(Part: 72 The Romance Breaker, Aru) Sidnaaz Love Story


Aru and Muskan were with their grandparents. Raj was on his fours because Muskan made him her horse.

She was sitting on him. She was giggling and saying cheerfully, “chal mele Ghole tik tik. (Go on, my horse.)”

Aru was laughing at them in Neyonika’s arms. “Aru, do you also want to take this horse ride?” Neyonika asked him by raising her eyebrows.

“Aee…” he shouted merrily in response, trying to come out of her arms like he was replying to her, yes.

“Dadi, Dadi, now I’ll make a horse for Aru. Dadu must be tired.” She jumped down Raj’s back. She was about to fall but balanced herself.

Neyonika chided her. “Be careful, Musu.” Raj sat on the floor, stretching his body, a bit tired after giving the ride to his granddaughter.

“Yes, Musu, you have to be careful. You could have told me before climbing down.” Raj explained her calmly.

Musu pouted sadly and moved her eyes down in guilt, realising her mistake because she also got scared for a second when she was about to fall.

“Solly, Dadi Dadu.” She apologised adorably, holding her ears. Now they smiled at her. Aru was just silently staring at them.

Raj placed his hand on her face. “It’s okay, but be careful from the next time.” Muskan nodded her head in response.

After that she became horse. “Dadi, make him sit on me.” She ordered her Dadi.

“Okay, wait.” As she placed Aru on her back, Muskan crawled. Neyonika didn’t leave him. She was walking with them, holding him by bending down. Aru was excitedly staring straight. It was something new for him.

“Are you enjoying the ride, Aru?” Muskan asked with excitement.

He was enjoying the ride at first, but suddenly he started crying like he got scared. Neyonika instantly picked him up.

“Aww.. baby. What happened? Don’t cry…” Neyonika cradled and rocked him to soothe him.

Muskan sat on his lap. “Dadu, he didn’t like it. He’s crying because of me.” She blamed herself and pouted sadly.

Raj shook his head. “No, Musu. It’s not your fault. He just got afraid.” He explained her lovingly, placing his hand on her face.

“Now I’ll never give him this ride.” She stated.

Aryan was crying loudly and continuously, trying to take his hand in his mouth.

“Raj, I think, he’s hungry.” As Neyonika said, Shehnaaz stepped into the room with the bottle of milk.

Shehnaaz directly strode to Neyonika. “You came at the right time, Shehnaaz.” She took crying Aryan from Neyonika.

“Because I knew it, he would be hungry and crying. Exactly after two hours, he needs milk. If he doesn’t get it, he cries like this.” She sat on the bed to feed him. Aryan was squalling in hunger for the milk. She held the baby in the crook of her arms, his head was on her chest. As she put the nipple of the bottle into his mouth, he instantly started sucking it like he had been hungry since ages.

“You got to know him so much so soon,” Raj said, still sitting on the floor, Muskan was sitting on his lap.

Shehnaaz smiled at him. “I feel like I know him from ages.” She said, gazing at Aru, her eyes filled with immense love. He was drinking the milk, placing his hand over Shehnaaz’s hand. She smiled contentedly at him and kissed his forehead.

After sometime Sidnaaz were getting ready for the welcome party of Aru. He was peacefully sleeping in the coat on his one side, placing his hand under his chin.

Shehnaaz stepped out of the dressing room wearing black saree with an off-shoulder blouse. Sidharth was closing the button of his shirt, he stopped as his eyes fell over his beautiful wife, his Angel. She strolled to him, smiling.

He complimented her. “You look, stunning.” She smiled broadly, setting his collars.

He yanked her to himself by grasping her waist and whispered huskily, “And you’re driving me crazy.” They both gazed into each other eyes intensely.

He asked, “could I spoil your lipstick?”

“You never have to ask.” As she answered, he clasped her face and captured her lips. He was kissing her lips like he had been craving from ages. She was kissing him, trying to match up to his speed by grasping his collars. He attacked to her neck and pulled the palu down her shoulder. He reached to her shoulder, trailing soft kisses down her neck. Shehnaaz was enjoying the touch of his lips, moving her hands in his hair. Her eyes were close.

He took his one hand to her back and started sliding the zip down of blouse. She suddenly opened her eyes as she realised they were getting late for the party. “Sidharth, we have to get ready for the party.” As she uttered, he looked at her face.

“I don’t care, I need you right now.” She closed her eyes as he rubbed his crotch against her pelvis. He aroused her too by doing this.

He moved away from her and asked, “don’t you want me?”

She opened her eyes and answered, “do it fast because now I’m aroused too.”

“Remove your saree until I’m removing my lower.” As he instructed, she blushed.

“It took me half an hour to wear to it.” She told him, unpinning the palu from the waist.

“Don’t worry after our make out, I’ll help you in wearing saree.” As he uttered, opening the button of his jeans, they both chuckled.

He hastily yanked her petticoat and undies down her legs after pulling down his jeans. “You’re really wet for me.” He whispered, staring down. She flushed. He grasped her waist and made her sit on the dressing table. They both chuckled because few things fell on the floor.

He held his manhood and rubbed the tip of it up and down over her inner thigh to tease her. She was going crazy, her core was throbbing.

“Please…” she pleaded, he smirked, still teasing her by stroking his manhood over her.

As he positioned herself on her entrance, they heard the cry of Aru.


Here comes the second romance breaker of Sidnaaz.

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