(Part: 55B) Mine (Sidnaaz)


After taking bath, Sana stepped out and saw Sidharth was lying on his side, facing his back to her. She smiled and without making any noise, she strolled to him and lay, hugging him from behind.

“Ahaha…” as Sidharth cried out in pain, Sana became shocked. She pulled back and became worried for him. She wasn’t understanding what to do and how it all happened because she had just hugged him.

“Hubby, what happened? I’m sorry, where I hurt you? I shouldn’t have hugged you like this, I am sorry.” She was wondering she hurt him by hugging him. Sidharth wasn’t in the condition to reply her back, but still he was nodding his head negatively.

“Hubby, what happened? Where it is hurting, please tell me, I’m not understanding.” She said worriedly because it was getting difficult for Sana to see him in pain.

“I’m just coming, hubby. You will be fine.” She rushed out and came with Mukti and Cabir hurriedly.

Sidharth was still lying in pain. “What happened to him, please, didu do something, I can’t see him in pain.” She cried, holding Sidharth’s hand.

Cabir clasped her face and assured her. “Sana, he will be fine, don’t worry.”

“Mukti, take her outside.” He asked Mukti to take her outside.

“No, I won’t go, leaving him in pain. How can I go out after leaving him in pain?” She nodded her head in no.

“I’m fine, no need.” Sidharth was in pain, but still he stopped Cabir from removing his shirt because he didn’t want to give more tension to Sana. Before seeing his wound, she was crying a lot, what she would do after this. Sidharth was hell worried.

“What, I am fine. You’re not fine.” She shouted in anger, still crying like a tigress.

“Bhai, please, see what happened to him?” Sana asked Cabir to check him in crying tone.

As Cabir removed his shirt, Sana widened her eyes in shock, seeing his back. His back was utterly red, she immediately understood, how Sidharth got injured, he got injured in saving her. She palmed her mouth after seeing his wound and cried more. She rushed from there because she couldn’t see him in pain and started crying after collapsing down on stairs.

“It is because of me, he is in pain. I’m so stupid, I didn’t even understand, I thought God saved both of us but no, Sidharth took away my pain and hurt himself. I didn’t even understand when Sidharth shouted in the hospital when he slept with me on the bed. I’m so bad, and today I hurt him even more by hugging him. He’s in so much pain. God, I can’t see him in pain.”She cried badly, blaming herself and this what Sidharth didn’t want.

On the other hand, Cabir was applying cream on his back. “Mukti, please check, Sana. I’m not understanding, how I will handle her now, I can’t see her blaming herself.” Sidharth uttered worriedly, he was in pain, but still he was only thinking about Sana.

“Bhai, I’ll try to explain her, you don’t worry and now take some rest.” Mukti went out after saying this. She found Sana coming back, still she was crying.

“Sweetie, don’t cry, he will be fine,” Mukti reassured her after clasping her face.

“Didu, did you know about his injury?” Sana asked in a serious tone. As Mukti nodded her head positively, Sana jerked her hand in the air from her face.

“Why, Didu? Why didn’t you tell me before why you lied to me? If I knew about his pain, I shouldn’t have given him more pain. It because of you all, I hurt my hubby more.” She shouted in fury on Mukti, then she stepped to their room. Cabir also listened to everything. They were shocked because they had never seen her in so much anger before.

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