(Part: 52) Mine (Manan)


“Now who will clean me, baby?” Manik asked getting up while Nandini was still laughing crazily.

“You will clean yourself, hubby.” She answered him innocently, not understanding what Manik was trying to say.

“Why not you clean me today?” As he asked, she looked at him in confusion.

“Baby, why don’t we take bath together?” Now he asked directly and she negatively nodded her head like a cute baby.

“But what about my periods, hubby?” She asked him cutely. She didn’t have any problem to take bath with him, but she was denying because of her periods.

“Forget about your periods. I mean I Don’t care, just you tell me, you want or not?” He asked after coming close to her face.

“Hubby, if you don’t have any problem then I am ready, I also have any problem.” She too agreed and he grinned.

“Let’s take a bath together.” She squealed and jumped out of the bed while Manik was just smiling.

They strolled to the bathroom hand in hand.

“Aaa… ” Manik shouted in horror as he saw himself in the mirror because Nandini had applied lipstick on his lips while they were playing the game.

Nandini started laughing loudly, throwing her head back. “Haha, hubby got scared, seeing himself in the mirror. You’re looking like a ghost, you are looking like heroine, my heroine.” She brayed and pulled his cheeks.

“Now, it’s your time to eat lipstick from my lips baby.” He uttered, staring at her dangerously and then without any warning, he pinned her against the wall by grasping her waist and started kissing her lips hungrily. Her hands automatically went into his hair. He was massaging one of her twins with his one hand and turned on the shower with another hand. As the cold water cascade down their body, it made the atmosphere hotter. Nandini was about to break the kiss, he held her tightly from her waist and didn’t let her break the kiss. He yanked her to himself and kissed her wildly and pressing their chest. As their wet bodies rubbed against each other, it aroused them.

After a minute, he broke the kiss and also left her waist. “Why you were trying to break the kiss?” He asked, raising his brows. She was panting.

“Because as suddenly the cold water fell over me, I felt coldy coldy.” She replied him cutely after catching her breath back.

“Now, are you are okay?” He clasped her face and asked, having a concern in his voice.

“Now, I am perfectly fine, hubby.” She hugged him, smiling widely and cheerfully.

“So now clean me, baby.” He said after breaking the hug and smirked.

“Okay, wait.” She picked up the body wash and dropped it on her hand.

“Hubby, stay still okay.” She ordered him after coming close to him. He applied body wash on his bare front and trailed it all over his upper body. Manik got fully turned on with her touch.

“My muscular hubby bubby.” She complimented him, cleaning the lipstick properly. She didn’t know what she was doing to him, but it was his idea only.

“Now my turn,” he uttered after pinning her against the wall by grabbing her both arms.

“But hubby, I didn’t clean you properly.” She was about to say something, but he shushed her by placing his finger on her lips.

They were gazing at each other intensely and their heartbeat was accelerating. He was travelling his finger down to her jaw from her lips, then to her neck, then to cleavage and, then to her bare belly. His hand stopped on her waistband of lower. She was utterly naked from above, wearing only lower. He wanted to remove it, but he didn’t. Instead, he held her waist and started sucking water droplets from her twins. Nandini was moaning, moving her hand through his hair and his hands were moving all over her body and doing his magic. After leaving her twins, he captured her lips. Romancing under the shower, it was something new for Nandini and she was feeling incredible.

“Now you change, I am going out.” He uttered after wrapping the towel around her, she just nodded her head.

Manik came out and after removing his lower and boxer, he started rubbing his manhood. “Baby, you are making me hard.” He moaned, stroking himself because he didn’t have any other option.

Nandini stepped out after wearing her clothes. Manik was sitting on the sofa and waiting for her only. Both passed a beatific smile to each other. She sauntered to him and sat on his lap.

“Hubby, from now we’ll bath together daily.” She said after encircling her arms around his neck.

He smiled at her and placed his hand on her face. “Okay baby, I don’t have any problem.” He started kissing her face and she was smiling. After this, she also kissed his face, his copycat baby.


“Hubby, tomorrow is Diwali, we will decorate the full house with diyas and light and I will also make a big rangoli.” She told him excitedly when they were having lunch.

“Baby, you don’t need to do this, maids will do all this.” As Manik said, she frowned and shook her head.

“No. Why maids? I will make rangoli.” She said in an angry tone.

“Okay fine, you will make, now please eat your lunch, Diwali is tomorrow, not today.” He told her.

“Tum Khila do na, hubby. (Hubby, you make me eat.)” She cutely requested him and held her plate out in front of him. He just smiled at her and without saying anything, he made her sit on his lap and started feeding her lovingly with the kisses.


Manik was doing some work on his lappy and Nandini was selecting her Diwali dress. Manik brought all designer dresses for her. Dresses were hanged on the trolley and she was sitting on the chair and a maid was showing her dresses. She was sitting confusingly, placing her forefinger under chin because she was finding all the dresses so pretty.

“Hubby, help in choosing the dress, please.” She requested after looking at Manik.

He moved his eyes from laptop to her and complimented her, “Baby, wear anything, you will look beautiful.” She smiled merrily in response.

“But, I am confused. What you choose for me, I wear that one.” She said.

“Okay wait, let me choose.” As he said, she smiled at him.

Manik closed his laptop and strolled to her. He started selecting the dress for her and finally, he chose the dress for her.

“Wow… thank you so much hubby, this is pretty.” She hugged him, this was her way of thanking him.

“Now we will go for shopping, we have to purchase Diwali gift for everyone, Cabir Bhai, Mukti didu, Khushi, Arnav and Navya.” After this her another demand came up.

“We can purchase from home only.” He told her.

She instantly asked, “How?”

“Through online shopping.” He answered her.

“Wow, that’s a great idea.” She squealed happily.

Then they started selecting the gifts for everyone online on his phone.

“This year Diwali, I will take revenge for my insult Nandini. I will force you to leave Manik. Manik is mine only.” Alia said to herself, holding a glass of wine in her hand.

Love Mehak

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