(Part: 47 Shattered) {Manan} Master And His Princess


“Okay, Anu, I’ll talk to you later,” I uttered.

“But,” before Anu could say something, I disconnected the call, anxious.

I tracked Princess’s location through an app which we both have installed in our phone. She’s in a nearby restaurant.

What she’s doing there?

Why did she lie to me?

Is she with Veer?

Am I doubting her?

No, no, there must be some reason, I have complete faith in her. I just hope she’s fine.

I hastily left the office and reached the restaurant. My heart is thumbing anxiously. I’m feeling like something is wrong.

She shouldn’t be with Veer. She can’t lie to me for him.

“Oh God, please, prove me wrong today.” I prayed, holding the handle of the glass door before pushing it open. I stepped inside, my restless eyes are searching for her in the whole restaurant, my heart is racing with fright.

My heart almost skipped beating as I saw her sitting with Veer. They are sitting so close together, facing their back to me. Veer’s head is kept on her shoulder.

I lumbered closer to them, feeling dizzy. I froze and my lips quirked in disbelief as Veer uttered to her. “I really love you, Nandini.” A felt a stabbing pain in my chest.

I became utterly numb. Veer loves Princess.

At that moment only Princess turned her face to me. She raised her brows in shock as she saw me.

“Manik…” she uttered in shock before standing up.

I stared at her, hurt and shattered. I just rushed out of the restaurant after glancing at Veer in anger. I’m badly hurt and losing control over myself because of anger. I don’t want to think anything. My mind is blasting, my chest is becoming heavy with pain.

Princess is betraying me. This is like a nightmare. No, it is really a nightmare, this can’t be true. My heart cried inside with tremendous distress.

I sat inside the car and shut the door. I started the car, fuming in anger.

She came outside and implored, standing out of the car, crying. “Manik, listen to me, please,” I glared at her in fury and rolled up the glass window before she could speak something more.

I drove off the car and my heart ached with immense pain as I saw in the rare view mirror of the car that Veer hugged her.

This is worse than a nightmare for me. I just can’t believe my eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes. I accelerated the speed of the car and clenched the stirring in fury. I’m feeling like the whole world is shattering in front of my eyes.

“My Princess is not mine anymore,” I murmured and few tears trickled down my cheeks mechanically.

I just can’t believe that this all is happening in real. This is like the worst nightmare of my life.

I suddenly stopped the car in front of my farmhouse and screamed in agony, clutching the stirring.

This can’t be true. My Princess loves me. Oh God, why are you doing this with me? This is killing me.

I climbed down the car and marched into the house with a heavy heart, immensely hurt and distressed. Veer’s words are echoing in my mind. My heart is sinking. I’m feeling like I’m drowning in the pain.

I slammed the door of my room and started breaking the things in the room, taking out anger to calm down myself, but it isn’t working. The pain of my heart is increasing. I’m feeling so wretched.

Princess banged the door, standing out of the room. “Manik, open the door. Please, listen to me.” She implored. I’m not in a state to face her and to hear her explanation. I’m utterly out of control and I might hurt her today with my hateful words. She did wrong with me, but still, I don’t want to hurt her because I love her.

I love her so much, therefore it is hurting me so much. She constantly beating the door and crying, asking me to open the door. I’m just messing the room and breaking the things, but the anger and pain aren’t lessening.

I glared at mirror darkly, my eyes are red and filled with anger and pain. Veer hugging Princess and sitting placing his head on her shoulder, these both scenes are playing in the mirror like a movie. I fisted my hands in fury and screamed, hitting the mirror. The mirror cracked like my heart and blood oozed out of my knuckles. I didn’t feel anything because my inner pain is much more than this physical pain.

“Manik, please, open the door, please.” She was literally begging.

I strode to the door and as I opened the door, she sighed with relief. I glared at her in anger. She moved her eyes to my injured hand.

“Manik,” as she lifted her hands to touch my bruised hand, I clutched her arm and stormed, “I don’t need you. Get lost.” She literally flinched in fear.

I badly needed her at this time, because she’s my healer, but I’m hurt. She lied to me, she betrayed me. I can’t forgive her.

I’m dragging her out of the house, ignoring her pleads. “Manik, please, talk to me. What you’re thinking is wrong. Don’t you,” I cut her words.

“I don’t want to listen to anything, the truth is front my eyes. Just go away. I can handle myself, I don’t need you.” I bawled at her after pushing her out of the house. I never thought that I would ever do this with my Princess. I’m hating myself for doing this with her.

Why you did this? You spoiled everything. You spoiled us.

Tears are trickling down her eyes. “Don’t you trust me?” She asked and sobbed, staring at me, having hope in her eyes.

I moved my eyes down and answered her in anger, “No,” I looked back at her. “You lied to me.” As I uttered, her eyes glinted with guilt.

She grabbed my collars and yanked me down. “Look into my eyes and say,” she hiccuped, “say that you don’t trust me, then I’ll go and never bother you again.” She uttered, gazing deep in my eyes with her hopeful eyes.

“I love you, Nandini.” As Veer’s words echoed in my ear, I instantly answered without thinking anything. “No, I don’t trust you anymore. You broke my all trust.” Fresh tears rolled down her eyes and grip of her hands loosened. She left my collars and dropped her hands down, staring at me dejectedly and disbelievingly.

So what do you think, what will happen next.

Love Mehak

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6 thoughts on “(Part: 47 Shattered) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Poor manik usko ketna bura laga hoga jab usko pata chala that nandu lied to him about her going with anu when she was going with veer but usmai galti manik ke bhi hai veer usko friend hai and she has every right to meet him…
    Ketna gussa hua jab usne woh confession suna aur gusse mai nandu ko hurt keya aur uske baat bhi sune when she was trying to tell the truth…
    Hope jaldi sab theek hou jaye…

  2. I don’t know what’s going in author head rn😂😂but I’m sure it will be lovely to read what will be happening next😌♥️
    Ps. I’m not at all scared of them separating because I know they will end up together😚♥️

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