(Part: 4) Burning Desires (Manan)


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Manik’s POV:

Damn! This woman! God!

“She’s such a pathetic actress,” I muttered and took out my phone.

“Hello Cabir, please arrange one shirt for me, bro,” I said.

“Shirt?” He asked and I could feel his confused face.

“Yes dude, that woman is really testing my patience.” I sighed and sat down on my seat, holding my head between my hands.

“Woman? Who Woman? Tell me clearly, what happened?” He asked being curious, and I told him everything.

“Holy shit!” He burst into laughter while I groaned in frustration.

“Shut up, asshole!” I muttered in annoyance as he kept laughing.

“Dude! This girl is really funny!” He said, laughing like a maniac.

“Shut up, Cabir!” I groaned.

“It’s funny bro, you have to admit it. Although, I do see a weird vibe going on between both of you.” He spoke amidst his laughter and my breath hitched.

“Dude, don’t you know me? I don’t mix my personal and professional things. And you know Nandini is my employe, so whatever you’re thinking, that’s complete bullshit.” I said defending myself. I mean isn’t it true that there’s nothing between us? And on top of that, I don’t know why I don’t want him to know whatever happened between us last night.

That’s past, isn’t it?

That was simply a one night stand, so I don’t think there’s any need to discuss about it.

Otherwise, he will tease me to death!

“Dude, when did I said that something personal is going on between you guys? He said and I could sense him smirking.

God! I’ll surely kill him one day!

Suddenly he asked. “Okay let it be! Do you think she might be single?”

I instantly answered. “How would I know?”

“Aren’t you curious? God! Don’t tell me you aren’t even interested in her? I mean she’s your type. A perfect combination of beauty with brains.” He exaggerated and I just went numb on his question.

“She’s not my type,” I muttered.

If only he knew how much my own words are sounding weird to me!

“Alright then, I might try my luck with her.” He replied casually and I wanted to punch him black and blue.

“Shut up and send me a shirt!” I muttered and cut the call.

I’m literally shocked on myself, why I’m behaving like this?

Shit dude! Get a grip on yourself.

“Nandini Kapoor! You’re impossible!” I chuckled going to the washroom.


Nandini’s POV:

After an hour or so I got a mail of devil himself to come to his office.

God! Plz, help me! I hope I come back alive!

I dragged my ass to his cabin.

“Come in,” As I heard his sexy smooth voice, I pushed the door open, I saw him sitting behind his desk. Typing something on his laptop.

“Nandini, be confident, you’re a good actress. That coffee wasn’t warm too. So, don’t think.” I boosted myself.

“And definitely, I’m not sorry for anything, he deliberately troubled me with my work, so this punishment was much needed and look at him he’s looking sexier in this blue shirt.” I’m staring at him.


Nandini, get a grip on yourself. You’re behaving so weird dude!

This man is literally distracting me!

I took a deep breath and pulled my gaze from his distracting body.

“Mr Malhotra, I’m really sorry about what happened earlier. It was an honest mista-” He Interrupted my apology.

“It’s okay, please take a seat, and I’m sorry for being rude too,” He said with a smiling face and my eyes went wide.

Is he gone mad?

Did he forgot he’s “THE MONSTER”!

How can he behave so sweet with me?

And why he’s smiling?

He’s definitely not in his senses!

“Okay.” That the only word I could manage to say and sat down on the chair.


Manik’s POV:

Damn! She’s so cute!

I can’t believe how can she look so cute and so hot at the same time?

And damn look at her face. I so wanted to kiss her pout.

I mean, she wanted to take revenge at the same time she didn’t want me to harm. Lol!

Who spills cold coffee on the sake of revenge?


Aghh! Manik! “FOCUS DUDE”.

“So I took a look at your designs and they are much better than before. You can start working on this design with your team.” I said and her eyes went wider.


Can’t she stop being cute? It’s really not helping me.

“Uhh… Yeah sure, thank you”

Fine and reach out to me if you find any quarries. I replied and rested my back against the chair.

Her this face is treat to watch.

I was literally staring at her without blinking my eyes. The way she was biting her lower lip, again and again, was literally a big turn on for me.

I tried to rub those feelings from my mind but when she looked straight in my eyes, I almost stopped breathing for a second.

“Do you need anything else?” I asked, making her jump on her seat.

“Umm… Nothing, thank you, Mr Malhotra. Have a good day.” She literally rushed out of the cabin as if she had seen some ghost or what.

I literally chuckled on her behaviour.

“Kiddo!” I muttered and smiled thinking about her.

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