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“So here goes your lunch box. You remember, no junk food.” Sidharth put the lunch box in her bag when they were about to sit in the car. Sana made an angry pout.

“I will eat momos because I’m not accepting my punishment, Sidharth because it’s not my fault, everyone was drinking, toh meine bhi pi li ( so I also drank ), will you punish everyone and yourself because you were also drinking?” As Sana asked, Sidharth gave her I don’t care looks.

“Sana, listen to me very carefully, if you don’t accept your punishment, I won’t talk to you.” He sat inside the car and Sana kicked the car in fury.

“Let’s see, Mr Shukla, for how long you won’t talk to me, because I’m not going to accept my punishment. Haye, how will I live without momos for one month, no no, soch kar hi dar lag rhai hai. (Only the thought of living without Momos is scaring me.)” She murmured to herself. Sidharth pressed the horn, indirectly asking her to come inside.

“Hubby, you are not talking to me, then go to college alone. I won’t come with you.” She was about to go, but before that Sidharth pulled her inside by grasping her hand and locked the door. He started the car.

“Hubby, this is cheating, open the door.” She was kicking and beating her hands on the door and trying to open the door. She was annoying him and he was trying to control his anger.

“Sana, stay quiet and still or else I will increase your punishment, understand.” He shouted and glared at her. She made a sad face.

“Why I’m getting scared? I am not going to accept my punishment so whether it will increase or decrease, sanu ki farak penda hai (What does it matter to me)” she murmured. He stared at her in fury and raised his eyebrows suspiciously, wondering what’s going on in her mind.

She shook her head and instantly moved her eyes down.

Sidharth chuckled and concentrated on the road. He knew that she was stubborn, but he also knew how to handle his baby. If she was stubborn, he was also not lesser than her.

Let’s see now how will win this time.


Sana entered into the classroom, her lips were drawn down in sadness.

“What happened, Sana? You’re are looking dull, today.” Khushi asked noticing that she was upset.

“Khushi, it is all your mistake.” As she blamed her, Khushi narrowed her brows in confusion. “Why did you give me the drink? You should have to hold the glass tightly so that I couldn’t snatch the glass.” She was putting all the blame over Khushi.

“What’s the problem? You wanted to drink, you drank it and I was expecting thank you from you.” Khushi said sadly and Sana nodded her head negatively.

“Khushi, hubby gave me the punishment of not eating junk food for a month because I didn’t listen to him, this is the problem.” She told him dejectedly as if Sidharth asked her to climb the Mount Everest. Khushi chuckled after listening to her words.

“Sana, chill, it’s just the matter of a month, I will also not eat junk food with you. I promise to accompany you in this punishment.” Khushi tried to cheer her up being a true friend.

“Khushi, for you it is easy, but for me, it’s not. Momos are my first love, you won’t understand.” She uttered sadly, playing with her finger.

“Sana, you’re such a drama queen.” Khushi laughed loudly, placing her hand over her shoulder.

Sana smiled at Khushi when Arnav entered inside the class. She gave smile to Arnav.

Khushi was busy in her notes, Sana shook Khushi. “Your lover is here and you are busy in notes.” Sana teased her. Khushi looked up at Arnav and a broad smile flashed on her face.

She took out the phone and sent the message to Arnav.

Sana: Arnav jiju, let me sleep in your class or else, I will ask Khushi to don’t kiss you.

Arnav instantly looked at Sana, she was already looking at him, having an adorable smile on her face. She was taking full advantage of Arnav.

“Sir, I have a headache. Could I sit down by placing my head on the table?” As she took permission, Arnav just nodded his head because how anyone could deny her. She smiled cheerfully and placed on the head on the table.

When all students were busy in work given by Arnav. He strode to Khushi, smirking. She didn’t notice that he was standing beside her. Taking the advantage of sleeping Sana, he threw his pen on the floor near to Khushi desk. He instantly bent down to pick it up. Khushi looked down at him and became numb when Arnav placed his hand directly in between her thighs and started making circles with his finger. Khushi pressed her lips to control her moans and Arnav was enjoying this.

Sana woke up at that moment only. She saw how Arnav was teasing Khushi and she widened her eyes in thrilled. She recalled that day when Sidharth had touched her there and she had felt something inside her. Arnav after a minute only, he removed his hand as he didn’t want anybody to catch them, but like always Sana had already seen them.

As Bell rang, Arnav left after smiling evilly at Khushi while she gave him irritating looks. Sana wanted to know about this in detail from Sidharth. She can’t wait anymore as today incident made her more curious to know about this.


Half class of Sidharth’s class had been passed, he didn’t even look at Sana for once. Sana was crying and eating up Khushi’s mind.

“Sana, if you want Sidharth should talk to you, then accept your punishment,” Khushi advised her to accept the punishment.

“I think Khushi is right, momos are also important, but Sidharth is most important.” She thought in her mind and sent the message to him.

Sidharth was sitting on the chair. As his phone beeped, she took out the phone from the pocket. He narrowed his brows and glanced at her through the corner of her eyes as he saw her message.

Sana: Hubby, please look at me, I am ready to accept my punishment, promise I won’t eat junk food for a month, Sana promise.

Sidharth smiled after reading her message and instantly looked at her because he was also dying to look at his baby. As he smiled at her, she also smiled back showing her all the teeth.

Sana: Hubby, I want to ask something important. Please do something, end this class fast, I can’t wait.

He read her next message and looked at Sana who was looking at him with pleading eyes.

“I have important work to do. I’ll take the class tomorrow.” As Sidharth said suddenly, girls became sad hearing this and Sana was super happy. She wanted to jump on the desk but controlled herself.

“Sir, wait for a few minutes, you didn’t even teach me how to play this note on the guitar.” A girl said after coming in front of Sidharth and held his hand. Sana knitted her brows in anger. Now no one could save the girl from Sana.

“I have important work, Jiya. Didn’t you hear me?”Sidharth removed her hand and marched out of the room. Sana took out the bottle of water from her bag and she was about to go to Jiya, but Khushi stopped her.

“Sana, stop, don’t do this, calm down.” Khushi tried to stop Sana, but she jerked her hand and stalked to Jiya, glaring at her.

As she threw the water down her head, everybody widened their eyes in shock. Jiya was glaring at her in anger and Sana was now smiling at her.

“What the hell?” Jiya shouted on her.

Khushi knew that there was no use to stop Sana, she wouldn’t listen to her, therefore she hurriedly went out to call Sidharth.

“You deserve this.” Sana sassed after crossing her arms around her chest. Next moment Jiya threw the water over Sana. After this, they started fighting like two cats, pulling each and other hair, and scratching each other arms. Jiya’s friends were trying to pull them apart but no use.

“What is going on here?” Sidharth shouted as he marched into the classroom and they both pulled apart. They were still looking at each other in anger.

“Sir, she threw the cold water on me,” Sana complained like a baby, looking at Sidharth.

“But sir, first this bitch threw the water on me.” This was enough for Sidharth, how dare she called his baby bitch, first she threw water on her, and then she was pulling her hair and now this.

“Shut up, Jiya. Don’t you know what words you should use in front of your teacher? In front of me, you’re calling her that. You’re rusticated, now out.” He snarled at her and Sana was now smiling.

“I am sorry, sir.” Jiya apologised.

“I said out now, Jiya.” He again shouted and Jiya left from there dejectedly after picking up her bag.

After that Sidharth also left from there after last time glancing at Sana.

Sidharth: Meet in room no. E203.

Sana smiled after reading his message. She was extremely happy because Sidharth scolded her enemy.

“Khushi, I am going, bye,” Sana left after giving a hug to Khushi.

She stepped into the room no. E203. Sidharth was standing, leaning against the table, his arms were crossed around his chest.

“Wow, hubby, thank you so much for rusticating her.”She joyfully hugged him after jumping on him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He hugged her back tighter.

“Sana, please, I don’t want to talk about that girl. And you change your clothes fast, otherwise, you will catch cold.” He said after breaking the hug and pointed at the bag which was kept on the table.

“Okay.” She picked up the bag. She was unaware of Sidharth’s real intentions.

“Sidharth, I have to change, go out.” She said Innocently when Sidharth was locking the door and putting up the curtains.

“Baby, I told you that you don’t need to get shy standing naked in front of me. I’m your, hubby.” He was strolling to her and she was stepping back, looking down shyly.

“Okay, let’s make it easy, now I will change your clothes. It will be more fun, right?” He pulled her chin up with his finger and made her look at him. She smiled shyly at him in response. After that, his hand held the hem of her top.

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