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Manan reached back home.

“Baby, now go inside. I have to leave, I have an important meeting.” Manik asked her to go inside the house.

“No, I will also come with you and work with you. Why I always do rest, why not you? I will also work and earn money.” She denied to go inside the house and Manik nodded his head in disbelief.

“Baby, you don’t need to work now. First, you need to complete your studies, then work with me, now go.” He tried to make her understand, but she was so adamant to work with him.

“No, no, I will also come with you. Why always you will work, you also need rest. I don’t like it when I sleep alone here at home and you always working there.”She said sadly looking down.

“Okay tell me what’s my age?” Manik asked.

“Sorry, I don’t know, hubby.” She cutely replied, nodding her head.

“I’m twenty-six years old and you’re eighteen years old, when you will be twenty-six years, then you can work, now go.” He tried his best to make her agree.

“Hubby, you’re eight years older than me, but you don’t seem to be twenty. Hubby, are you sure, you are not lying to me?” She asked cutely and Manik nodded his head. Nandini laughed loudly.

“Now, please Nandini go inside. I’m getting late for a meeting or you want to see my id proof to check that I am lying or not.” Manik asked in a fun tone.

“Okay, I am going, but not before this.” She left after kissing his cheek and Manik smiled like a fool.


“Nandini, do you know what you have done?” Cabir asked in anger as she entered into the house. She nodded her head innocently. “Yesterday night you told Bhai everything, bhai is now so angry with me,” Cabir said and next moment she started crying.

“I am sorry bhai, I am crazy. What I have done, I am an idiot.” She left, blabbing this. Cabir was now regretting. He forgot that Nandini was a baby and very sensitive.

Nandini was crying, sitting on the bed because she couldn’t keep Cabir’s secret safe while Cabir was continuously banging the door and calling her and he was regretting badly now. “Cutie, I was just kidding, open the door.”

“Cabir what happened? “Mukti asked worriedly coming there and cabir told everything to her.

“Cabir, don’t you know her? Why you did this prank with her. Now you go, I will explain it to her.” Mukti scolded him, Cabir left from there dejectedly.

After sometime Nandini opened the door and after hugging Mukti, she started crying. “Sweetie, it was Cabir’s prank, Manik Bhai has accepted Navya you have helped Cabir.” As Mukti told this, Nandini’s eyes twinkled with happiness. She smiled happily showing her teeth to Mukti.

“Wow, really, I’m so happy. Yippee, it’s party time, Didu.” She squealed cheerfully and started dancing madly after playing the song on her phone. “Come Didu, let’s dance.” She made Mukti also dance with her. They both were dancing crazily, Mukti was also enjoying this. Everybody is becoming a kid with Nandini.


At night Manik came back home excitedly. Tonight he was going to move one step forward. He was super excited, but when he entered, he raised eyebrows in shock to find Nandini crying, holding her knees. His breath got stuck in his throat.

As she saw Manik on the door, she instantly wiped her tears with her knuckle and pretended that she was not crying and covered herself with the blanket. Nandini’s act made Manik more worried for her and also made him confused.

“Baby, what happened? Why you were crying?” He asked after coming toward her.

“No, I wasn’t crying, hubby.” She nodded her head without looking at Manik’s face. This was clearly proving that she was lying.

“Baby, don’t lie, please, you’re making me worried. It is clearly visible that you aren’t fine and you are hiding something.” He implored after sitting beside her and clasped her face. Next moment, she started crying like a baby, hiding her face in his chest and encircling her arms around his neck. Manik became more worried for her. His heart cried more than her when she cried.

“What happened to my baby? Why she is crying so much?” Manik asked in a worried tone, caressing her hair to calm her down and wrapped his other hand around her back to hold her tightly in his arms. Her condition was making him more and more worried.

“Hubby, my stomach and my legs have been paining badly from an hour.” She finally told her problem and Manik immediately broke the hug after listening to her words.

“Why didn’t you call anyone? Mukti was there at home and you could have called me, now wait let me call the doctor, you will be fine.” Manik freaked out while Nandini was still crying.

“Hubby, no need to call doctor, this happened with me always,” she said making him shocked.

“What, always? Why didn’t you tell me before?” Manik asked in utter shock, he was a bit confused too.

“I mean it happened with me always in my period days.” As she told him and Manik sighed with relief.

“Oh, so why didn’t you tell me before? I got so much worried for you, baby.” He wiped her tears and kissed her forehead.

“Now don’t worry, I am asking Mukti to give you medicine and all that stuff, you will be fine, my baby.” He hugged her again.

“Hubby, my stomach is paining badly.” She cried, holding her stomach.

“Okay, let me do something, you will be fine, okay.” He assured her and called Mukti immediately and asked her to bring medicine and pad for her and then himself he searched on Google ” tips to control the mensuration cramps ”

Mukti gave medicine to Nandini. “Sweetie, you will be fine after this and this heating pad, it will ease your pain,” Mukti reassured her and gave the heating pad. Nandini just nodded her head and took the pad. Manik was busy in the phone, finding more tips to lessen her pain.

“Baby, now go and change your clothes.” As he said, Nandini denied by nodding her head like a baby. M

“Why? “He asked.

“Because I can’t move.” As he told her, he picked her up without even waiting for a second.

“Hubby, put me down, you will become dirty.” She said innocently.

“Baby, don’t worry about this. I don’t care, you are most important for me.” He strode to the bathroom and a blissful smile flashed on her face after listening to her words. Manik got his breath back as he saw her pretty smile.

“So, I am going out, you change your clothes.” He said after making her sit on the bathroom slab. She just nodded her head cutely.

He was about to go out but turned back as he heard her voice. “Wait.”

“Sorry,” as she said cutely holding her ear, he narrowed his brows in confusion by her sudden sorry.

“For what?” He asked.

“Because I made your clothes and hands dirty.” As she said innocently, Manik just smiled.

“Baby, I said you don’t worry. I love you, baby.” He confessed lovingly, and she smiled contentedly.


Nandini came out after changing her clothes and Manik was waiting for her only, sitting on the sofa.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked concernedly.

“It is still paining a lot, hubby.” She cried out, holding her stomach and lay down on the bed. Manik hurriedly walked to her after getting up from the sofa.

“Hubby, what are you doing?” She asked innocently when Manik pulled her top up to her twins.

“I will give you Massage, it will erase your pain like magic. I have read on google.” He told her, showing her bottle of oil.

“So, do it fast.” She lay down comfortably.

Manik dropped down a few drops of oil on his palm and started massaging her stomach gently. With all his love, he was giving massage to her. Nandini forgot all the pain and now she was enjoying his touch. She was feeling blessed to get such a caring and loving husband. He was best for her.

“Wow, hubby, it is so amazing. My all pain has gone, but please you don’t stop, keep doing this as I am enjoying a lot.” She said cutely and Manik smiled broadly as finally, he succeeded in his mission, ‘Mission to take away his baby’s periods pain’. Now it’s time to do some romance.

“Baby, I am thinking, why not I give you a full body massage,” Manik asked and smirked at her.

“Wow, Manik, good idea. Please, go for full body massage.” She said Innocently, not understanding which massage he was talking about. Like always Nandini again failed to understand Manik’s dirty talks.

“So first you will tell me where you want me to massage.” She nodded her head positively.

“Uhmm… I want back massage.” She told him after thinking for a few seconds and Manik smiled.

“For that, we need to remove your top, can I?” He asked like a gentleman and she nodded her head innocently. He pulled the top out of her head.

“So now you have to lie down on your stomach.” He helped her to lie down comfortably on her stomach and put the pillow under her stomach. A smile flashed on his face and his eyes glinted with desire as he saw her bareback. He unhooked her bra from behind and Nandini closed her eyes in response when his hands touched with her bareback. After that, he started blowing air on her back and her heartbeat accelerated. She was feeling extremely good when he was trailing kisses all over her bareback. After that, he finally came back to his real task. He started massaging her back with his palms and Nandini was moaning in pleasure. She was feeling so relaxed.

“Now next where you want?” As he asked, Nandini came back on the earth.

“I am not understanding, you do where ever you want, I am enjoying this a lot.” She innocently answered him after thinking for a minute. Manik just smirked.

“Okay, for that, you have to again change your position. “As he uttered, she hastily turned on her back and in this, her bra fell on the bed. As she realised, she hurriedly wrapped her hands around her chest while blushing and Manik was smiling on her cuteness.

“Aww, my shy and cute baby, you don’t need to hide them. I’m not seeing them for the first time.” He pulled her cheeks.

“But hubby, shy toh feel hota hai na (I still feel shy.)” As she uttered super adorably and sheepishly, Manik smiled more broadly.

“But, if you will not remove your hand then how I will do Massage ? ” he asked “oh, so you will massage my breast,” she said and then closing her eyes, she removed her hands and Manik smiled, seeing her beauty.

“You know, baby. You’re so beautiful. I’m blessed to get such a beautiful girl, not even your body, your heart and soul is beautiful and pure.” He confessed wholeheartedly after clasping her face. She opened her eyes and immediately hugged him, listening to the beautiful words from his husband, she was smiling cheerfully.

“I am more blessed to have you in my life, hubby. tumse pyaara koe nhi (you are sweetest. ) There is no one sweeter than you.” She kissed his cheeks after breaking the hug and Manik kissed her forehead.

“So back to Massage now.” As he reminded her, she innocently nodded her head. She closed her eyes tightly and fisted his shoulder when he started applying oil on her twins. He was massaging them lovingly and Nandini was gone in heaven. He pinched her nipples slightly and made her moaned.

“Hubby, I want to ask something,” suddenly Nandini uttered and Manik shook his in disbelief.

“How does she ask the question in their romance also?” He always wondered.

“Why do you pinch my nipple always?” As she asked, he stared at her in shock because he had no logical answer of her this question, but he has to give her answer because she was not going to leave him before not getting the proper answer of her question.

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