(Part: 63) Mine (Manan)


” Hubby… ” they all heard Nandini’s shout from her room. Manik’s breath got stuck in his throat as he heard her voice.

“Nandini.” He murmured and rushed to her room, followed by others.

As Manik stepped into the room, Nandini rushed to him. She hugged him tightly and cried out in agony. He instantly hugged her back and started consoling her, he was caressing her head and back. “Baby, what happened?” He asked worriedly. Everybody was confused, wondering what happened to her suddenly.

“Hubby, someone came into my room.” She told him, crying. She was very scared at that time. Everybody was shocked after hearing her words.

Manik clasped her face and asked after breaking the hug. “Who, Baby?”

“He was wearing the mask and he palmed my mouth.”She was hiccuping and stammering while speaking because she was very scared at that time. But everyone was confused as who could come here.

“Okay relax, sit here first.” Manik made her sit down on the bed and Mukti gave water to him. He made her drink water.

“Hubby, Aman will kidnap me, Mujhe bhut dar lag rha hai hubby ( I’m afraid ), today he came in my room,” she shuttered, crying. It was getting very difficult for everyone to control their tears, but Manik knew that he needed to be strong to handle Nandini. If he also started crying with her, then who would handle Nandini.

“Nandini, Aman is in jail, he won’t come here. You must have seen bad dream.” He tried to make her understand because there was no way for anyone to come in her room.

“Hubby, kill Aman or else he will snatch you also like Mumma daddy.” She cried out, she was afraid to lose Manik also after her parents’ death. As they heard her, others looked at her sadly.

“No one baby, no one can separate us, Aman will suffer in jail, your Abhi jiju will never let him come out of the jail, I am with you, forever.” He reassured after holding her hand and kissed her knuckles lovingly. She was still crying, staring at him. After sitting beside her, he took her into his arms.

“Nandini, never think that you are alone, we all are with you always. You know the people whom we love, they never go away from us after their death also, they live in our heart forever. Nandini, your parents are still with you, in your heart.” Khushi said, looking at Nandini, they all nodded their head, agreeing to Khushi’s words. Nandini cried louder, holding Manik’s collars. She was in immense pain and she wasn’t in a condition to understand anything. Manik’s heart was paining more seeing her in this condition.

But on the door, there were footprints of somebody, which means, it wasn’t Nandini’s dream, it was true that someone had come in her room, but why and who.


After sometime Nandini was silently sitting on the bed and staring straight blankly. It seemed like she was lost in deep thoughts. Manik was also sad after seeing her in this condition. He was missing his baby Nandini who was very talkative, he was missing her questions. He wanted his baby Nandini back at any cost.

“Baby, look what I have brought for you today, momos.” Manik whooped to cheer her up. He was sitting in front of her with the plate of momos but she didn’t look at him nor her first love momos.

“So, you don’t want to eat momos today. Okay, so I will eat the full plate, you’re losing the chance of eating momos, baby.” He said in a hope that she would react, but she wasn’t reacting.

“Uhmm.. yummy.” He ate one momo for her and acted that it was yummy, but still, she didn’t react. Seeing her sitting lifeless, tears rolled down his eyes.

“Hubby…” finally she uttered, moving her eyes to him. He wiped off his tears as he heard her voice.

“Could you take me to my home, I want to collect so many things from there.” She said in low voice, Manik wanted to deny her because he knew that if he took her there, she would cry more after recalling about her parents, but he couldn’t deny her.

“Okay, but before that, you will eat something.” As he said, she nodded her head.

“Baby, I can understand, but you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday, please for me, at least for your parents to eat something.” He implored her, she was just looking at him with her sorrowful eyes.

“Okay, feed me.” He smiled slightly because at least she finally got ready to eat. After that, he started feeding her momos.

Did anyone think that on day Manik would feed her momos with his hand?

But the situation forced him to do this. But at that moment, the momos were also tasteless for her.

Manik stopped the car in front of Nandini’s house. He came out and found her sitting lost staring at her house. He opened the door of her side and she came out of her thoughts as he shook her. He held her hand and took her into the house. All the memories of her with her parents started revolving in her mind and her eyes brimmed with tears. He was staring at her dejectedly. She touched the photo frames which were hanged on the walls and fresh tears trickled down her eyes.

“Mumma daddy, I am missing you so much, your nandu is missing you a lot.” She started crying again, hugging the photo frame near to her heart while Manik placed his hand on her shoulder, staring at her sadly.

“Hubby, Mumma daddy was so strong, they can’t go living me alone, they could never think of suicide.” She said looking at Manik. He didn’t know what to say, how to make her understand. He just pulled her into his strong arms and let her cry.

“Hey, Nandu. Mumma daddy loves you both, you are very special for us, you are our princess and our Barbie doll.” She was smiling, having tears in her eyes while seeing the video in the camera which was kept in the room. Manik was wiping her tears and controlling his tears. It was getting very difficult for him to control his tear. He was standing, wrapping his arm around her.

“Nandu, I think we,” he stopped suddenly as he heard Aman’s voice in the Camera. He immediately looked in the camera and shocked to find Aman standing in front of them, holding a gun in his hand.

Camera Recording

“Uncle, Aunty, you both have two option, the first option is to commit suicide and the second option is that I will shoot you both,” Aman said pointing the gun at Nandini’s parent while they were crying joining their hands in front of them.

“Aman, please leave us, our daughter needs us, she is naive, she will die without us.” As her mother begged, Aman pushed her without any shame in his eyes. She directly fell on Nandini’s father.

“Mumma…” Nandini screamed in agony as Aman pushed her mother. Manik was shocked after seeing the recording. He never knew that this was the reality, Nandini was right about her parents they didn’t commit suicide.

“I don’t want to listen to anything, I warned you both before, if you both let me marry your daughter, then I wouldn’t disturb anybody, but you both gave her to Manik. I know this was your plan, the kidnappers were his men.” Aman shouted with rage while her parents were still crying helplessly, but at last, they didn’t find any other option and they hanged themselves.

Camera Recording ended

When her parents died, that time maybe Nandini’s parents were recording something and this was all recorded in the camera or else her parents wanted to record all this for proof so that after their death he would be arrested.

“No Mumma, daddy.” Nandini was mourning over her parents. Seeing your parents dying in front of your eyes and you can’t do anything, the pain, the state of helplessness, it was unbearable, but Nandini was going through this. She wanted to stop them and kill Aman after entering into the video, but she was helpless because it was not possible as they had already left her a few months back.

On the other hand, Manik was feeling like to kill Aman entering inside the video and he was also feeling guilty because somewhere because of him, her parents died. If he hadn’t kidnapped Nandini that day, they would be alive now. First, he must have ended the chapter of Aman, then he should have married Nandini.

“Manik, Aman killed them, Manik I wanted to kill Aman, I want my Mumma daddy, Manik, do something, please.” She begged after grasping his collars.

He cupped her face and reassured her. “Baby, we will do something, please calm down first, Aman will surely die, I promise you.” He was wiping her tears with his thumbs. She was crying looking at him.

“I want to kill Aman, I want Mumma daddy.” she was constantly crying. Manik, again and again, assuring her that Aman would surely die, but it seemed like she will not get relief until she doesn’t kill Aman.

“Shh… Relax Relax, everything will be fine, it’s okay relax, baby. I’m with you, Mumma daddy, they are also with you, everything will be fine.” He held her tightly in his arms and rubbed her back. He tried to calm her down. At last, he succeeded because she stopped crying with in a few minutes. She was just sobbing in his arms. This what called as power of true love.

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