(Part: 55A) Mine (Manan)


Next Morning, Nandini woke up from deep slumber, rubbing her eyes on the hospital bed. She found Mukti sitting on the couch.

“Didu, good morning, where is my hubby bubby?” She asked about Manik because she was in habit of seeing him every morning after waking up.

“Sweetie, he went out of Mumbai for some urgent work, he didn’t want to go, but it was important.” Mukti lied to Nandini again because Manik was in the hospital only.

“Oh, it was important, then it is okay. Actually Didu, I don’t feel good in the morning until I won’t see Manik. Didu, you know I want to be with Manik each every second, it is so difficult for me to live without him, he always remains in my mind.” Nandini uttered cutely, her words were clearly showing that how much she loved Manik.

‘You are in deep love with my brother sweetie, and you don’t even know, how much bhai loves you, he changed himself for you.” Mukti said cheerfully.

“Didu, I know how much he loves me and Didu. I’m so so so thankful to God for giving me a husband like Manik, I used to think before no one would love me more than my parents, but he is not less than them, he is now equally important for me, I love him so much, he is my everything.” She uttered from the core of her heart and smiled contentedly, she was blessed to have Manik in her life. Mukti was just smiling at her.


Nandini reached home with Mukti and Abhi. Arnav, Khushi and Cabir were in the hospital with Manik. As they reached back home, Nandini called Manik because she was missing him like hell, the poor soul had no clue that his hubby was lying injured in the hospital.

“Hello, hubby bubby, when you will come back, I missed you a lot.” As she called him, first thing she told him that how much she was missing him.

“Aww, my baby is missing me that much. I’m so sorry, baby, it was very important. You take rest, I will meet you in the evening.” Manik cut the call because he didn’t want to lie more.

“He cut my phone, very bad, hubby.” She muttered, becoming little angry, not knowing why he did this.

In evening, Manik came home after getting discharged from hospital. Manik asked about Nandini from Mukti and directly strode to her room. His back pain was better now because of pain killers. He found Nandini playing games on her phone. As she saw him, she threw her phone and rushed to him, smiling wildly. This time Manik took her in his arm in his style, so that she couldn’t hurt him.

“I miss you so much, hubby. You didn’t even talk to me, you know I didn’t take bath today.” As she told him, he narrowed his brows in confusion.

He instantly asked, “Why?”

“Because I want to take bath with you, come let’s take bath together. I was waiting for you only.” She clasped his hand, smiling. Manik felt bad because he couldn’t fulfil her this wish.

“No baby, I am tired, you go.” He denied and sat down on the bed. She made a sad pout like a baby.

“Hubby, after the bath you will feel better and relax. I will bath you.” She sat beside him and started opening his shirt buttons.

“Nandini, I said I am tired. I don’t want to take bath. Why don’t you listen to me in once?” He shouted, jerking her hand away because he was scared what if Nandini would come to know about his injury, she would blame herself, and he didn’t want this.

“Hubby, why are you shouting on me like earlier. I’m sorry, hubby.” She apologised, holding her ears. “I’ll never force you, but please don’t become an angry monster again.” Manik felt bad for her.

“Baby, no, I won’t. It just that today I’m tired.” He explained her after clasping her face.

“I’m sorry for shouting on you, forgive your hubby for the last time.” He said lovingly she smiled and Manik got his breath back after seeing her smile.

“It’s okay hubby, sometimes it is fine, but please always be my hero, I hate monster angry Manik.” She said cutely and made golgapa face to show anger expression. Manik chuckled on her cuteness.

“Promise, I won’t become monster again and will always be your hero, I won’t shout you unnecessary, and I’ll always love you truly and forever.” He promised through his heart. What other promise a girl wanted from his husband that her husband loves her truly.


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