(Part: 46) Mine (Manan)


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“Baby, hands above your head.” He ordered Nandini, holding the hem of her dress because he wanted to remove her top, but Nandini shyly nodded her head. Manik smiled evilly at her.

“Okay, then don’t blame me for this.” He stated, tore her top in one go and tossed it on the floor. Nandini was standing shocked with wide-open mouth. She had never expected this from him.

“Hww, hubby, how could you? You tore my favourite top, you are bad.” She started crying like a baby and forgot that she was standing only in her innerwear in front of Manik, for now her favourite top was more important.

“I warn you, baby. Now don’t cry, we will buy a new one like this.” He said, clasping her face.

“I want same to same, ditto copy, same colour, same style, same,” before she could say more, Manik slammed her lips after picking her up by holding her waist. Nandini legs were swinging in the air. Manik was holding her like that she was his small baby. They were looking super cute. Their kiss was passionate and filled with lots of love like always.

“This is the best way to shut your mouth.” He uttered after breaking the kiss and then he put her down. She was looking at him having a smile on her face.

“Okay, so whenever I want your kiss, I’ll start speaking, very good idea.” She said cheerfully while Manik chuckled on her words. He always thought that how anyone could be so cute, but Nandini always proved her wrong.

“Now stay still, okay let me dry you with the towel,” he instructed her and took out the towel from the bag. She was standing still, following his orders. Manik strode to her.

He was drying her hair with towel lovingly and Nandini was just smiling at him. She was loving the way how Manik was drying her hair.

Nandini closed her eyes instantly as Manik placed his hands over her bra to check if it was wet or dry. Nandini waited for him to massage her twins with her eyes closed, but Manik withdrew his hands immediately to tease her. She opened eyes, making a sad face.

“It is wet, ” a evil smile flashed on his face. “So do you need any help in removing your bra baby? “He asked, smiling mischievously and Nandini nodded her head innocently.

“Yes, hubby.” She answered cutely, she wasn’t getting shy now and Manik was surprised and happy too.

“Why are you staring at me like this? Remove it fast, hubby.” She turned hastily, facing her back to him, so that he could unhook her bra easily. Manik was shocked to see her baby becoming bold.

He unhooked her bra from behind and she closed eyes when he cupped her both the twins from behind and started pressing them.

“Ahaa.. hubby.” She screamed as Manik pinched her both the nipples together.

“Sh… baby quiet, we aren’t at home.” He reminded her that they were still in college.

He was squeezing her twins and she was enjoying a lot. Suddenly she felt something in between her thighs and this reminded her Arnav and Khushi’s romance in the class.

“Manik, I want to ask something important from you.” She interrupted, making him shocked and spoiled his romantic mood.

He removed his hands and she immediately turned toward him forgetting that she was still naked from above. He hurriedly wrapped the towel around her body because she was turning him on when she turned toward him, the way her twins bounced.

“Hubby, today I have seen Arnav jiju hand was here, “she shyly pointed at her inner thigh.

“What? ” Manik asked shockingly.

“No, no, not here, I mean his hand was in between Khushi’s thigh.” As she corrected herself, Manik sighed with relief.

“Why always my baby catches my friends romancing, like always, “he wondered in his mind.

“Hubby, tell me about this feeling in practical like you always tell. I want to know, you don’t know how much excited I am. Something is happening here, I can’t wait for more.” He was amazed seeing the desperation of his baby, but he knew this wasn’t right time and right place.

“Baby, have some patience. I’ll teach you about this tonight, we aren’t at home, this is not the right time. One more thing for this you need lots of energy and rest as I am gonna make you so tired tonight.” He explained her. Nandini was confused, but tonight her all confusion would go away.

“I am so confused what are you are saying, why I need energy and why I will be tired?” She innocently asked and Manik chuckled.

“Don’t think so much, you will get all the answers about your this feeling tonight.” He clasped her face and she just nodded her head.

“I love you.” He confessed his love after kissing her forehead and she also did the same like a copycat of Manik.

“Now wear your clothes, we will meet in the parking area. Okay, baby?” He again kissed her forehead.

“Hubby, you won’t make me wear my cloth?” She asked Innocently while Manik smiled listening to her words.

“If you want, then I will for sure.” He smiled mischievously at her.

“Of course I want, therefore I’m asking, my bhudhu(fool), hubby,” she slightly slapped his shoulder and laughed loudly. Manik like always got lost in her laughter. He could watch her like this till infinity. She was her heaven.

“Oh, hubby bubby, where have you lost?” As she shook him, he came back on the earth.

“Make me wear my top or your plan is to stay here with me till night.” She giggled adorably after saying this.

He just grasped her waist and captured her lips after yanking her to himself. She was taken aback with his sudden kiss and widened her eyes in shock. He kissed her deeply, pressing her twins against him. She encircled her arms around him and kissed him back. He took off the towel and tossed on the floor. He lifted her and placed her on the table without breaking the kiss. He was now kissing her passionately, roaming his hands all over her back. She wrapped her legs around him and enjoying it a lot, forgetting everything.

“When you act super cutely, I always feel like to kiss you.” He breathed as they broke the kiss, she was panting.

“I toh always act cutely.” She whispered softly, looking at him sheepishly.

“I always feel like to kiss you, baby.” He pecked her lips and she smiled cheerfully.

“I think, we should hurry up now.” He uttered as his eyes fell on his wrist watch.

“Then do it fast, hubby.” He nodded and hurriedly went to bring her clothes. He helped his baby in wearing them by hooking her bra and taking out hair from the top.

“Meet you at the parking area.” He gave a quick kiss on her lips before stepping out.


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