(Part: 56B) Mine (Manan)


At night, she was applying cream on his back so lovingly and carefully. She was blowing air on his back more than applying cream on his back and more than him she was hissing in pain.

“Hubby, why did you hurt yourself for saving me? I’m so hurt after seeing you like this.” She said again getting emotional.

“Nandini, so what were you expecting from me that I stood there watching you like a statue when the piece of burning wood was about to fall on you.” Now he shouted, making Nandini quiet.

“Nandini, you know, how much I got scared seeing you lying in the burning room, I don’t even want to remember that incident. Nandini, did you forget when the fan was about to fall on me what you had done?”As he asked, she sobbed after listening to his words.

She apologised and cried. “I’m sorry, but I can’t see you in pain.” Manik wanted to wipe her tears, but he was tied up.

“And in the same way, I can’t see you in pain, baby. Stop crying, please. I’ll be fine soon.” He requested, Nandini was crying continuously. Manik was feeling helpless.

“Nandini, stop crying, please. I love you, baby. For me stop crying, therefore I was hiding the truth from you. I can’t see you in tears.” He said in a worried tone.

“What I do? I can’t stop my tears after seeing you in pain. Let me cry, Manik, please.” As she requested in crying tone, Manik closed his eyes dejectedly, giving her permission to cry.

After some time, they both were lying on the bed, Nandini had placed the pillows in between them as she didn’t want to hurt him. She knew next morning she would be lying on Manik’s back in sleep if she didn’t place the pillows in between them. Manik fell a fast asleep because of the medicines, but Nandini was staring at the ceiling and sometimes she was staring at his wound. She wasn’t feeling sleepy because she was in a habit to sleep in Manik’s arms.

“What I will do now, I can’t sleep in hubby’s arms until he won’t get perfectly fine. Yes, for him, I won’t sleep in nights. Oh Manik, what you did with me, now I can’t sleep without you.” She was wondering, gazing at Manik who was sleeping adorably like a baby with open mouth.

Next morning, as Manik woke up and tried to move, he realised that he was tied up, he cried like a small baby. “Nandini,” he called Nandini like a small kid calls his mother after waking up.

“Good morning, hubby bubby.” She stepped into the room. She didn’t sleep whole night but still, she was looking fresh and happy because she didn’t want to give more tension to her hubby.

“Baby, open me, please. I want to go to washroom, it’s emergency.” As he requested, she giggled.

“Hubby, you’re looking so cute like a small baby.” She pulled his cheeks and started opening his hands.

Then Nandini helped him in getting up and also took him inside the washroom by holding his hand.

“Manik, if you need anything than just call me. I’m outside.” She said and walked out of the bathroom after closing the door. Manik just smiled, seeing her care.

Manik stepped out after getting fresh. Nandini made him sit on the bed immediately and gave him medicine. She was perfectly fulfilling her duty like a perfect wife.

“Now it’s time for your bath.” She stated.

“Will you bath me?” He asked like a innocent baby, smiling mischievously.

“Yes, hubby. I talked to your doctor, he has explained me perfectly everything.” As she agreed, he grinned after listening that today she would bath him.

Then they sauntered to the bathroom.

“Hubby, stay still. I’m going to remove your lower. If you bend down you will feel more pain.” She instructed him like a caring wife. Manik nodded his meekly like an innocent kid.

Then she hooked her thumbs into her lower and slid it down his legs before taking it out after bending down. Manik was standing there still because he got an order to stay still from the high court. She stood straight and both passed a smile to each other. She dropped the body wash on her hand and started applying on his upper body with her soft hands. It was getting very difficult for Manik to stay still. Nandini’s hands were doing some kind of magic on his body and making Manik turned on. Then she bent down and started applying body wash on his thigh, making it more difficult for Manik to stay still. He was enjoying her touch with closed eyes.

“Aahaa… baby.” He moaned as her hand touched his junior by mistake.

“Manik, why are you making such sound, we aren’t doing romance?” She said innocently, not knowing that what she was doing with him at that movement. He opened his eyes and looked down at her.

He told her. “Baby, you touched me there.”

“Where?” She asked innocently.

“There,” as he pointed his finger at his crotch, Nandini giggled.

“Oh so like me, you also feel something here?” She asked and placed her hand on his manhood, Manik became hell turned on by this.

“Nandini, I’m warning you, stop doing this or else.” He warned her sternly because Nandini wasn’t removing her hand, instead she moved her hand up and down to tease him more, grinning naughtily.

“Or else what, Manik?” She asked, giggling and that was it for Manik. He pinned her against the wall and captured her lips like a hungry animal. She was taken aback by his sudden kiss. Her hands were pinned above her head. She was responding to him with equal flavour. She wanted to touch him, but Manik wasn’t letting her to touch him. He was punishing her for teasing him.

Her eyes popped up in shock as he suddenly yanked her dress up her waist, pressed his manhood with her pelvis. They were only wearing their inner. She felt something down, she was feeling like her core was vibrating. All this was a foreign for her. She didn’t know her body baldy wanted Manik to come inside her.

After that, he ground himself against her and both moaned inside each other mouth. Manik was making her crazy. She was enjoying it a lot and moving herself with him. Her body was responding to him automatically. He accelerated his speed. Nandini got fully lost in him. She was liking what he was doing with her. Nandini’s one naughty led them here. Manik forgot about everything and got lost in her, just he wanted relief. He couldn’t control his desire more. Nandini felt like something was building up inside her stomach.

But before that they could continue further, they got disturbed by the knock on the door. Manik pulled apart, leaving Nandini on the edges. Nandini didn’t know why she was feeling irritated and why her core was throbbing.

They were breathing heavily, gazing at each other and Manik knew that now he has to answer Nandini’s millions of question.

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