(Part: 54) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Sidharth…” she screamed loudly when she looked up and found that the whole room was burning. She got hell scared and started screaming again and again.

As soon as Sidharth listened to her screams downstairs, he just rushed to her room which was upstairs. Her screams were making him hell worried for her and his heart beat was accelerating. His breath got stuck in his throat as he saw her from window, standing helpless in the burning room.

“Hubby, I don’t want to die, I want to live with you more,” she cried badly as she looked at Sidharth, having hope in her eyes. Tears fell down his eyes too.

“Baby, nothing will happen to you, I am here, I will save you.” He assured her and kicked the burning door. Other people were throwing the water too. Abhi, Arnav and Cabir started helping Sidharth in breaking the door. Sana was continuously crying and screaming and her screams for him were like someone was stabbing the knife in his heart.

“You’ll be fine, sweetie.” Girls were trying to assure Sana from outside. Sana felt dizziness because of smoke, and from up the piece of wood was about to fall over her. All girls became worried and asked her to get a side, but Sana was not in a condition to move and she fainted down there only with thud. At that moment only he hurriedly broke the door.

“Sana…” he shouted loudly as he saw his baby’s life in danger. Within no time, he reached to her and covered her and the burning wood fell on Sidharth’s back. Everybody who were presented there witnessed the true love of Sidharth.

“Bhai…” as Mukti screamed loudly, all widened their eyes in shock. Fire brigade and ambulance reached there, they laid down Sidharth and Sana on the stretcher. Sidharth was still conscious, and he was in extreme pain, but he was still worried about Sana. Mukti was crying badly.


At the hospital, doctors were operating Sidharth and checking that how much Sidharth back had been burned. Outside, Mukti was still crying, placing her head on Abhi’s shoulder and Cabir was roaming anxiously outside of his room. Arnav and Khushi were also looking very tensed.

“Doctor, how is he?” As doctor came outside, Cabir asked immediately and all of them looked at him worriedly.

“There is nothing serious, there is no internal burn, he will be perfectly fine within a month, just he needs to take bed rest for a month.” They all sighed with relief after listening to Doctor’s words. Mukti happily hugged Abhi.

“Could we meet him doctor?” As Cabir asked, doctor permitted them to meet him and also told them that he was unconscious.

“Doctor, how is Sana?” Mukti asked about Sana.

“She is perfectly fine, just fainted due to smoke.” Doctor told them. Then only a nurse came and told them Sana got her conscious back.


Everybody met Sana and now Mukti was sitting beside Sana.

“Didu, I got so much scared, I thought I would die,” she said anxiously.

“but as you told my hubby saved me, I am so happy, he always saves me like a hero.” She said cheerfully.

“But where he is now? I want to meet him, Didu.” She asked about Sidharth.

“Sweetie, he is planning a surprise for you, he will be soon here.” Mukti lied because she was afraid to tell Sana about Sidharth.

“Wow, surprise.” She squealed with excitement, but she was unaware that her hubby got injured in saving her life.

On the other hand, Sidharth got his conscious back. The scene of Sana lying in the burning room came in his mind.

“Sana…” he screamed and opened his eyes. Abhi, Cabir and Arnav with nurse stepped inside after listening to his scream.

“How is Sana?” Still he was worried for Sana, the pain he was feeling was nothing in front of his baby.

“Sidharth, she is fine, don’t worry.” Abhi told him.

“No, I want to see her. Until I don’t see her perfectly fine with my own eyes, I won’t get relief, Abhi.” He tried to get up, ignoring his all pain. They were trying to stop him, but he wasn’t listening to anybody.

He stood up and wore his shirt when the shirt touched his wound, he hissed in pain, but ignoring his every pain, he buttoned his shirt.

“Sidharth, you need rest.” They were trying to make him understand, but after asking about Sana room, he went straight to her room.

“Hubby.” A broad smile flashed on her face as she saw him stepping into the room. Sidharth forgot about his all pain after seeing her fine and he smiled too. He strolled to her.

Sana jumped on him and hugged him tightly, pressing his wound. Sidharth pursed his lips to control his screams. Cabir was about to tell Sana, but Sidharth stopped him by showing his hand. All went out after leaving Sidnaaz alone for some time.

“Hubby, you know, how much I got scared, I thought, I would die,” before Sana could speak more, Sidharth shushed her by placing his finger on her lips.

“No, baby, never say this, I don’t want to talk about this.” He said in a serious tone because only the thought of leaving without her was killing him.

“Sorry, hubby.” She apologised by holding her ear cutely and Sidharth just smiled at her. He was smiling in pain too because her smile was his strength.

“Thank you so much, hubby for saving me, you always save me like a hero and I’m so thankful to god as we both are fine.” She said cheerfully.

“Hubby, look at my hand, it is paining.” She showed her hand which got little burn.

“I have the solution for it.” He uttered and softly kissed her hand. She was just smiling at him.

“Now better?” As he asked, she nodded her head cutely and happily said, “you’re the best, hubby, I love so much.” She kissed his cheeks.

“Now Sana, it is night time, you need to sleep.” Sidharth pulled the blanket properly on her, Sana negatively nodded her head.

“Why my baby doesn’t want to sleep?” He asked lovingly.

“I want to sleep, but in your arms.” She said.

He knew if he sleep on his back, it would hurt him like hell, but he didn’t want to deny her, but he couldn’t deny her as he saw her face, “Okay.”

He tried to control his screams, but the pain was unbearable, a scream escaped out of his mouth, “Ahaaa…”

“Hubby, did you see lizard?” She asked cutely and laughed loudly on herself, this was enough for Sidharth to forget about his pain. Unintentionally she was giving him pain and she was giving him relief also.

He lay down, and Sana talked with him for a few minutes before falling asleep in his arms. After that, he immediately stood up and made bad faces after closing his eyes as he was feeling extreme pain.

On the other side, Alia threw the vase on the floor in fury when she came to know that her plan got failed and Sana was still alive.

“How many times you will save her, Sidharth? I won’t take my step back until I don’t get you, Sidharth. Next time, I will do something, so that you won’t be there to save her.” She said, having anger in her eyes.

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