(Part: 43 I’m sorry) {Manan} Master And His Princess


I’m sitting in my cabin, doing some work on the laptop. I’m ignoring Princess’s calls. I know I’m doing wrong with her by ignoring her like this, but she hasn’t left any other option. I don’t want to say anything to her in anger which will hurt her later. No matter what I will never hurt her. I can stay away from her, but I can never hurt her. I’m missing her badly. I wanted to spend this day with her.

After completing my work at seven O’clock, I took out the phone from the drawer. I saw her ten miss calls and few messages on notification toolbar. I opened her messages.

I’m just reading her messages, but I won’t reply to her.

Princess: I know you’re angry. I’m sorry, but please stop doing like this.

Princess: Talk to me, Master. Take out your anger on me, but please don’t ignore me like this.

Princess: Please, pick up my phone.

Princess: Your ignorance is hurting me.

My heart is melting after reading her messages.

Princess: I’m reaching to your farmhouse and wishing to see you there. I love you. I know you will understand me.

I received the last message five minutes ago only.

I’m still angry, but I also know one thing that if I ignore her more and don’t go to meet her, nothing will get fine. She’s the reason for my anger and only she can give me relief.

Me: I’m coming, but I’m still angry.

I replied to her and stood up from my chair. I put the phone into my pocket before leaving my cabin.

Princess: I knew that you would come and I very well know how to pacify my Master.

She doesn’t know that this time I’m angry and hurt too. She never listens to me in boys matter and always put herself in danger. In this cruel world, no boy is trustworthy. I’m angry because the day which she should have spent with me, she spent that day with Veer. She didn’t follow my order, she makes me feel like I’m nothing to him for the first time. Now I just want relief from all these thoughts. I know only she can make me feel better. She’s the medicine of my every pain.

I reached the farmhouse in no time before her. I stepped into the room. I took off the blazer and hung it on the sofa. I went to the washroom to get fresh. I came out shirtless. It was a long day for me.

Princess hugging and kissing Veer’s cheek and Veer holding her hand, these scenes are replaying in my mind like a movie. How could she touch my Princess? And how could my Princess hug him and kiss him? The more I am thinking about it, the more I am losing my temper.

I really need to distract my mind or else my mind will burst out. I thought to prepare dinner.

As I stepped out of the room, I heard the sound of the opening of the main door. She walked into the farmhouse, and I’m staring at her from upstairs. She looked at me after closing the door. I’m coming downstairs, shirtless. As her eyes swept down to my bare body, they glinted with desires and she bit her lower lip sexily, driving me crazy. But today I’m not going to be easy with her. Today she really deserves my anger. She moved her eyes back at my face, standing at the door only. I glared at her and directly strode to the kitchen, utterly ignoring her.

I turned on the stove and put the pan on it. I’m making rice. I dropped down a few drops of oil in it. My heartbeat accelerated as I heard her footsteps approaching me. I didn’t turn, I kept doing my work. I’m transferring the rice into the bowl to wash it.

She stood behind me and encircled her arms around me. A shiver rushed my spine as her arms touched my skin. I froze for a second because her touch drives me insane.

“Your Princess is sorry, Master. Won’t you forgive me?” As she apologised, her warm breath caressed my back. I just felt like to turn around and kiss her hard after pinning her against the cabinet.

I took a deep breath before pulling down her hands. I turned toward her and uttered sternly, “I’m not in a mood to talk to you.” She pouted dejectedly.

“Then punish me, Master. Take out your anger on me, but please talk to me. I can bear anything, but I can’t bear your silence. It kills me.” She’s now staring at me with pleading eyes.

My heart is melting again, but no, this time she really deserves my silence before punishment because this time I’m not only angry, I’m hurt too.

“Wait for me at the dining table and it’s an order,” I ordered in a dangerous tone, glaring at her.

Her lips drew down and she turned to walk after last time glancing at me pleadingly.

She lumbered out of the kitchen. I took a deep breath, chucking all the depressing thoughts out of my mind.

I strolled to the dining table where Princess is waiting for me. I’m holding two plates of vegetable rice in my hand. Her lips drew up to a slight smile as she looked at me. I kept my face serious. She pouted sadly as I didn’t smile back at her. I placed one plate in front of her and I sat opposite side of her.

She sighed deeply. “Whatever you say, I’ll do, but please, talk to me.” She implored and placed her hand over mine. She’s pleading me through her eyes.

I took off my hand and started eating, ignoring her. I glanced at her and found her staring at me with her sorrowful eyes.

“Eat your dinner, Nandini.” As I called her Nandini instead of Princess, her eyes brimmed with tears.

“Please, forgive me, I really can’t take it.” She begged me. Now I felt more hurt. I’m hurting my Princess.

Am I doing right with her?

No, I can’t hurt her anymore. I love her. I think it’s enough. I can’t let her cry because of me.

“Do you know why I’m angry and,” I paused for a second and added, “hurt.”

“Because I didn’t follow your order and spend my day with Veer.” She answered me, her eyes filled with guilt.

“I’m hurt because today you make me feel like I’m nothing to you. You know that I don’t like it when any other man even touches you, but you hugged and kissed him in front of my eyes. Then you were behaving like it was all my fault.” I told her whatever was going in my head. I felt a bit better after taking it out.

She started explaining to me. “I just got excited to see him after so many years. He’s just my friend,”

I cut her words and asked, “what if I have hugged and kissed any other girl in front of you?” She’s staring at me with open mouth in shock.

She moved her eyes down in guilt and answered, “I would have killed her.”

She swept her eyes up and continued, “I know it’s my fault, Master. I just lost my mind. I’m accepting my mistake.”

“That’s like my good Princess.” As I smiled slightly and praised her, a small smile flashed on her face too.

“But for your bad behaviour, this time you really deserve punishment because I really don’t want you to repeat this mistake next time,” I uttered sternly.

“I’m ready for it, Master.” My obedient Princess is back.

“Now have your dinner. Tonight you really need energy.” As I said, she flushed.

We’re eating rice and passing smile to each other.

“I really never wanted to make you feel like you’re nothing to me. You’re my world, my soulmate and my better half. I can do anything for you.” She spoke after a few minutes, gazing at me intensely.

“Never do this again, please.” I requested.

“Never.” She shook her head and stood up from her chair.

She strolled to me and hugged me tightly after leaning down. “I love you so much.”

I made her sit on my lap and pulled her closer to myself. “I love you more, Princess. I never want to lose you.” She’s roaming her hands all over my back. I’m feeling incredible in her arms. This is heaven for me. We broke the hug and gazed into each other eyes intensely.

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 43 I’m sorry) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik tou bade gusse mai hai iss baar he is not ready to talk to nandini and even listen what she wants to say to him by ignoring her calls and not replying to her messages…
    Even when he is angry he is still thinking about her and not hurting her thats why he refused to talk to her so he doesnt say any hurtful things in anger…
    Loved the way how manik handled the situation by making nandu realise her mistake in a good way…

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