(Part: 44 Punishment in Playroom) {Sidnaaz&Manan) Master And His Princess


“Now stand up and strip,” I ordered her.

I’m not angry now, but this time my Princess really deserves punishment for disobeying and hurting her Master. Today was really a long day for me. I was really hurt. She seriously disappointed me with her behaviour.

“Okay, Master.” She pecked up my lips before standing before me. She held the hem of her top and pulled it out of her head before dropping it down on the floor. I sit comfortably on the chair, watching her. Damn! She is looking so sexy and arousing me. The way she is undressing in front of me without any shyness, completely submitting herself to me like her body is mine, I just can’t describe this feeling in words.

She yanked her jeans down and out of her legs. She’s wearing red net lace lingerie. I’m turned on, becoming harder, but today I’ve to control myself for her punishment. I’ve planned a punishment for her in which I won’t thrust her. Today, I’m not going to even touch you her. I’m going to make her crave as I’ve yearned for her whole day.

She stood facing her back to me and unhooked her bra slowly, arousing me more. I stood up and slid my hand into my jeans pocket to take out a white piece of cloth. As she dropped down the bra on the floor after pulling the straps out of her arms, I grasped her hands at the back and tied her wrist together with that cloth.

“So, are you ready for the punishment, my Princess?” I leaned down and huskily asked in the ear from behind. I took her breath away from her.

“I’m always ready, Mas,” before she could complete her words, I slightly hit her butts and she jumped in response.

“Lier, you weren’t ready in the afternoon.” I reminded her, squeezing her butts.

She apologised instantly. “I’m sorry, Master. I was busy…”

I again smacked her slightly. “and now you deserve punishment.”

“Yes, Master.” She moaned softly because I’m squeezing her butts.

I pulled away from her and ordered, “turn around.” She complied instantly by facing me. We gazed into each other eyes intensely. She drives me crazy with her bewitching black eyes. It’s really hard to resist her.

“What’s your save word? Because today you might need it.” As I asked, she raised her brows slightly in shock.

“No, I’ll never need it.” She answered me with full confidence. A smile flashed on my face, seeing her trust on me.

“Follow me.” I strode to the playroom, and she walked behind me silently with her hands tied behind her back.

I unlocked the door and pushed open it. As we stepped inside, I turned on the lights. She’s looking around the room and tools with anticipation. I’m admiring her sexy body. She’s only in her red lace undies. Her nipples are hard, I wanna pinch them, but I can’t.

I walked behind her and opened her hands. “Stand there.” I pointed at the X-cross. She gave me a slight nod before wandering there sexily, gyrating her hips. She doesn’t leave a single chance to turn on me more.

I also reached there and ordered. “Now hands above your head on the X-cross.” As she kept her hands there. I strapped her wrist with the restraints on the X-cross. I bent down and strapped her ankles in the same way.

I stood up and gazed her from head to toe. “You’re looking so sexy in this position, Princess.” As I complimented her, a smile spread across her face and her cheeks became pink.

“I wish I could thrust you,” I uttered.

She instantly asked, “why you can’t?”

“Because today you won’t get what you want. I’m not going to touch you, you will crave for my touch.” As I told her, her breath became heavy as her twins are rising and falling.

“Now I’m a bit nervous, Master.” I can vividly sense the tension in her voice.

I smirked. “So there is no safe word. When you say no, and I’ll stop.”

“Still I know that I won’t stop you because you will never cross your limits. Your punishment is also extremely pleasurable.” I’m just speechless after listening to her words. She’s smiling at me sexily.

“I just come.” I went to bring something. I picked up the riding crop from the hanger. It is used for spanking, but I’m going to tease and give pleasure to my Princess through this. I can never hurt her, just want to make her crave for my touch, therefore I’m using this.

As I turned around, she moved her eyes to the crop and then swept them back at me, confused a bit. I strolled to her, smiling mischievously.

I stood in front of her. “Do you know, what is it?” I asked, showing her the crop.

“I don’t know exactly, but I think, this is used for spanking.” She answered, her eyes swaying from me to crop.

“Not bad, Princess.” I praised her and grinned.

As I placed it over one of her hard nipples and pressed it, she closed her eyes in response. She moaned as I slightly hit her nipple. I did same with another and she moaned. I repeated this four times before trailing it down her stomach to her belly button, teasing her with it. I moved it down from her hands to armpits. She is breathing heavily. I’m watching her every move keenly.

“Are you liking this, Princess?” I asked, massaging her twins with the crop.

“I’m enjoying it, but I’m missing the touch of your hands, Master.” As she answered me, painting, I grinned widely.

She stared at me blankly as I uttered, “soon you gonna crave for me.”

I kept the crop on the table and as I picked up the scissors, she narrowed her brows in confusion. I knelt between her legs and cut her undies. She’s dripping wet for me, my eyes glinted with desires and a grin flashed on my face. I moved my hand to touch her but stopped because today I can’t touch her.

Shit! This is becoming difficult for me too.

Why she’s so irresistible?

I blew the air over her pelvis. “Oh, Master.” She moaned as my breath caressed her most sensitive spot.

I stood up and picked up the handle of the crop from the table. “Now the real fun begins,” I murmured to myself, staring at the crop, my lips are drawn up in a devilish grin. Today, she’s literally going to beg me to touch her and thrust her.

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 44 Punishment in Playroom) {Sidnaaz&Manan) Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor poor nandu bhot bade punishment de raha hai manik usko and nandu had no option then to endure that punishment as she has hurted her master…
    Yeh punishment sirf nandu ke liye nahi hai yeh tou manik ke liye bhi hai kyuki when nandu is aroused and moaning he cant control himself but today tou he will nt even touch her…
    It will be interesting to read how the punishment goes…

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