(Part: 62) Mine (Manan)


“Because of you, I lost my parents, you are a killer. Why you did this with them? Aman, you’re the villain.” She was crying out and continuously slapping Aman. She was taking out all her anger on him, but she wasn’t getting any relief because now by doing this also, she was never going to get her parents back. Manik felt sad after seeing her condition.

“Nandini, listen,” Before Aman could say something, she roared with rage. “Shut up, give me my parents back then talk to me.”

“Aman, I won’t leave you today. You blackmailed my Mumma daddy and for my happiness, for me, they committed suicide because you forced them. If Manik hadn’t come that night, I would have married to you.”She screamed after picking up the hockey stick which was kept in Aman’s room.

“Ahaha…”Aman was shouting in pain when Nandini was beating him with the hockey stick, taking out all anger and pain. She was howling in agony and beating him. Manik was standing holding Aman, he was dejected and staring at Nandini’s condition with his sorrowful eyes. He wasn’t stopping her because whatever Nandini was doing that was right for him also and he was thinking maybe by doing this she could get little relief.

Blood was falling down Aman’s body as Nandini was beating him with hockey stick non-stop. “Please, forgive me, ahaha…” Aman begged for forgiveness from them because he was feeling so much pain.

“No Aman, today we won’t leave you, we will kill you, now you can’t run, it is revenge time, you are gone, Aman.” Manik shrieked in anger and punched his face. Nandini was glaring at him.

“Nandini, come on do whatever you want to do with him, he is your culprit,” Manik said looking at Nandini and she picked up the knife which was kept in the fruit basket and Aman got scared, the fear of getting killed was vividly visible in his eyes.

“No, please forgive me, I beg you both please leave me.” Aman shuttered with fright when Nandini was approaching to him, holding the knife in her hand.

Before she could stab the knife, Abhi came with the police force and he held Nandini from behind and few police constable held Injured Aman.

“Leave me, Abhi jiju, I won’t leave him. I will kill him.”

Nandini shouted and struggled to come out of Abhi’s grip.

“Abhi, why are you saving this bastard, he had no right to live on this earth.” Now Manik yelled after grasping the collars of Aman.

“Manik Nandini, you both also have no right to kill him, he will suffer in jail, Manik, you can’t take law in your hands.” Abhi tried to make them understand, but they both weren’t ready to listen to him.

“No jiju, he killed my parents, I will kill him.” Nandini was still crying and trying to come of Abhi’s grip.

After seeing Nandini’s condition, Manik couldn’t control himself and started punching him. Other men held Manik and they took Aman outside after leaving Manan and Abhi alone.

Nandini slumped on the floor and cried in agony. Manik hurriedly fell on knees and took Nandini in his protective arms.

“Manik, why did he do this to me? Why he took away my Mumma daddy.” She cried and Manik was also crying with her and trying to console her by caressing his hand on her back and head. Abhi also felt bad for both of them and it was getting difficult for him to control his tears.

Abhi went out leaving Manan alone for some time.

But now the question is how Abhi and Manik reached here.


Abhi stepped into the room when Mukti was consoling Nandini. He asked Mukti to call Manik here and Mukti left the room. “Nandini, I can understand how much pain you are feeling after knowing the truth but what are you doing?” As Abhi asked, Nandini moved her sorrowful eyes to him.

“Abhi jiju, I don’t want to listen to anything. I just want my Mumma daddy back, please dedo na jiju (give me)” as she screeched in anguish, Abhi pulled Nandini into his arms, tears rolled down her eyes.

He wiped his tears and made himself strong. “Nandini, do you know, your parents had committed suicide and do you know why, for you.” Nandini looked at him in confusion.

“Nandini, do you think Manik had killed your parents?”As Abhi asked, she instantly shook her head.

“But he lied to me saying that they are safe. If he hadn’t killed them then why did he lie?” She asked, still crying.

“Because he wants to see you happy always. I asked him to tell you the truth so many times, but he didn’t want to see you in this condition. He loves you, Nandini. I know you’re not in a condition to think anything, but just for once ask from your heart that your love Manik can do this.” He tried to explain her and somewhere his words were affecting Nandini because she was silently listening to his words.

“But then how Mumma daddy,” she paused and cried. Abhi understood that she was asking how her parents died.

“Nandini, Aman was blackmailing your parents. If they didn’t give you to him then he would kill you, therefore they agreed for your marriage with Aman, but they were in pain because they knew Aman would make your life hell. After a month, Manik came back from London, as soon as he came to know about your marriage, he immediately made a plan with your parents, but when I went to take your parents. I found them hanging in the room, we had never thought that they would do something like this.” Abhi told her the truth and Nandini was crying badly in a shock after listening to this. Manik was standing on the door and listening all this.

“Why Mumma daddy, why you did this? Why did you leave your baby.” She cried in agony and Manik stepped into the room. As Nandini saw him, she rushed to him. Abhi left the room after leaving manan alone.

“Manik, kill me, I’m very bad, because of me my parents committed suicide and I didn’t even trust you. I doubted you, I’m very bad, Manik, please kill me.” She placed his hands on her neck, losing her mind. Manik was nodding his head constantly.

“Nandini listens to me.” He shouted and shook her after holding her arms. “Baby you are not bad, there is not any fault of you in anything, Nandini your parents committed suicide because they wanted to see you happy and they are still with you, for them stop blaming yourself,” Manik explained her after clasping her face.

“No Manik, it’s my fault. Mumma daddy, today is not with me for my happiness, they sent me to a safe place and killed themselves.” She again blamed herself.

“Nandini, Aman is the culprit, not you, to save you and themselves from Aman they committed suicide, I had talked to them they were so scared because Aman was blackmailing them, they just wanted to see you happy.” Manik again tried to make her understand.

“Manik, I want to meet them, I’m missing them a lot, mein kya karu, Manik. (What to do?)” She looked at Manik helplessly.

“Come with me.” He entwined his hand with her and led her to the balcony. “Nandini, you know when I had lost my parents, my condition was also like you, but then somebody told me that after death, people become stars, after that, I started talking with stars. Still now when sometimes I feel alone and sad, I used to talk with stars and it makes me feel good.” He pointed at the stars. Nandini was silently listening to his words, gazing at stars as like she was trying to find her parents.

At night Manik put her to sleep very difficultly because she was just crying and she hadn’t even eaten anything. Manik was just staring at her, he didn’t know when he falls asleep. Next morning he woke up and found Nandini was standing outside and looking at the sky. He went into the balcony and stood beside her.

“Manik, I want to kill Aman.” She uttered after looking at Manik blankly. He became shocked after hearing her words.

Before Manik could say something she again spoke “Manik, he is the villain of our life and I will get relief after killing him, I have a plan.” After that, she told him about the plan. Manik was shocked because when her baby Nandini became so smart.

“Nandini, are you sure that you can do this,” Manik asked to confirm.

“Yes, Manik. Aman is the villain and if he can kill my parents and tries to manipulate me then why we can’t kill him, Manik I just want to kill him.” She said like a mad person after grasping his collars. Manik agreed because he also wanted to kill him.

Abhi was standing on the door and listening to their plan. “This is wrong, Manik. You should stop Nandini from doing this, this is a big crime. I won’t let this happen.” Abhi murmured to himself

Flashback Over

After coming back home, Manik made Nandini sleep and now everyone was sitting in the hall and Abhi told them about Manan’s plan. Everybody was shocked after knowing that it was Nandini’s plan, but they sighed with relief because now Aman was in jail.

“Abhi, I think you should have let Aman killed by Nandini because he deserves to die,” Mukti said in anger and Abhi became shocked listening to her words.

“But I think it is not right to take the law in our hands. If somebody is doing wrong then we will also do wrong, this is not right.” Now Khushi said supporting Abhi.

“But killing the animal like Aman, I think it is not wrong.” Now Cabir spoke.

Arnav said. “I also think that Aman should die.”

“Guys, Nandini is not in her senses. I can understand her, but what happened to you all? Why don’t you understand that killing someone is not a small thing, it is big crime and police is there to handle such criminals, I will never let him come out the jail, he will suffer in jail till his last breath.” Abhi assured them.

On the other hand, someone stepped into Nandini’s room, he was wearing the mask. As Nandini opened her eyes, she widened her eyes in shock. She was about to scream, but that person palmed her mouth. He took off his mask and revealed his face to Nandini. The screen froze on Nandini’s shocked expression.

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