(Part: 66) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Baby, everything will be fine, I’m with you.” He reassured her when Sana was standing holding his arm tightly, having fear in her eyes because the plane was shaking and still the weird sounds were coming. She was terrified.

“Sidharth Sana, open the door fast.” As they heard Abhi’s voice from outside, Sidharth sensed something serious. He grasped her hand and hastily strode to the door. He opened the door.

“Hurry up, you both have to jump now, taking the parachute.” Sana widened her eyes, horrified after listening Abhi’s words while everybody was busy wearing a parachute.

“No, I won’t jump.” She denied after sitting on the seat.

“Abhi, what happened? Is there no other way out because you are seeing her condition?” Sidharth asked worriedly looking at Sana who was praying to God constantly.

“Sidharth, we don’t have time to discuss. The main engine of the plane has been damaged, you both have to jump right now.” As he told, Sidharth looked at Sana who was still not ready to get up from the seat.

“Guyz, you all jump, I don’t want to put all of your life in danger because of us,” Sidharth said wearing the parachute.

“Sana, common on, we don’t have any other option to save our life, sweetie.” Mukti tried to convince her.

“What if the parachute doesn’t not open and then I will die.” She said having fear in her eyes.

“Guys, you all need to jump right now, I am coming with her don’t worry, we don’t have time,” Sidharth shouted and they all started to jump down one by one.

“Baby, trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you, you just have to hold me tightly.” He tried his best to convince her by holding her hand.

“That’s mean, I am not going to jump alone, you will be there with me and I will be holding you?” She asked cheerfully and Sidharth nodded his head. She instantly stood up and he hurriedly led her to the door.

He picked her up and asked her to wrap her legs around his waist and hands around his neck. She did whatever he asked. Now she had full trust in his love before she was thinking that she has to jump alone but now she had no fear by jumping down with him.

“So baby, hold me tightly, we are going to jump down “before jumping down he told her, she shut her eyes and held him tightly. He jumped down, holding her securely.

“Sidharth, oh my god, we’re flying in the air like a bird, I have seen in my dreams, I am flying like a bird freely in the air, it is hell Amazing and exciting like a Hollywood movie.” She squealed fearlessly, he was shocked to see her so brave because a few minutes ago she was so scared and now she was acting like a bravest girl on this earth.

“Aren’t you afraid now?” He asked in disbelief, and he was overwhelmed after listening to her answer.

She answered, “I had no fear because I have you, hubby, my superhero, I trust you more than I trust on myself.” She was giving him her cute smile.

“Hubby, I want the kiss now.” As she demanded, he instantly sealed her lips with his lips. Their lips were moving in rhythm and their tongues were dancing. They both were feeling amazing, it was a best, unique and beautiful experience for both of them, kissing each other in the sky while falling, it was beyond amazing.

“I love you.” After breaking the kiss, they both confessed their love, gazing deep into each other eyes, in their eyes, there was only love for each other.

He opened the parachute and they landed down safely. They both lay down, and he pulled her into his protective arms. They enjoyed the breathtakingly beautiful view of the sunset. Then they looked around and they found themselves in the forest.

She found him worried, so to cheer him up, she said when Sidharth was waving his phone in the air, trying to find the network. “Oh my god, my hubby is scared, I mean the Sidharth Shukla who scares other and now he is scared.”

“Sana, I am not scared, I am just worried about others and for you, baby. As you haven’t eaten anything today and you must be hungry.” He said worriedly after clasping her face.

“But I am not worried about anything because I had full trust on, my hubby. I know you will certainly find the way out.” She said to encourage him and she succeeded also.

“I love you so much, baby. I’m nothing without your support.” He pulled her into his warm arms.

She also hugged him back cheerfully and confessed her love. “I love you more, Hubby.”

After some time, it started getting dark. They were finding the road, they were walking, holding each other hands. She was breathing heavily, she was not in the condition to walk more because her legs were hurting and she was feeling hungry. She didn’t say anything to him because already he was so stressed and she didn’t want to increase his problem more by giving him stress.

“Baby, stop, I know your legs must be hurting. So I think I should carry you.” He was about to carry her, but she shouted “no..” he widened his eyes in shock.

“No, Sidharth, I’m fine. I can walk, I’m your strong baby, I can still walk hundreds of miles.” She lied because she didn’t want to give him a burden.

“Sana, stop lying, I can see your condition, you are not in the state to walk half km even.” He knew her very well. She was wondering what she should do to make him believe her.

“Yes, hubby, my legs are hurting and rats are jumping in my stomach and I need water and I know Hubby same is your condition and I can’t let you carry me in this state.” She tried to explain to him her point of view, her words very clearly showing how much she cared about him.

“Okay, so we have to spend a night here because it is getting dark and there is no use to search road at night,” Sidharth said after understanding Sana’s words.

“What? Hubby if at night lion or any other wild animal comes, they will kill us hubby.” Now she got scared, wondering about the wild animals.

“Sana, you have two options, first is we can spend a night here in the forest with wild Animal and the second option is I will carry you and we will find the way out.” He gave him two options.

“No, I’m ready to spend a night here. We will together fight with tiger, lion and elephant and luckily till morning if we remain alive, then we will find the way out.” She told him her decision after sitting on the ground. Sidharth laughed seeing her.

After sometime

They were sitting around the bonfire. She was telling him about her childhood to him. Whatever she was telling him, he already knew everything and Sana was shocked.

“Hubby, I am so shocked that how could someone in the age of eighteen falls in love with a 10-year-old girl, I was a smally little girl when you fell in love with me, I mean how?” She asked excitedly. He was just smiling, recalling about the moment when he had seen her for the first time.

“By the baby, still you’re smally little girl for me.” As he pulled her cheeks and she giggled adorably.

“Hubby, I am serious I want to know the story, how the 18-year-old boy fell in love with a 10-year-old baby girl, wow the title is amazing, I know the story will be more amazing.” She laughed loudly after saying this. Then Sidharth started telling her story.

To be continued in the next part

How do you find the twist?

So finally Sidharth will tell the story that how he fell in love with a 10-year-old girl, so are you guys excited?

What do you think how will Sidnaaz come out from the jungle?

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