(Part: 48 We’re lucky) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


She bit her lower lip to control herself from crying before turning around. She is going away and I’m feeling like she’s taking away my life with herself.

I’m doing wrong.

I should listen to her.

I know she loves me so much, she does so much for me.

What I saw through my eyes today, it vividly stated that she betrayed me, but my heart, my inner soul is screaming to me to stop her from going away because the truth is something else.

No, no, I just can’t let her go like this.

I rushed to her and pulled her to myself after wrapping my arms around her from behind. I dug my face in her shoulder.

“Please, don’t go, Princess.” I cried out, hugging her tighter.

She sobbed, “please let me go, Sidharth.” She is struggling to remove my hands from around her.

“No, I’ll never let you go,” I stated, gripping her tighter.

“Why should I stay with you when you don’t trust me?” She asked in anger and cried.

I experienced a sharp pang of guilt. I hurt her. She’s crying because of me. I never wanted this to happen. I squeezed my eyes shut and fresh tears trickled down my eyes.

As I removed my hands, she instantly turned to me. “I know I shouldn’t have lied to you, but you didn’t leave any other option.” She sobbed and roared at me in anger and pain. “Now I don’t even want to explain to you anything because you don’t trust me.”

I closed my eyes dejectedly.

“I’m sorry.” I opened my eyes and murmured, staring at her, my eyes are filled with guilt.

“Why sorry, Sidharth?” She asked, crying hysterically.

I clasped her face and pulled her up. “I just said in anger. I trust you more than I trust myself, Princess. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” I cried hysterically. “I know there is some misunderstanding. I just lost control over myself because of anger, but when I saw you going, going away from me, I realised that I’m doing wrong, I should listen to you.” I’m telling her everything. She’s just crying.

“I thought,” she hiccuped and continued, “I thought you really don’t trust me. I thought you trust what you saw and heard today in the restaurant more than our love. Sidharth, I really love you. I know I hurt you by lying to you, but I don’t have any other option.”

I caressed her hair with my both hands and shook my head. “No, I just said in anger. I trust you, Princess. I’m sorry.” I apologised from the core of my heart after placing my forehead over her.

We stood silent with our eyes close, just feeling each other presence and crying mutely. We both have hurt each other today, but I hurt her more by saying hurtful words to her. My biggest mistake is that I never listen to her.

The silence and the presence of each other is calming down our restless heart, mind and soul.

I opened my eyes and looked at her after a few minutes of silence. I’m glad she’s not crying.

“I’m sorry, Princess. I should have listened to you,” I apologised again because I’m feeling guilty. She shushed me by placing her finger over my lips.

“Your anger is justified. It just that I got hurt when you said you don’t trust me. Now I’m fine, so don’t be sorry.” She uttered after removing her finger from my lips. I’m just gazing at her in disbelief.

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve you. You deserve someone better than me. I always hurt you because of my anger,” I stopped as she frowned at me.

“You know we’re so lucky that we both love each other. Didn’t you see Jiya’s condition? She is suffering because of one-sided love. Veer is also going through the same pain. We should be thankful to god. Don’t ever think that you don’t deserve me. We’re not perfect, but we’re perfect together, we’re perfect for each other, we complete each other.” She explained to me, I’m just gazing at her silently.

“Yes, I’m the luckiest person on this earth to have such a beautiful soul in my life. I love you, and I’m sorry again for hurting you and bringing tears in your eyes.” I kissed her forehead, promising her that I would never let her shed even single tear because of me. I always want to be the reason for her pretty smile.

A blissful smile touched her lips as my lips caressed her forehead.

“I love you,” she murmured softly after placing her hand on my face.

I held her hand and placed a soft kiss on it, gazing at her intensely.

“We should go inside and talk.” She suggested and I nodded.

We stepped into the farmhouse hand in hand, smiling at each other.

“I promise you that now I’ll listen to everything calmly,” I promised her, she just smiled at me.

We settled down in the hall.

She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. “Sidharth, Veer loves a girl who doesn’t love her. He came to Mumbai for her, he proposed her, but she refused his proposal. He’s shattered, Sidharth. He really loves that girl. He needs somebody. I’m his friend, I just want to help him. I can’t leave him alone in this state. He can do anything like Jiya.” I’m listening to her patiently.

I don’t know what to say. I stayed silent because I still can’t trust him. My Princess is naive in boy’s matter. Maybe he’s making up a fake story to get my Princess.

She held my hand. “And he’s a genuine person, Sidharth. Trust me. Talk to him and meet him, just for once, for me.” She requested.

“Okay, for you.” I agreed unwillingly for her only. I can do anything for her.

Maybe I’m thinking wrong about Veer.

Maybe he’s a nice person.

Now It’s important to meet Veer and clear my all doubt about him.

“You remember yesterday I was trying to talk about Veer, but you weren’t listening to me, therefore today I went to meet him after lying to you. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to upset you by telling you the truth.” She apologised.

I caressed her knuckles with my thumbs. “It’s okay, I can understand, somewhere it is my fault, but never lie to me.”

She placed her head on my chest. “I promise I’ll never lie to you.” I leaned down and kissed her hair.

But now the question is why Veer said I love you to her.

“By the way Princess, why he was confessing love to you when I reached the restaurant?” As I asked, she raised her head from my chest and looked up at me.

So what do you think, Veer is a positive character or negative?

Love Mehak

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