(Part: 58) Mine (Manan)


Manik pulled the blanket over the naked Nandini and asked from her, “Baby, are you feeling sleepy?” She was tired after her first orgasm. She was trying to catch her breath back, her legs were still shaking because her first orgasm was so intense. 

“Hub, hubby, but I made the bedsheet dirty. How will I sleep here and I am not understanding why did I pee here? Why couldn’t I hold back and like a baby, I peed on the bed.” She uttered super cutely, still trying to catch her breath back. Manik like always chuckled on her words.

“Oh my baby, you didn’t pee, and it can’t be controlled.” As Manik tried to explain her, she stared at him in confusion, many more questions started forming up in her mind.

“Then what was it hubby, tell me?” She asked, becoming curious to know about her feelings.

“Baby, you should take a nap now, we’ll discuss this later on.” Manik pulled her into his arms, he was lying on his one side. His back was paining a bit after so much workout while romancing.

“Hubby, I don’t know what was it, but whatever it was, it was incredible.” She told him, having a cheerful smile on her face. She slept, hiding in his arms. She was more tired because she hadn’t slept at night also.

“I hope, you’ll love it more when I mark you as mine. Oh god, when that night will come when I make love with you, but I promise until you don’t get ready, I won’t force you.” Manik promised her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. His love for her, it couldn’t be described in words.

She woke up at ten O’clock, she slept for continuous twelve hours. The bedsheet was changed and she was in her nightdress. As she opened her eyes, she found Manik gazing at her, having so much love in his eyes. She gave him a pretty smile, he smiled back and kissed her forehead.

“I made you so exhausted, that you slept for twelve hours.” Manik was a bit shock because he wasn’t aware that yesterday night she didn’t sleep.

“Hubby, I didn’t sleep yesterday night.” She told him the truth.

He asked instantly, “But why?”

“Because I became habitual of sleeping in your arms, hubby. I didn’t want to give you more pain.” Her words were clearly showing how much she loved him.

“Aww, my baby cares for me so much, I love you.” He confessed, smiling blissfully and took her in his arms.

“But baby, if you told me before then we could have slept at night also as we slept in the morning.” He uttered after breaking the hug.

“Hubby, leave all this and tell me if I didn’t pee, then what was it?” She asked her first question, getting desperate to know. Manik was just smiling at her. Her questions always made him smile.

“It was an orgasm.” As he answered her, she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“What orgasm, what’s that?” She asked innocently and Manik was wondering how to explain her.

“Baby, what you did, it was an orgasm. It is sexual pleasure, it is the outcome of romance.” He tried to explain her in the simplest way, hoping that she won’t ask more questions.

“Oh, you know, hubby, it made me so tired. I was shaking badly, but you know it was a mind-blowing feeling. You know what, still something is happening there while I am talking to you about this.” She told him innocently whatever going in her mind.

“So do you want me to give you second orgasm?” He teased her, forgetting that it was a waste of time to tease his innocent baby because she didn’t even understand that he was teasing her.

“Yes, I want.” As she instantly answered him, he widened his eyes in shock.

“Baby, it is enough for today, I don’t want to make you sleep for twelve hours more.” As he strictly denied, she pouted sadly.

“But hubby, something is still happening there,” she pointed at her pelvis. “What to do?” As she asked innocently, Manik shook his head in disbelief.

“Don’t worry we will watch movies, and first we will take dinner. We haven’t eaten anything today, mere baby ki choti si Tummy ko kabhi bhukh nhi lagti kya (Don’t you ever feel hungry, baby?)” He distracted her by tickling her tummy, she giggled and laughed under him.

Next day, Arnav, Khushi and Abhi reached Manik’s house. With Cabir and Mukti, they made a plan to make Nandini happy so that she would forgive them.

“I have a perfect idea, I have seen her love for momos, she will surely forgive us.” Khushi excitedly told them about her plan.

“No, Khushi, bhai won’t leave us if he comes to know that we made her eat momos.” As Mukti instantly denied, Cabir nodded, agreeing with Mukti because they both very well knew his brother.

“But mukti, who will tell him? I think Khushi’s plan is great, we should try this.” Abhi agreed with Khushi’s plans. After this everybody agreed to execute the plan.

Nandini was strolling to the kitchen. As she saw Cabir, standing with a plate of momos, her eyes twinkled like a baby and her mouth became watery after seeing the momos. She was about to grab the momos, but cabir moved the plate away from her. Everybody was standing behind the pillar and looking at them.

“Nandini, first listen to us, then you will get momos.” As he said, all of them approached her. Nandini eyes were only at her love momos.

“Nandu won’t you forgive you all so easily.” She sassed, and as she snatched the momos plate from Cabir’s hand, everybody widened their eyes in shock. She went from there with a plate of momos, showing them her tongue. They all looked at each other sadly.


“Hmm, this place is perfect. Here hubby won’t able to catch me. Now I’ll eat my momos without any tension.” She came back to the backside of the house. She didn’t want to tell him about this because she knew if he comes to know about this, he won’t leave her.

“Wow my love momos, finally after so many days, I’ll eat you.” She licked her lower lip adorably. She brought the plate closer to her nose and inhaled the fragrance of momos. She ate the momos one after one. After eating the full plate of momos she cleaned her hand and checked herself properly because she didn’t want to leave any evidence.


She came to the room, smiling. “You’re looking so happy today, baby. What is your plan?” As Manik asked after strolling to her, she instantly hid her smile.

“Hubby, why did you get up from bed? I told you to lie down on the bed. Now don’t get up without my permission.” As she scolded him, Manik immediately lay on the bed.

After some time only, Nandini felt pain in her stomach because of the overeating of momos, They were watching movies at that time. She made bad faces by holding her tummy, Manik immediately noticed this.

“What happened baby, is your stomach paining?” He asked, his eyes voice filled with concern.

She smiled forcibly and nodded her head. “No hubby, I’m perfectly fine.” She tried to convince him that she was fine, but it wasn’t so easy.

“Stop lying, Nandini. I can see you’re in pain, tell me why are you lying?” He shouted by grasping her arms and she again dared to nod her head.

He composed himself and asked, “Baby, what happen why you are not telling that you are in pain?” His voice became soft.

But she wasn’t ready to tell him.

“Nandini, last time I’m asking you with love, is your stomach is not paining? Are you lying to me?” He asked in a serious tone and gave her a deadly glare.

“Don’t be angry with me? I’m telling, yes I was lying that my stomach isn’t paining because,” she paused and Manik asked, “because what, baby?” He asked so lovingly after clasping her face.

“Because I ate the momos, today.” As she told him, Manik remained calm from outside.

“How many did you eat?” He asked calmly.

“A plate,” as she spat the truth, Manik anger rose.

“See, therefore I don’t let you eat momos. Now your stomach is paining. Oh God, Nandini, why do you never listen to me?” He asked in anger, his eyes spitting fire. She instantly moved her eyes down in guilt.

“I’m sorry, hubby. I’ll never eat.” Manik stood up, ignoring her apology and gave her medicine without looking at her. She was staring at him with pleading eyes.

“Nandini, by the way, who gave you momos?” He asked and Nandini immediately told him everything.

“I won’t leave them also,” Manik muttered in fury.

“Hubby, they were just trying to make me happy, they, “before she could complete her sentence, Manik showed her his hand.

“Stay quiet, Nandini. From today I won’t listen to you, you asked me to take rest and don’t do any work, now I’ll work a full day without any rest.” He marched to the sofa.

He sat there and started doing work on his laptop. Nandini cried out.

“Hubby, punish me, why are you punishing yourself?” She asked after walking to him. He didn’t even look at her.

“Hubby, I’m sorry, I will cry hard if you don’t listen to me.” She warned him, but he wasn’t responding to her.

She sat on the bed and cried loudly. “Uh-hmm. Aaahaa…”

Manik knew she was doing drama, therefore he wasn’t responding to her, but her act melted his heart and brought a small smile on his face, but he instantly hid his smile and showed her that he was still angry with her by glaring at her.

“Nandu, hubby is looking very angry. You have to think something big.” As she thought in her mind, an idea popped up. She searched on Google how to make your angry hubby happy.

“Hmm, this idea is easy and looks great. Hubby, now I’ll see for how long you can ignore me.” She murmured to herself, her eyes were fixed at Manik who was trying to keep himself busy in work.

How do find our angry Manik?

Few words for innocent nandu?

How do find Manan’s question session?

Now, what do you think how will Nandini pacify Manik?

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