(Part: 50B) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, I can’t find the top. You hid my top at so difficult place, so bad.” She scolded him like a small baby when she couldn’t find her top. Sidharth was just smiling.

“At least give me a hint.” She asked while searching her top inside their cupboard.

She was messing the whole room. She was going crazy because she wanted to win the game.

“Time up, baby.” He said after three minutes and Sana sat on the couch with a sad pout. She was extremely upset about losing the game like a small kid. She liked to win always.

“I told you, baby, it’s just the game, don’t be sad, please. Tell me, aren’t you enjoying this? If not then okay we won’t play further.” He said as always being a caring husband.

“No, no, I am enjoying this a lot.” She instantly replied him back. “but I am losing.” She uttered in a sad tone and Sidharth chuckled on her cuteness.

“Hubby, first tell me, where have you hidden my top?” She asked, her eyes glinted with excitement and Sidharth smirked. He stood up and took out the top from the door. Sana’s expressions were worth watching. She was staring at him in utter shock, her mouth and her eyes were wide open.

“Sidharth, this is cheating. You hid my top at the same place where I hid your shirt.” She again complained like a small baby.

“Baby, there was no such rule.” He told her.

“You’re saying right. You’re very smart, hubby.” She praised him, placing her hand on his bicep and smiled proudly. He grinned and kissed her lips after leaning down.

“Now next you have to remove your innerwear.” His lips curved into a mischievous smile and his eyes shimmered with excitement.

“Okay, hubby.” She replied and nodded her head innocently.

“You’re so cute.” He kissed her cheek and she just smiled at him.

“Help me in removing it, hubby.” She turned around and stood facing her back to him, putting her all hair over one side of her shoulder. She was asking him to unhook her bra.

“Sure, baby.” He grinned, gazing at her bareback, his eyes were filled with desires. She shivered on her place as his cold hand touched her back. She closed her eyes, getting lost in his touch. He unhooked her bra and leaned down. He placed a soft kiss on her back. As his lips touched her skin, she felt incredible. She wanted him to kiss all over back like this.

He stood straight, smiling. “Baby, it’s done, you can remove it.” As he uttered, she came on the earth back and opened her eyes. She pulled the straps of bra out of her arms and gave it to him without turning toward him.

“Hubby, I want you to feel your lips all over my back.” As she told him what she wanted, his smile grew bigger.

He held her shoulders and leaned down. He blew the air before kissing her bareback. Sana was enjoying this a lot. He glided his hands down her shoulder to her front, finding his favourite assets. As his hands found his favourite toy, he cupped before massaging them gently. He was driving her crazy.

“Baby, you’re very beautiful and you are mine.” As he whispered in her ear, electricity passed down her spine. He bit her earlobe before placing a kiss over her shoulder. He was squeezing and playing with her nipples from behind and kissing her neck. Both got lost in each other love.

He covered her with the stole before turning her toward him. “Your skin will be tanned, therefore I’m covering you with this, now go out, I will hide your innerwear.” His voice was filled with love and care. She slightly nodded her head at him before wandering to poolside.

“Baby, come,” Sidharth called her back after hiding her inner-wear. She stepped into the room. Sidharth ambled to her, smirking and she was staring at him innocently. As he took off the stole, she widened her eyes in shock. His eyes moved down to her twins and then back at her innocent face.

“Sidharth, at least you could have warned me.” As she said, he narrowed his brows.

“What warning?” He asked.

“That you’re going to remove my stole, you shocked me.” She giggled after telling him, and he just smiled on her cuteness like always.

“Now let me find fast, I want to wear my inner wear.” She hastily went to the table to find her inner-wear.

She was finding it and Sidharth was just looking at her twins with desire in his eyes. The way her twins were rising and falling when she was walking, he was going crazy. They were arousing him.

“I got it.” She squealed joyfully as she saw her bra which was kept on top of the cupboard. Sidharth had intentionally kept her bra there, so that she has to jump to take it because he wanted to enjoy the show. She was jumping to get it and he was just staring at twins. He was enjoying the way they were bouncing.

“Sidharth, help me.” She asked for the help after turning to him, but he ignored her because he was busy staring at her twins.

“Hubby…” As she shook him, he came on the earth back.

“Pick me up, I am short.” She asked him to pick her up, facing her back to him. He held her waist and lifted her, she took her bra from the cupboard.

“Yeh, I won.” She whooped cheerfully, clapping her hands in front of him. As she hugged him, he hugged her back tighter and kissed her hair lovingly.

“Now, we will play another game.” He uttered after breaking the hug.

“Wow, another game, yippie.” She became happier and smiled broadly. Sidharth was smirking at her because he was ready with the wild idea, both gonna enjoy that game more.

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