(Part: 48) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Why do you pinch my nipple always?” As she asked, he stared at her in shock because he had no logical answer of her this question, but he has to give her answer because she was not going to leave him before not getting the proper answer of her question.

“Baby, first you tell me, don’t you like this, is this hurt you?” Sidharth asked in concerned tone after clasping her face and she nodded her head cutely.

“No, Sidharth, I love this but ittu si pain hoti hai (I felt little bit pain.)” She said stretching the word ittu si, showing with her finger and thumb. Sidharth chuckled on her cuteness.

“But, I want to know, why you do this?” She again asked.

“Baby, I know you like it, therefore I do this, it is part of romance, the feeling called as pleasure.” He explained to her and she was trying to understand.

“Baby, I am clearly saying, if something you find wrong and feel like I am hurting you, just stop me because I don’t want to hurt you in any manner.” His voice was filled with concerns, it was vividly visible how much he loved and cared for Sana.

“Hubby, I trust you that you won’t hurt me, I know.” As she said with full confidence, Sidharth kissed her forehead, making him speechless. Finally, she started trusting him.

“And I am enjoying this romance session very much, I didn’t know anything about this before I thought just for baby, husband and wife do sex and lips kiss and it is called as romance. But in romance there are lots of chapters, we can make a book on it.” She laughed at herself after saying this. Sidharth got lost in her like always.

“Baby, is your tummy still paining?” He asked having so much concern in his voice.

“No hubby, I am perfectly fine now.” She kissed on his cheeks and added, “because of you.” He smiled at her.

“Now get up, I want to make you wear the top as it is dinner time. Mukti told me, you haven’t eaten anything today. Why don’t you understand, Sana, you should take your food on time. Not eating, it is not good for your health.” As Sidharth scolded her, she moved her eyes down in guilt.

“Sorry, hubby. Promise I will eat food on time.” She said cutely, holding her ears. Sidharth just smiled and made her wear the top.


Sana was sitting on Sidharth’s lap and he was feeding her like a mother feeds her little baby.

“Wow hubby, if you daily feed me like this only, then I will never skip my food because eating by your hands, the food becomes so tasty and yummy.” She spoke after encircling her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek cheerfully.

“Now I will make you eat in my style. Okay, hubby?”She asked and Sidharth just nodded his head positively. Sana took a spoon full of rice and held it from her teeth. She moved closer to him, balancing the spoon and fed him. Like always he got amazed seeing her cute acts.

“Look, I also know some tricks of feeding food romantically, good Sana very good.” As she praised herself, patting her shoulder, Sidharth shook his head in disbelief.

He smirked at her. “But, baby, now I want to eat chapati, please make me eat in romantic style as you know it very well.” He said as he wanted to see how she would make him eat chapati.

“Okay, it is very easy, wait.” She took the piece of chapati and dip it in vegetable and held it in between her teeth. She held his shoulder and moved closer to him. He opened her mouth and take that bite in his mouth and with this, he took her lips also in his mouth and sucked them. He left her lips and chewed the chapati. He found it tasty.

Sidharth clasped her face and praised her. “Wow baby, it is yummy, the best way of feeding food, great Mrs Shukla, keep it up.” She cheerfully clapped her hands and like this, they fed each other.

Now it was night time, Sana was lying in his protective arms.

“Hubby, because of my period, today you couldn’t take my romance class also, I was so excited,” Sana uttered sadly.

“Baby, today also I took your class. The massage session was also a part of the class. It was also something new for you.” He said as he couldn’t see her sad.

“But, I’m talking about Arnav jiju and Khushi romance in class, about this feeling.” She shyly pointed her finger at the thighs. “Hubby, can’t you explain to me orally and practically after a few days because I am dying with curiosity.” Like always she requested in sugary voice adorably.

“Oh my desperate baby, it is just a matter of a few days. You know I can teach you now also, I don’t have any problem with your periods, but I know you won’t be comfortable, therefore I will wait for a few days.” He explained her after holding her face. She just nodded her head sadly and hugged him tightly.

“Hubby, I want to ask one thing more.” She suddenly said in a sad tone, Sidharth was caressing her hair.

“What?” He asked concernedly, sensing tension in her voice.

“When will my Mumma papa come back? I want to see them, it’s been a month. I missed them a lot, at least they can talk to me.” Sana spoke sadly and Sidharth became quiet and stared dejectedly because he had no answer.

She was on the verge of crying. “I want to meet them, I am missing them like hell.” As she said in a crying tone, a tear rolled down his eyes, but he instantly wiped it because he knew he has to be strong for his baby.

“Baby, their life is in danger, therefore they are away from you,” he paused and took a deep breath. “You don’t cry, if you cry here, then there they will cry more for you, they want to see you happy always.” Sidharth tried to explain her and she hugged him tighter. She could feel that there was something wrong, but she was scared to accept it.

Sidharth felt wetness on his shirt as she was crying. He didn’t speak anything, he let her cry for something, hugging her firmly in his warm arms.

“I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t do anything. I can’t fulfil your this wish, please, forgive me.” He murmured to himself, fighting back with his tears. After some time she slept and Sidharth kissed her hair hair. He couldn’t see her like this. He could fulfil her any wish, but couldn’t bring her parents back because they were no more.

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