed it in the middle of her thighs over her wet undies. She closed her eyes in response. I know my single touch is enough to drive her crazy. Now I’m slowly and gently rubbing and making circles on her clit with my thumb over the wet fabric.

“Won’t you take off this wet undies?” I asked, still rubbing her.

She opened her eyes and gave a salacious smile before answering me. “No, because I’ll pull down my master’s wet jeans and boxer, and he will take off my undies.” She is unbuckling my belt, grinning at me sexily.

As I unexpectedly tore her panty, she widened her eyes in shock. Now I grinned, looking at her expression.

“I have completed my work, now hurry up, you complete your work, Princess.” She smiled at me before hastily undoing my jeans button, sliding down the zipper and yanking my jeans and boxer down my thighs to knees. She freed my hard and throbbing erection. She always did this to me with her hotness and wildness. I controlled myself in the rain there because I don’t want to exhaust her more after our afternoon wild make-out session on the sofa, but she arouses me every second with her seductive looks, her tempting body, her wild acts and her touch. Now I can’t control myself anymore.

Before she could hold my hard junior, I grasped her both wrist behind her back. “Were you trying to seduce your master, Princess?” I asked, raising my brows.

“First, you were arousing me, Master.” She answered back instantly.

“You arouse me every time,” I whispered in her ear.

“That’s not my fault.” She smiled evilly.

“No, it’s only your fault, fault of your tempting body and looks.” I uttered huskily, grinding myself against her.

“Please…” she pleaded, moving with me and struggling to take out her hands of my grip. The way she implores like this, it always takes my desires to another level.

I grasped her both the wrists behind her back with my one hand, gazing at her passionately and with my other hand, I grabbed the buckle and yanked the belt out of the loops of my jeans which is hanging around my knees.

I bounded her wrist with the belt behind her back, gazing at her fondly. She’s now silently looking at me, breathing heavily.

I grasped her waist and yanked her to myself. “Are you ready, Princess?” I asked, pressing our crotch to tease her.

“I’m always ready for you…” she screamed as I shoved myself deep inside her, clutching her waist.

She’s taking a nap in the room and I’m preparing dinner for us in the kitchen. I’m in black vest and grey jogger.

As my phone rang up, I picked it from the kitchen’s slab. It’s my Personal Assistant’s call.

I put the phone on the speaker and kept it on the kitchen’s slab. “Hi,” I answered and continued cutting the veggies.

“Sir, you have an important meeting with Europe’s clients within an hour.” As she reminded me, I froze.

Oh Shit, I completely forgot about this meeting.

“Could you postpone the meeting?” I asked because I want to stay with Princess as she’s a bit disturbed.

“I’ll let you know after talking to the clients.”

Princess marched into the kitchen, still wearing my black tee and picked up the phone.

“No, need to postpone the meeting, your boss will reach on time today.” She said to my P.A. over the phone. As I tried to take the phone from her hand, she glared at me.

Only my Princess has the power to control me.

“Okay, Mam.”

“Wait,” before I could say something, she disconnected the call.

“Now you go and get ready for the meeting.” She ordered, holding out the phone to me.

I took the phone. “But I wanted to stay with you, Princess.”

“Work is also important and I’m fine now, don’t worry.” She gave me an assuring smile.

I smiled back. “I just come within five minutes after getting ready.” I leaned down and placed a kiss on her cheek before walking out of the kitchen.

We had dinner and I dropped Princess at her home before leaving for the office.

After two hours of meeting, I lumbered into my cabin, exhausted. I sat down on the chair and called Princess. She’s not answering my calls.

Maybe she slept.

But whenever she doesn’t answer my calls, I become anxious for her.

I should call Mom.

Suddenly the door pushed open and Princess rushed inside, sweating, her hair and eyeliner messed up, tears are trickling down her soft cheeks. As I saw her miserable condition, I instantly stood up, staring at her in utter shock, I became utterly numb.

She ran to me and cried out loudly in agony, burying her face in my chest and clutching my blazer. “You were right, I’m such a fool, the world is so cruel….”

To be continued…

So what do you think, what happened to her in the end?

Love Mehak

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5 thoughts on “(Part: 51 You were right) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    The start of the update was super hot they can never have enough of each other they always arouse each other and then do things like wild cats hehe…
    Nandu he sirf manik ko control kar sakte agar kese aur ne usko ase glare deke dekha hota tou woh poor insaan hospital mai hota bt this is nandini his life…
    Ohhh shit aab kya hua hoga….

  2. I’m sure that Veer behaved like a jerk with her😣
    The series of events now will be like: Manik beating Veer to pulp 😌🥳 -> Consoling Nandini and then they will again end up having sex😂😂

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