(Part: 49) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Today early in the morning, Sana woke up and saw red spot on the bedsheet. She scolded herself and tried to come out of Sidharth’s grip, but he held her tighter and wrapped his leg around her waist.

“Hubby…” she tried to wake him up by shaking him.

“What happened, baby? “He asked in half-sleep, his eyes were still closed.

“Sorry, hubby, I made the bedsheet dirty. I need to change it.” She told him. She was wondering he would let her go, but rather his grip became tighter.

“Baby, no problem, sleep now, and don’t worry we will change it afterwards.” He kissed her hair and slept again. After sometime, Sana also slept.

Sana woke up stretching her arms and rubbing her eyes. She sat on the bed and freaked out as she saw the time, it was twelve thirty. “How could I sleep till twelve thirty? I missed today’s class also.” She said to herself in disbelief.

“Good morning, baby.” As Sidharth stepped into the room, Sana hastily climbed down the bed and rushed to him.

“Hubby, why didn’t you wake me up? I missed college too.” She uttered sadly, and he just smiled at her.

“Because I don’t want to disturb your beauty sleep. Sana, you’re in pain, how could I let you go to college?” Sidharth asked, raising his eyebrows and she looked down.

“Sana, when will your periods end, because I want to stay at home with you, I will not go to office also.” He said and Sana nodded her head.

“Hubby, it pained only in starting one or two days, don’t worry.” As she explained to him, now he nodded his head.

“No means no. I’m staying with you at home and that’s final.” He stated strictly.

“Okay, then, it is good for me.” She giggled adorably and he took her in his arms, smiling widely.


Sana was getting bore, sitting in her room because Sidharth was busy in the conference video, sitting in the balcony. She switched on the TV and started watching pk movie.

She was laughing loudly all the time while watching the movie. She was enjoying a lot and liking the concept of movie.

“What was in the packet? I’ll ask this from hubby.” She wondered when she didn’t understand the scene in the movie.

After sometime Sidharth came to the room. As she looked at him, she jumped down the bed and rushed to him because was so curious to know about that packet.

“Sidharth, have you watched pk movie? “She asked excitedly from him.

“Yes, baby.” He replied her, but he was confused that why suddenly she was asking this question.

“Great, because I had one question. I didn’t understand one scene from the movie.” She asked and Sidharth shook his head in disbelief because her questions were never ending.

“Sidharth, could I ask? “She was taking permission from him as if he denies then she won’t ask.

“Baby, ask me anything, because you’re making me an expert in this.” As he said, she cheerfully clapped her hands.

“When pk saw a packet on floor, why everyone was fearing? why no one was taking the packet? hubby, what was that? What was in the packet?” She asked confusingly and innocently like a small kid. Now he was wondering how to explain his little small baby.

“Baby, do you know about lovemaking and after that woman becomes pregnant?” Sidharth asked and she nodded her head like a baby.

“Sidharth, I wanted to know about that packet, why are you asking this?” She became a bit angry because she desperately wanted to know about the packet.

“Baby, it’s related to this.” He told her.

“So tell me then, fast.”

“Couples make love many times and then they can’t give birth to many babies, so to control the world population, the condom is used, it was condom packet.” Sidharth was so confused that how to make her explain, but he was trying his best.

“But Sidharth, why people make love so many times? I used to think that only for the baby, people do sex, I didn’t know about this condom thing. Omg, it is so painful.” She uttered sadly, Sidharth was just staring at her incredulously.

“Baby, you don’t need to think about this that much, leave it.” He said, and Sana nodded her head in no.

“No, Sidharth, we will also make love so many times. I need to think about this, it is so painful, I have heard.” She uttered, scared, thinking wrong.

“Aww… my baby, I said don’t worry, if you don’t want, we won’t do this so many time, we will make love for baby only, now don’t think too much.” He reassured her after clasping her face. Sana sighed with relief.

“Wow, this is super cool, but I need to ask one think more,” she said and Sidharth give her looks now what.

“But this condom, how we use it,” she asked Innocently

“Men wear it while having sex,” he told her, expecting more questions from her.

“How?” She instantly asked as like she was playing KBC with him.

“Sana, when we make love, I will explain to you everything in detail. I can’t explain you orally, by the way it is enough for today.” He tried to explain her, and she nodded her head innocently and Sidharth sighed with relief.

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