(Part: 53) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Next morning Sana woke up and got ready in the beautiful black suit. She was looking so pretty. She did little eyes make up and applied lipstick. She was looking naturally beautiful.

Sidharth also aroused, and he was about say something after opening his eyes, but as he looked at her, he got lost in her beauty. “Beautiful,” only this word came out of his mouth after seeing her and Sana smiled, moving her eyelashes down.

“Thank you so much, hubby. Now you also get up and get ready fast.” She held his arm and tried to make him get up from the bed, but naughty Sidharth grasped her arm and yanked her down, she directly fell over him.

“Not before my morning kiss, baby.” Sana was looking at him as an angry kid.

“No, morning kiss, today is Diwali and I’ll kiss my god, not you.” She said cutely and tried to get out of his grip.

He shook his head and moved closer to her. “No chance baby, I won’t let you go before getting my kiss.” He whispered.

“Okay,” she said and pecked his cheek immediately.

“Baby, I am not talking about this kiss, I am talking about lips kiss.” He said in sad tone, Sana giggled.

“Okay.” She smiled naughtily and pecked his lips.

“Now leave me, I have given you lips kiss also.”Sana was teasing him for the first time and she was also enjoying this a lot.

“Acting smart in front of me, now I’ll give you morning kiss with surprise.” He uttered after flipping their position. Now he was on top of her. Sana was now looking at him innocently. Sidharth clasped her face and slammed her lips. He sucked her lips softly and Sana also responded him with equal flavour, her hands were moving in his soft and silky hair. They were kissing each other with so much love. They didn’t want to break the kiss, but they broke the kiss indeed of oxygen. As he pulled her dress and bra down her twins, they popped out. He gave a love bite on one of them.

“Aaa…” she moaned, clutching his shirt.

“So this was the surprise, do you like it?” He asked, smiling mischievously. Sana pushed him away and rushed out after setting her clothes. Sidharth was just smiling at his shy baby.


“Happy Diwali didu, happy Diwali, Cabir Bhai,” she wished after hugging Mukti and cabir. They also wished her back.

“Didu, Bhai wear something traditional, today is Diwali, Mumma has taught me to wear the traditional outfit on Diwali occasion from starting.” She told them cheerfully. Mukti and Cabir glanced at each other sadly because in childhood they didn’t have mother to teach this.

“Okay, we’ll wear sweetie,” Mukti pulled her cheeks.

Cabir complimented her, “My cutie is looking so pretty today.”

“Yes, Sana, you’re looking so beautiful.” Mukti also complimented her, and Sana thanked both of them.


Sana and Mukti were making rangoli. Mukti was making rangoli for the first time. Before they used to do a big party on Diwali. Today Sana was teaching everyone how to celebrate Diwali.

“Sweetie, I just come.” Mukti went from there. Then only Sidharth came there and he smiled at her.

“Hubby, now come on help me.” As she asked for the help, Sidharth gave a slight nod and sat down beside her.

“Okay, baby, tell me what I have to do?” As he asked, they together started making rangoli.

“Sidharth, today is not holi, today is Diwali.” Sana said as Sidharth applied the colour on Sana’s nose.

“I don’t care, today is Diwali or Holi, I want to apply colour on your nose and I’ll apply it.” He said in attitude and next moment Sana threw the full plate of colour on him and laughed loudly.

“Now your gone, baby.” As he said, Sana showed her tongue and ran. Sidharth followed her with the plate of colour in his hand. They were running in the whole house. A worker was taking the basket of flower for Diwali decoration, as Sana bumped with him, that time only Sidharth caught her and flower fell over both of them. It was looking so beautiful, they both were gazing at each other, having love in their eyes.

Sana pushed him again and ran again, laughing. Mukti and Cabir laughed at them. “How much bhai remains happy after marrying to Sana? I pray to God to keep both of them always happy like this.” As Mukti said, gazing at them, Cabir nodded his head.

“Finally I caught you, baby. Now there is no escape.” He pinned her against the pillar, holding her arm with his one hand and in another hand, he was holding the plate of colour. He kept the plate on the table.

He took full fist of colour in his hand and Sana closed her eyes cutely. “Please, hubby take less.” She requested cutely.

“Oh, did you forget a few minutes ago what you did? You threw the full plate on me.” He was taking his hand closer to her face.

“Sorry, hubby.” As she apologised cutely, holding her ears, Sidharth smirked.

“Today, no sorry will be accepted, Mrs Sana Sidharth Shukla.” Sidharth nodded his head and applied the colour on face, gazing into her eyes. He trailed his hand down her neck and down sexily. Sana closed her eyes and got lost in his touch. His hands were like always doing some kind of magic on her.

“Happy Diwali, my baby.” As he wished her after leaving her hand, she came out of her dream world. When she opened her eyes, he was gone. She made a pout.


Now Sidnaaz got ready for Diwali party. Sana wore a beautiful black lengha which was chosen by her hubby. She was looking like an angel in this outfit. He again became speechless after seeing her, this time he just pinned her against the wall and kissed her lips and told her that what her beauty was doing to him.

“Hubby, you spoiled my lipstick.” She complained cutely, Sidharth chuckled.

“Wait, I will make it alright.” He strolled to her dressing table and came up with her lipstick. He applied on her lips like professional. Today for his baby, he became her make up artist also.

“Thank you, hubby.” She was about to peck his lips, but he stopped her. “Your lipstick will be spoiled, baby, I have worked hard on this.” As Sidharth reminded her, they both laughed.


Arnav, Khushi, Abhi and Navya reached the party and everybody wished Diwali to each other and exchanged gifts. Sana was extremely happy after getting so many gifts like a baby. Sidharth became busy in meeting with his business partners, and Sana was getting bore, sitting on the sofa.

“Oh, this party is so boring, no fun at all.” Sana murmured to herself gloomily. She frowned as she saw something.

She saw a girl intentionally fell over Sidharth and by mistake Sidharth hands touched her twins.

“Sorry.” As Sidharth apologised, she touched his shoulder and left. She was telling her friends about this, pointing to her twins. Sana was fuming in anger seeing all this.

“How could she do this? Only I have right on my hubby’s touch, I won’t leave her.” She stood up and took the glass of wine from the table. She strode to her and threw the glass full of wine on her. Everybody gasped and stared at them in shock.

“How dare you, he is mine.” As she shouted at her in fury, Sidharth immediately came there.

“Baby, let’s come inside.” He said calmly and wrapped her arm around her shoulder because he understood reason of her anger.

“No, you ask her to say sorry to you, this is wrong, she intentionally did that.” Sana said stubbornly, trying to push him away, the girl was giving angry glare to her.

“Sana, come inside with me now.” He was started taking her inside forcibly. Sana was again and again saying that she don’t go until the girl won’t apologize.

“Sidharth, this is wrong, why you haven’t said anything to her? She was wrong, I was right,” she asked in crying tone when they reached inside.

“Baby, listen to me.” As he tried to touch her face, she jerked away his hand.

“No, I won’t listen to you, I’m angry with you.” She sat on the sofa with an angry pout.

“Baby, please listen to me.” He again tried to explain her.

“Sidharth, please, leave me alone for some time.” As she shouted, Sidharth left from there because he thought to give her few minutes alone as he knew she was stubborn, and she wasn’t going to listen him now.

Sidharth came downstairs sadly, and as Arshi, cabya and Mukhi saw him, they all rushed to him to ask about Sana worriedly.

“She is angry with me a lot and I can understand her anger, I will surely punish this girl after the party.” He told them.

On the other, Sana was lying on the bed in anger and complaining to god. A lady came near to Sana’s room and she smiled finding Sana alone. She took a burning candle and after burning the curtains she immediately left from there, keeping the candle there only. Curtains caught the fire and fire reached up to the door within a second.

That girl called someone.

“My work is done or not? “Alia asked from another side.

“Yes, mam your work is done.” that girl replied.

“Sana, so sorry for you, may your soul rest in peace, hahaha…” Alia laughed loudly after saying this.

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