(Part: 50 A Dance In The Rain) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess


We’re going back home. It is raining outside. I’m driving the car and she is musing out of car’s window, a bit upset. Her lips are drawn down.

This Veer, I’m not going to leave him for making my Princess distress. I don’t know why she’s thinking about him so much.

“Princess, don’t think so much, please.” I implored, entwining my hand with her which is kept on her lap. As she moved her face to me, I uttered, “I can’t see you like this.”

I concentrated back on the road, turning my face.

“I’m sorry, I’m spoiling your mood too.” She apologised guiltily.

“Hey, it’s okay.” As I smiled at her, she gave me a faint smile in response. I kissed her hand after bringing it near to my lips.

I have to do something to cheer her up. I can’t let her sitting upset like this. I smiled as something came into my mind.

After a few minutes, I stopped the car under the tree at my private place. I have never brought her here before.

“Why did you stop the car here?” She asked, looking at me bemusedly.

I smiled at her. “I want to dance with you in rain,” I told her, unbuckling my seatbelt.

“Let’s go home, please. I’m really not in a mood.” She uttered dejectedly.

“Princess, I can understand, you’re worried about him, but you’re overthinking. For me, dance with me.” I implored and held my hand out to her. I really wanted to change her mood.

“Okay.” She looked at my hand and placed her hand over my hand, moving her eyes to my face. We passed a smile to each other before stepping out of the car.

We’re standing out of the car in front of each other and rain is cascading down our body, drenching our clothes. We’re gazing at each other, our eyes filled with immense love. The atmosphere is pleasant and romantic. As I placed my hand on her wet face, she closed her eyes to feel my touch. She parted her lips seductively as I brushed the wet bottom of her lower lip with my thumb and my fingers are kept on her cheek.

I grasped her waist and yanked her to myself, our chest collided. She placed her hands over my chest. “You’re magnificent, Princess.” As I whispered, she opened her eyes. We gazed into each other intensely.

I entwined my one hand with her hand and my other hand is still kept on her waist. I hummed a melody and moved back and forth gracefully, holding her hand and waist. She placed her free hand on my shoulder and a beatific smile touched her lips. She’s enjoying the dance and finally, I succeeded to change her mood. Now she’s also humming with me and dancing merrily. Dancing in the rain, under the sky full of stars with my Princess is another kind of fun. Every moment which I’m spending with her is so precious for me.

As I twirled her, holding her finger, she laughed delightfully. I just admired her. She’s so beautiful. She’s attracting me more in the wet clothes and hair.

Now I’m dancing slowly, wrapping my arms around her wet body from behind, placing my chin on her shoulder, her head is placed on my chest and her hands are placed over my hands. This is so soothing. We stopped dancing, stood there silently, just feeling each other touch, the rain is cascading down us. Our eyes are closed. We’re utterly lost in each other. This is such a peaceful moment.

After a few minutes, I placed her wet hair over one side of her shoulder before sucking the water-droplets from her back. I traced my hands from her hands to her shoulder, sucking her wet neck. She’s shivering with my touch. It’s still raining slowly like our slow romance.

She moaned as I pressed her soft twins together over the wet fabric. I pulled the sleeve down her shoulder before sucking the water droplets from there. I’m just enjoying sucking the rain droplets from her tempting body. It is giving another kind of satisfaction to me which I can’t describe in words.

“I want to suck the rain droplets from each and every part of your body, Princess,” I whispered in her ear, gliding my hands all over her front wet body.

“Could I?” I asked like a gentleman after turning her to myself with a swift motion.

“Here?” She asked, panting.

I snaked my arm around her and yanked her to myself. “Yes, right now,” I answered, tucking her few wet hair strands behind her ear.

“What If somebody catches us?” She raised her brows.

“It’s my private spot, Princess,” I told her.

“How many private spots you own?” As she asked, I chuckled.

“So many, including this private spot,” I said, placing my hand over her crotch. She flushed, moving her eyelashes down.

“And this is my favourite.” I rubbed her slowly over the wet fabric. She closed her eyes in response, enjoying my touch.

As my eyes fell on her wet lips which are craving and inviting me to kiss them. I slid my fingers into her wet hair and captured her seductive lips. As our wet bodies pressed against each other, electricity of desire rushed down our spine. I’m kissing her lips passionately, grinding my hardness against her. She’s moaning in my mouth, clutching my wet hair, kissing me deeply by pulling me closer.

I lifted her by grasping her waist and placed her on the car’s bonnet without breaking the kiss. She’s now moving her hands all over my back.

“You drives me crazy, Princess. Could now I suck rain droplets from every part of your body?” I asked after breaking the kiss. She’s breathing heavily, her intense gaze is fixed at me.

“You never have to ask. Just do, what you want.” As she answered, a broad smile touched my lips.

“I love you,” I confessed before attacking towards her neck and sucking all the droplets wildly like I’m thirsty from ages. She’s moaning, running her fingers through my hair. I’m standing between her legs, pressing my body against her. She moaned louder as I gave her a love bite on the crook of her neck. I placed a few soft and tender kisses there, murmuring, “I love you.” I’ll never get enough of her. She’s like a drug to me. My plan was only to dance with her in rain to change, but it led us to here.

She grasped my hair and pulled my face up to her. “I love you more,” she murmured before kissing my lips passionately. I will never forget our this slow and full of love romance in the rain, under the sky full of stars. This is different and incredible feeling.

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6 thoughts on “(Part: 50 A Dance In The Rain) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu usko ketna tension de raha hai yeh veer and manik cant see his princess in pain bcoz of some other guy so he made a brilliant plan to change her mood by taking her in his private place and dance with her in rain…
    Hayee Pani mai aag laga de manan ne🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Ketna hot and intense tha manan ka romance aa usual they can never get enough of each other…

  2. And your writing is incredible 😉😉😉😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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