(Part: 61) Mine (Manan)


“Why Manik, why did you do this to me? You said you kidnapped Mumma daddy, I believed you. You said they sold me, I believed that too, and then you said they are at the safe place, still I believed you without any questions, but now I won’t believe you more because you are a lier, everything between us was a lie, your love was also a lie.” She screamed after holding his collars. Manik was silently listening to her every word because he knew she wasn’t in the condition to understand him. Everybody was also helplessly staring at them and feeling bad for both.

“I thought when I meet Mumma daddy, I would tell them about you that you’re my hero, then we would do lots of fun, but I was so wrong, you’re not my hero and Mumma daddy,” she howled in agony. He was also crying looking at her. Her words weren’t hurting him as he was thinking he deserved it, but her tears and her condition was hurting him a lot.

“Mumma daddy, I need you, please come back, your Nandu needs you a lot.” She screamed her lungs out. In these months she was thinking that they were at safe place, she planned a lot, but when she came to know they were no more, she broke down utterly. Her parents pampered her like a small baby, they were not so rich, then also they always tried to fulfil her every wish. They both were her first love, they never made her cry.

“Nandini, they are with you, please…” Manik clasped her face, he was also crying with her, but before Manik could speak more, she jerked her hand, glaring at him in anger.

“Don’t touch me, Manik. I don’t need you and I can’t live with you anymore, I can’t live with my parents’ murderer, I am going.” She stated and marched to the main door. They all rushed after her, but Manik became numb after hearing these words.

“Nandini, stop, you forgot your Didu. Nandini, please don’t go leaving us alone, we are here for you.” Mukti stopped her by holding her hand.

“Didu, please let me go, I want to meet my Mumma daddy, I need them.” She cried, looking at Mukti.

Mukti instantly took her in a hug and let her cry in her arms for some time. She was taking her into the room. Mukti blinked her eyes at Manik saying him that she will handle her.

“I ruined everything, I have lost her, she will never love me again, what I have done, no…” he shouted and threw the vase on the floor which was kept on the table. He was hitting his hand on the wall as like he was punishing himself. Her crying face was again and again coming in front of his eyes and making him more and more hurt.

“Manik, what are you doing? Please, stop it.” “Bhai, hurting yourself is not the solution.” Arnav, Cabir and Khushi tried to stop him, but he was not listening to anyone he was constantly beating his hand on the wall, blood was dropping down from his knuckles but he wasn’t feeling any pain because his physical pain was nothing in front of the pain he was feeling seeing his love in extreme pain.

“Manik, have you lost it, pagal ho gya hai kya tu (have you gone mad?)” Abhi bawled, stepping into the mansion as he saw Manik hurting himself.

“So what can I do? I lost everything, Nandini hates me, I am a murderer for her, she is saying right, I am murderer, because of me they committed suicide. I should be punished, Abhi.” Manik blamed himself like a mad person while they felt bad, hearing his words.

“Manik, there was not any fault of you, you kidnapped Nandini for her safety. You didn’t have any idea that they would commit suicide.” Abhi tried to explain to him, Manik was just crying, looking down. For the first, they were seeing him in this condition.

“Manik, you were not this, I have seen you from childhood, how much strong you were, where that Manik went, who after the death of his parents handled Mukti and cabir. Manik, Nandini is in shock, therefore she’s not listening to you and blaming you but she will listen to you because she loves you, for that you need to be strong for her, if you will become mad then who will handle Nandini, Manik, Nandini needs you a lot, please give her some time.” Abhi tried his best to make him understand and his words affected Manik a lot.

He slumped on the sofa with thud, holding his head. They all were staring at him helplessly. Abhi asked about Nandini from Cabir, and he told him that Mukti took her inside the room. Abhi went inside to check Nandini’s condition. As he stepped into the room, he saw her crying in Mukti’s arms. She was trying to console her. Mukti looked at Abhi helplessly and he ambled to them.

Next Morning

“No, I will not live with you in this house, Manik, please let me go.” She was again trying to leave the mansion because she didn’t want to live with the murderer of her parents.

“Nandini, punish me, beat me, do whatever you want, but please don’t go.” Manik literally begged her to stay with him, Nandini wasn’t ready to listen to him.

“Nandu, where you will go? We’re with you, Nandini. Please, at least for once listen to bhai, he is innocent.” Cabir tried to stop her.

“No, Cabir, Manik is a lier. He is a murderer, he is not innocent and I can’t live with him.” As she shouted, Manik clenched his hands and squeezed his shut to endure the pain. She rushed out of the house, Cabir walked behind her, but Manik was standing numb.

Nandini stepped into the small house, she wasn’t crying now, but her eyes were brimmed with tears. Then only a man came out of the room, having a wicked smile on his face.

“I know that, Nandini, you will come to me, now you believed me right that Manik has killed your parents.” As the man uttered, a lone tear rolled down her eyes.

“Come sit.” He made her sit in the living room and gave water to her. He sat beside her. “Nandini, I can understand your pain, now I am with you, you will be fine,” he assured her, holding her hand. Nandini looked at him with sorrowful eyes.

“Aman, thank you.” The person who was sitting in front of Nandini is Aman, with whom a few months back Nandini was going to marry and Aman was only the person who had saved her yesterday.


Aman took Nandini in his home after saving her. Nandini gained her conscious back after some time and shocked to find Aman. “Aman, the villain of my life, what are you doing here, because of you today I am living away from Mumma daddy,” she roared at him in anger.

“Nandini, what are you saying? There is some misunderstanding.” Before Aman could speak more Nandini shouted, “shut up, you’re bad, you are the villain and there is no misunderstanding, you want to kill my parents and me.”

“Oh god, I don’t know what Manik has told you Nandini, if I want to kill, then would I have saved you today?” Aman asked.

Nandini instantly asked in confusion. “You have saved me?” Aman nodded his head.

“Yes, Nandini and I don’t want to kill you and how can I kill your parents who were already killed by Manik.” He fell the bomb over her. She widened her eyes in shock.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know that your parents are no more?” Aman asked in a shock. She was just staring at him, dumbfounded.

“Aman, you are lying, Manik told me that they are at the safe place because you want to kill them.” Nandini shouted in anger.

Aman nodded his head negatively. “Nandini, Manik has lied to you, he killed your parents to marry you and this is the truth.” Nandini head started spinning after listening to his words.

“Shut up, you are lying, my parents are alive and Manik is innocent, I have full trust on my Manik.” Nandini said with full confidence.

“I won’t leave you.” She started beating him with her small hands in anger.

“Okay, you can go and ask Manik that your parents are alive or not and after that, you will get your all answers,” Aman said by holding her hands and she was glaring at him.

This was Aman plan from pushing Nandini from the bridge to this. He knew that Nandini didn’t know about her parents’ suicide, so he took advantage of this. He was sure that when Nandini comes to know that her parents are no more then she would believe in his words.

Flashback Over

“Nandini, Don’t say thank you, I love you and I will be always there for you.” Aman clasped her face and moved closer to her lips. He was caressing her arm with one hand. Nandini was feeling uncomfortable, Nandini closed her eyes and tears trickled down her eyes.

Then only she felt that Aman left her and opening her eyes, she saw her real hero Manik was standing holding the collars of the villain of her life that was Aman. A small flashed on her face as she saw Manik and then she glared at Aman. She marched to them and gave a hard slap to Aman.

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