(Part: 60) Mine (Sidnaaz)


As Driver pushed Sana down the bridge. Then only a person came there and jumped into the water to save her. He brought out the unconscious Sana from the water by holding her in his arms.

On the other side, Sidharth called Abhimanyu and asked him to find Sana. He asked her to trace her number, but she forgot her phone at home only. He was getting restless and worried about her. He had no clue about her.

He was driving the car and finding her in the whole city like a mad person, bad thoughts weren’t leaving him alone.

“No, I won’t let anything happen to my baby. I’ll find her.” He was just murmuring this to himself, driving the car and trying to encourage himself.

“Please, baby come back to your, hubby, where are you? I can’t live without you a single second.” He cried out, clenching the stirring of the car at the red light. He was so afraid to lose her.

Arshi, Cabir and Mukti, they all were sitting worriedly in the hall. They were just praying for Sana’s safety. She was their angel. They were getting restless for their little doll, she was the happiness of the house.

After a few hours, Sana stepped into the Shukla Mansion. Her face was pale, her clothes were still wet, her eyes were swollen as like she has cried a lot. She was looking scared and worried, something was bothering her like hell.

Everybody sighed with relief as they saw her, but her condition made them anxious for her.

“Oh god, sweetie, where were you?” Mukti asked and as she hugged Sana, she didn’t react, just kept standing there like a statue. They all noticed her condition. Mukti broke the hug in shock when she didn’t get any response from her.

“Sana, what happened? Why aren’t you saying anything? You’re making us worried, Sana.” Now Khushi asked by holding her hand. Sana didn’t even look at her, she was just staring straight aimlessly with her sorrowful eyes. They all glanced at each other helplessly. They could see that she was in a terrible trauma.

“I should call Sidharth Bhai.” As Cabir said and all nodded.

They made her sit in the hall and trying to talk with her, but she remained utterly silent, staring straight. Sana was making them hell anxious.

“Sidharth.” Finally, after some time, she uttered, moving her eyes at them. They all sighed with relief because she finally spoke.

“Sidharth is coming, sweetie. Don’t worry, “Mukti spoke after clasping her face. Her next act made all of them more worried because she burst into tears and cried loudly.

“Didu, I am so scared, I love Sidharth so much, he can’t “before she could complete her sentence, Sidharth rushed to her, he bent down and pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. He hugged her so tightly, making everybody shocked. She also hugged him back and started crying in his arms badly. She was in extreme pain.

“Baby, where were you, what happened?” He asked after clasping her face, having so much love and concern in his voice. Tears were trickling down their eyes mechanically.

“Sidharth, Mumma daddy,” she sobbed, Sidharth heartbeat accelerated as she took her parents name. ‘Did she come to know the truth?’ He thought, anxious.

“They both left me, they aren’t at any safe place, this is not the truth, right?” As she asked, his heart stopped beating.

His fear came true.

She came to know the truth. He was not in a condition to think about how she came to know, he was just wondering how he would handle her. He didn’t want to lose her. He couldn’t bear a single tear in her eyes, but now he has to see her crying all day and night. She was so close to them.

“Sidharth, say something please, please say, it is not true, Mumma daddy are at the safe place,” she grasped his collars and asked, still having hope in her eyes. She was crying in immense pain, his silence was making her more worried. Arnav and Khushi were confused because they didn’t know anything about all this.

“Didu, you tell me, Mumma daddy is still alive, right? Please Didu, at least you tell me.” As Sana asked Mukti, moving her eyes at her, she moved her eyes down in guilt, tears rolled down her eyes too.

“Cabir Bhai, please tell me the truth, mujhe bhut dar lag rha hai (I’m scared)” she cried out after strolling to Cabir, but same Cabir was also silent.

“Please, somebody say something, why you all are silent.” She bawled at everybody, their silence was giving her all the answers, but she didn’t want to believe in it.

Sidharth composed himself and gathered the courage to tell her the truth because he had no other option now. “Sana, this is the truth, your parents are no more.”He told her after facing his back to her because he didn’t have the power to look at her.

The next move of Sana shocked everybody.

She strode to Sidharth and slapped him, Everybody gasped. They weren’t expecting this. Sidharth was staring at her with his eyes filled with guilt, his hand was kept on his face.

“I know, you have killed them to get me.” As she blamed him, Sidharth widened his eyes in shock. She was staring at him, her eyes were filled with pain and anger.

I’ll make you cry for just a few parts as you all know this track is necessary.

Finally, the truth came out in front of Sana, what do you think what will happen next?

What do you think, who told the truth to Sana and why she blamed Sidharth.

Love Mehak

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