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Sidharth was kissing her lips, and he was about to pull down the zip of her dress because he was utterly lost in her, but he stopped himself and broke the kiss because this was not the right time and right place to proceed further and even she wasn’t in her senses right now. Sidharth kissed her forehead gently and Sana did the same, she kissed his forehead and Sidharth smiled broadly. She was her cutie-pie.

Sidnaaz were lying at the beach in each other arms. Water was touching their feet. Sana was telling him about her childhood and Sidharth was upset because he couldn’t give her parents back. She was missing them so much. At one movement she was about to cry, but Sidharth instantly changed the topic to divert her mind on right time. He knew if she comes to know about her parent suicide, that would be his last day with Sana. He would lose her and he didn’t want to lose her at any cost. Her smile was his life. If it was possible, he would try his best to hide the truth till his last breath.

“Sana, who is Pari? She’s not your friend right?” Sidharth asked, taking the advantage of her drunk state. He was sure that Sana was lying to him about her as he knew about her all friends. Listening to Sidharth words, Sana started laughing loudly.

“She is my bhabhi, Sidharth. You’re a fool, hubby, you’re a fool, I make you fool so easily,” she squealed with joy, hitting Sidharth’s head cutely and laughed out aloud. Sidharth was looking at her in confusion.

“Bhabhi? Baby, tell me clearly, who is Pari?” Sidharth asked lovingly, cubbing her face.

“Sh… it is a secret, hubby. I won’t tell you.” Sana shushed him by placing her finger over his lips. This made Sidharth angry because he wanted to know the truth at any cost.

“No, I won’t tell you,” before Sidharth could ask her, Sana got up and started running, showing him her tongue. He rushed behind her, calling her name.

( Tomorrow ki gym toh paka cancel)

“Sana, stop and tell me the truth.” He stopped her by holding her hand.

“Tomorrow, I’ll give you lots of chocolates.” Sidharth tried to convince her to tell the truth like she is a small baby. Her innocent heart started melting.

“No, I won’t tell you. I won’t tell you, it is a big, big secret.” She shouted, moving her hand and legs like a small baby. Sidharth closed his eyes in frustration. She was testing his patience, he started to lose his temper.

“Baby, don’t you want to eat momos for a whole week? If you want, then fastly speak up, who is Pari?”Sidharth still asked calmly and momos started coming in her mind and her mouth became watery as momos were her favourite.

“Paka, you will let me eat momos for a whole week.” She asked to confirm and Sidharth nodded his head.

“Come close, it’s a secret. If someone listens to us then?” As she asked, Sidharth looked here and there. He shook his head in disbelief because who would listen to them because there was no one except them there.

“She is not, Pari, she is Navya, cabir’s Bhai girlfriend.” She said after coming close to his ear and then she fainted down in Sidharth’s arm. Sidharth was confused that why cabir hide this from him because he didn’t know the whole truth. Sidharth picked Sana in his arm and took her to their car.

Next morning

Sana got up the next morning, holding her head. Her head was spinning.

“So my baby woke up? Here is your drink.” He held out the cup of tea in front of her.

“What is this?” She asked, taking the cup from his hand and Sidharth smiled at her.

“This is ginger tea, drink it, you will feel better.” As Sidharth told her, she made very bad faces.

“Yuck, ginger tea. No, Sidharth, I can’t drink.” She denied, holding the cup of tea to him back. Sidharth was standing, crossing his arms around his chest, having a smile on his face.

“Drink it, baby. It’s your fault, yesterday who told you to drink the wine, now drink fast or else I will get angrier with you.” Sidharth warned her and she let out a fake cry. Sidharth chuckled on her cuteness.

“No escape, baby.” When she was about to run from there, he said, caging her between the headboard and him, placing his hands on the headboard around her neck and gave her dangerous look. The innocent soul became scared and drank the tea in one go. Sidharth was just smiling at her.

“Good job, baby.” He praised her, placing the cup on the side table.

“Now you will be punished because you were very naughty yesterday night.” She was looking at him in shock, opening her mouth after hearing the word punishment.

“Hubby, don’t punish me. I just wanted to taste the wine, everyone was drinking except me.” She uttered sadly, looking down while playing with her fingers.

“Who drink two glasses of wine for the taste, Sana, are you kidding?” Sidharth asked, frowning in anger and she made a sad face.

“I drank only one, Sidharth.” She said Innocently.

“No, baby, you drank two glass of wine. Did you forget your replay which you have shown me?” Sidharth asked and she tried to remember.

“I don’t remember this. I just remember that I snatched the glass from Khushi’s hand and then drank the wine and after that blackout, I didn’t remember anything, hubby, forgive me.” She apologised as the poor soul was scaring from punishment.

“Okay, I will forgive you.” As soon as he said this, she smiled, showing him her teeth. “But not before punishing you.” After listening to this word, she again became sad.

“You will punish me like a teacher hit on the palm or you will slap me?” As Sana asked innocently, Sidharth chuckled.

“Are you crazy, Sana? Do you really think that I will hit you or slap you? Not even in my dream also I can’t hit you or slap you.” Sidharth said, caressing her face while she was still sad.

“Then what punishment you will give me?” She asked innocently.

“You aren’t allowed to eat junk food for a month and if you find eating, then you will see me, Mrs Shukla.” He warned her and she was looking at him sadly.

“Hubby, you promised me that you will let me eat once a week.” She complained and pouted sadly.

“But you disappointed me, Sana and now you have to accept your punishment.” He said and she again started crying like a baby.

“Stop wasting your time in crying, I’m not going to melt by your fake cry. Now get ready, we are getting late for college.” He said strictly, removing the blanket from her, she made a bad face.

Sana was getting ready for the college and Sidharth went to Cabir’s room to talk about Navya. He was confused about why Cabir didn’t tell him about his girlfriend.

“Cabir, Sana told me everything, yesterday.” As Sidharth said in anger to Cabir, he widened his eyes in shock, hearing this.

“Bhai, I thought,” he was about to say something, Sidharth cut his words.

“Why, Cabir? Why I won’t accept Navya? If you both love each other, then who the hell I am to interfere in your life? I know what is love, Cabir.” As Sidharth said, Cabir sighed with relief, hearing his word.

“You don’t have any problem with my girlfriend, I mean Navya?” Cabir asked to confirm his doubt.

“Of course not, Cabir. Now tell me when you both are getting married?” Sidharth asked in fun tone and they both chuckled.

“Now I’m seriously asking when you are planning to get married?” Sidharth asked now in a serious tone.

“As soon as Navya tell her parents about me. By the way, I’m so happy, Bhai. I mean, I m so relieved, Bhai.” Cabir said and they hugged each other, smiling widely.

Cabir was happy thinking that Sidharth accepted Navya after knowing that she was the daughter of the family whom Sidharth hated the most and on the other hand Sidharth was not aware that Navya was her enemy’s family.

Will this misunderstanding create a problem between them afterwards?

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