(Part: 56A) Mine (Manan)


Nandini stepped into her room, wiping her tears.

“Hubby, don’t dare to get up.” She shouted like an angry hulk when she saw Manik was about to get up. Poor Manik instantly lay back on his stomach because he didn’t want to make the angry hulk angrier.

Again fresh tears trickled down her eyes when she saw Manik’s wound. She sat down beside him. “Baby, I am fine, don’t cry.” Manik said after holding her hand. He couldn’t bear a single tear in her eyes, this was the only reason he hid the truth from Nandini, he knew seeing him in pain, will give her more pain.

“Not a single word, hubby.” She roared like an angry tigress.

“I’m seeing how much fine you’re, you took my share of pain. I was a big fool who didn’t understand that you are in pain. I thought God has saved both of us, but I was so wrong.” She started crying badly after saying this and covered her mouth with her hand. He was staring at her, helpless.

“Nandini…” again before Manik could speak anything Nandini stopped him.

“No, hubby, I won’t listen to anything today.” She bawled in fury by showing him her hand and Manik was taken aback seeing her anger.

“How much it will be paining to you? I can’t even do anything.” She whispered softly touching his wound and few tears trickled down her eyes and dropped on his wound. He leaned down and kissed his wound. He closed his eyes, he felt good after her kiss.

“Now I will give you punishment like you gave me when I got drank.” Nandini said now in attitude, crossing her arms around her chest.

“What punishment?” Manik asked in shock, his face was worth watching. The Manik Malhotra was getting scared of a girl.

“That I won’t listen to you until you don’t become perfectly fine. You’re not permitted to get down from this bed without my permission, no work, no office, no college, only this bed and me.” She instructed him strictly, Manik stared at her in shock.

“Baby, I am fine. I can’t stay in one room, who will handle office?” He tried to make her understand.

“No, you have to stay in this room. Cabir bhai will handle your office, I can’t let you do any work in this condition, this is Nandini’s final decision. If you don’t accept your punishment, then I will punish you more.”She smirked and he made a bad face like a small baby.

“So hubby, you keep lying there. I’m bringing dinner for you.” She stood up. “Remember that you’re not allowed to move out of the bed.” She warned him sternly and walked out of the room after saying this.

Mukti and Cabir called her from the hall, but she ignored them and strode straight to the kitchen. “No, I won’t listen to them. If today I forgive them easily then next time also they will hide the things like this.” She murmured to herself, filling the plate for Manik.

She came back to her room and found Manik talking to someone, standing in the balcony. She frowned at him. After keeping the plate on the table, she stormed to him and snatched the phone.

“Hubby, I told you to don’t come out of bed without permission and you. Why don’t you understand you need rest?” She bawled at him and her words were clearly showing that how much she cared for him.

“I’m sorry, baby. Actually that was an important call and the network wasn’t coming, therefore I came outside.” He explained her, holding her both hands and Nandini was still staring at him in anger.

“This is the last time I’m leaving you.” She warned him, he nodded his head meekly.

As they stepped inside, Nandini asked him to lie down on the bed on his stomach. Something was going in her mind and Manik knew this. They both were silent. Nandini suddenly walked to their cupboard and stood there confusingly. Manik was confused about what she was doing.

“Baby, what are you doing, why are tying my hands?” Manik asked when Nandini came with her dupatta and started tying his wrist with the bedpost.

“Because I don’t want to take any risk, Hubby. I want to see you perfectly fine and if you don’t take rest then how you will get perfectly fine? I am so sorry, hubby but you haven’t left any option with me.” She said after completing her task and Manik was looking at her with a sad pout.

“Now it’s time for your dinner, Hubby.” She said.

“But how will I eat because you have tied me up.” He asked, acting innocent.

“I’m here to feed you, my hubby bubby.” She started feeding him with her own hands lovingly and after that he gave her medicines.

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