(Part: 10) Burning Desires (Manan)


We went inside her house. I locked the door after putting her down.

As soon as I turned towards her, she pushed me against the door, crashing her lips on mine. I widened my eyes in shock. I wasn’t expecting this. This girl is something else. I found myself melting in that kiss. It’s so different that I can’t put my feelings in words. I loved every second of it.

I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and tightened my grip. I lifted her up, pushing her dress up, loving the feel of my hands on her bare creamy thighs.

This girl is driving me crazy.

I wrapped her legs around my waist and lifted her, making my way to her bedroom, all the while kissing and sucking her slender neck.

Her smell is so intoxicating, making me crazy and arousing me.

I laid her on the bed and kissed her forehead.

Her face seems so pure like holy water.

“Manik, do you mean those words which you said to Harshad?” She whispered, cupping my face with her palm.

“Yes,” I whispered and took her lips in mine, coming over her.

She started unbuttoning my shirt without breaking the kiss. The way she was unbuttoning my shirt was driving me crazy, but I broke the kiss as I realised that next morning she will think wrong about me again. She will again think that I’m using her and I just want her for my sexual satisfaction. I’m attracted to her, but this is much more than physical attraction, I want to explain her this. I really don’t want her to think wrong about me again. I have to stop here at any cost.

As I moved away from her, she yanked me to herself by grabbing my collars.

“Today, I won’t let you go away from me. You have to prove how important I’m for you.” She said in a serious tone, gazing into my eyes. For a few minutes, I got lost in her eyes. She moved closer to my lips. As her warm breath caressed my lips, electricity rushed down my skin, I felt like to again kiss her, but I can’t. I have to control myself because if I kiss her again, I will end up deep inside her like always. I want it badly, but I can’t.

“You’re drunk, Nandini. We’ll talk tomorrow. Please, you should sleep and let me go.” I tried to explain to her.

I felt a stabbing pain in my heart as tears rushed down her soft cheeks. “Why you want to go? Am I so bad that nobody wants to stay with me?” She sobbed.

I wiped her tears with my thumbs and shook my head. “No, you’re very special to me, Nandini,” I whispered, stroking her cheeks.

“If I’m special to you, then please don’t go. I badly need you, please.” She implored, her eyes filled with immense pain and she opened the last button of my shirt. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before removing my shirt. She needs me and I need her. Why I’m spoiling our this moment wondering about tomorrow? Fuck everything. Now I can’t control myself anymore.

I opened my eyes and captured her lips. I kissed her deeply and passionately, forgetting everything. She responded to me with equal flavour, roaming her hands all over my bare chest and back. I’m enjoying the touch of her hands on my body. Her touch is arousing me. This is an incredible feeling. I’m completely lost in her.

As we pulled apart after the kiss, I looked deeply in her eyes, I trailed my hands all over her thighs slowly.

“Wet for me?” I whispered as my hand went dangerously close to her pussy. I unzipped her dress and removed it off her body, revealing her smooth luscious skin which made my mouth watery.

“Manik, please.” She moaned as I took my own sweet time, devouring every inch of her. I unclasped her bra and took her both twins in my hands, kneading them. She threw her head back and moaned softly as I latched on her left nipple. I ran my tongue all over her erect buds and graced my teeth against them.

“Uhh… Fuck,” She cried out in pleasure, making me hard as a rock. I love the way she responds to my touch and squirmed beneath me. I removed her panty with the other hand and threw it aside. I went down on her, spreading her leg wider and saw her wet pussy. I rubbed my finger along the length of the pussy and she moaned out loud which made me chuckle.

“Tell me, only I affected you this much. Tell me, only I can make you wet like this.” I asked, seeing her wet womanhood.

“Yes, Manik.” She whispered, breathing heavily. My eyes went dark with desires and I started licking her pussy like a mad man. I thrust my two fingers into her and sucked her clit, running my other hand all over her while she pushed my head further and gripped my hair tightly.

“Ma-Manik… I’m gonna come,” She stuttered. I felt her body shudder beneath me as she exploded in my mouth. She tasted so fucking delicious, and I licked every drop of her. I quickly free myself from the pant and boxers and stood naked wanting to be inside her so badly. I quickly wore a condom and hovered over her, looking deep in her eyes.

“You’re very special, Nandini,” I whispered, going inside her slowly while she smiled at me with pure satisfaction visible in her eyes.

Fuck, she’s so beautiful and I wanted to be the reason, she smiled like that always.

She felt so good and we fit so well together, like two pieces of the puzzle. I felt desires ragging through every cell of my body as I started riding her. I don’t think I could ever get tired of this. I kept slamming in her deeply as she wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her nails into my skin.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” I kept increasing my pace. She kept screaming in pleasure which was like music to my ears. I kissed her lips when I was about to explode. We both came at the same time and I rested my forehead against her. I pulled back and lay down beside her, wrapping my arms around her while she too reciprocated my actions, wrapping her arms around my bare chest, snuggling like a baby. A blissful smile flashed on my face.

“You’re mine, Nandini,” I whispered in her ear and kissed her hair while she snuggled more in my chest. I can’t even describe in words that how it feels to hold her in my arms. This is heaven on the earth.

When her soft lips touched my chest and when she kissed my chest, I just froze for a second. I felt so damn good. I want to feel her lips all over my body.

“I don’t know what is between us, but I know you’re very special to me and I don’t want to lose you ever.” I murmured, caressing her hair and again kissed her hair.

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