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Manik was driving the car and Nandini was sitting beside him, they were going back home.

“Stop, stop the car, hubby.” Suddenly she shouted as she saw something outside. Manik instantly applied the brake. He became worried about her.

“I want to eat ice cream, there is ice cream trolley.” She pointed her finger out of the window. Manik sighed with relief after knowing that there was nothing serious.

“Okay, wait, I’m bringing for you. You just stay here.” Manik instructed her, unbuckling his seat belt and opened the door.

Nandini nodded her head in no like a cute baby. “No, I’ll also come with you, hubby.” She held his hand when he was about to step out.

“Baby, I am bringing na, please stay here.” He requested.

“No, no, I will also go with you, jana hai, jana hai (want to go, want to go.)” She said stubbornly, hitting her hands on the window.

“Okay fine, stop hurting yourself, please.” He implored, holding her hand. She smiled, showing him her teeth, and they both climbed down the car. She sprinted to the ice cream trolley joyfully and Manik ran behind her.

“Uncle uncle, Ice cream do yummy wali (give me yummy ice cream.)” She ordered and licked her lower lip. Manik smiled as he saw his cute baby.

“Which one do you want, mam?” Ice cream vendor asked.

“One and this one also. Yes, this one is my favourite, give this one.” She saying, pointing her finger at a banner like this. Ice cream vendor became puzzled and wasn’t understanding which Ice cream she wanted to eat. Manik shook his head in disbelief.

“Nandini, you will get only one or else you will catch a cold. So tell me now which do you want? ” He asked and Nandini pouted sadly.

“No hubby, I want all of them. They all are so yummy, please.” She requested cutely.

“Nandini, okay choose two only.” He tried to convince her.

“No, four please, please, please,” she requested, showing him her four fingers.

“Okay, three done.” As he permitted her three, she cutely nodded her head.

She placed her index finger on her chin wondering what should she buy now. “Cola, Orange, choco bar.” She was about to say more but as Manik gave her angry glare, she stopped. “Uncle bsh (it’s enough) or else my hubby will eat me up like an ice cream.” She laughed at herself and made them also laugh.

“Are uncle apki musche kinti big hai (your moustache are so big), like in that movie king uncle, you’re also my king uncle, can I pull it a little? It is my childhood wish. Please, king uncle, let me pull your moustache, please.” She requested cutely and ice cream vendor smiled and gave a slight nod, no one could deny her. Manik was just staring at her in disbelief.

She came in front of the ice-cream vendor. She raised her heel and stood on her toes to reach up to his moustache, but couldn’t.

“King uncle, you are so tall.” She complained.

“Hubby bubby, lift me, my height is so small. I’m so tiny.” She cutely asked Manik to pick her up and Manik just beamed at her.

He lifted her from by holding her waist from behind. They were looking so cute. Manik was just merrily smiling at her. Then she excitedly pulled her king Uncle’s moustache, her eyes shimmering.

“Thank you so much, king Uncle and thank you hubby for lifting me.” She thanked both of them. “Wow, I’m so happy.” She cheerfully clapped her hands, jumping in front of Manik.

Nandini was eating Ice cream cutely making her face and dress also dirty. Manik was just gazing at her, he was utterly lost in her cuteness. They both were sitting on car’s hood. “Hubby so yummy, so tasty, I want more.” She requested after licking her finger.

“No, baby, you will catch a cold.” He strictly denied and she made a sad pout.

“Now, I will eat ice cream, baby.” He uttered to change the topic

“How will you eat? sari toh meri tummy mein gye ( as all went in my tummy.)” She said, moving her hand on her tummy.

“Don’t worry about it?” He moved closer to her face. He was looking deep into her eyes. He held her hand and started sucking her fingers one by one and Nandini closed her eyes cutely in response, feeling good. After licking her all the fingers, he moved closer to her lips and sucked the ice cream from the corner of her lips romantically.

After that, he moved backwards, having a sexy smirk on his face.

“Manik, give me kissy.” She as always demanded kiss and Manik knew this. He loved it when his baby demands kiss cutely.

After coming top of her, he slammed her lips without waiting for a single second. She also responded to him with equal flavour. Manik found the ice cream tastier as it was mixed with his baby’s saliva. It was his sweetest kiss ever. Their tongues were dancing with each other. They didn’t want to end the kiss. Nandini was also got lost in the kiss.

After breaking the kiss, they looked deeply into each other eyes. “I love you my hubby bubby.” She confessed cutely and hugged him.

Manik also hugged her back. “I love more, baby.” He also whispered and bit her ear lobe. As always copying Manik, she also bit his ear lobe. Manik smiled broadly on his copy cat baby. He was so extremely happy to have her in his life. She brought colours into his black and white life.

“Hubby, let’s go there. I want to play in the water.” She broke the hug and pointed her finger at the beach.

“Okay baby, I am at your service.” He jumped down the car hood. “Now encircle your arms around my neck and legs around my waist, baby.” He instructed her and stood in front of her, facing his back to her. She wrapped her legs and arms around him like a monkey. He held her arms and ambled to the beach, smiling blissfully. They were looking super cute together like made for each other.

“Wow, hubby, you’re my hero. This is so amazing. I am feeling so so goody (good.)” She squealed Cheerfully and kissed his cheek. Then she started kissing her neck from behind and by doing this she was turning him on.

“Aahaa…” Manik moaned as she bit his neck. She laughed loudly.

“Wow, it’s so much fun to bite you, hubby. I love you so much that you let me bite you.” She thanked him innocently and Manik shook his head in disbelief. She didn’t know she was arousing him by doing this.

“Manik, you haven’t told me yet, which is your favourite movie, you are my husband and I don’t know anything about you. Now come on fast tell me everything about you, your favourite colour, your favourite food, everything.” Like this, she started asking lots of question from Manik. He was answering her every question like a majnu, walking on the sad, holding his baby at his back.

“Hubby now put me down.” She suddenly spoke.

“Why baby?” Manik asked in confusion.

“You must be tired, right?” She asked concernedly.

“I can never get tired of holding you in my arms, baby. So chill and enjoy your ride.” He placed a soft kiss on her arm.

“Aww… you’re shoo (so) cute, hubby.” He pulled her chubby cheeks.

“But, now I want to come down because I want to play in the water with you.” She told him cutely.

“No, Nandini, you will catch a cold, you have already eaten three ice cream.” He strictly dined her. She became angry and started tickling him to make him leave her.

Manik was grinning because her tickling was doing nothing to him. “Uhmm.. plan flop,” she said sadly.

“Aaha… baby, what are doing?” Manik screamed as she pinched his stomach.

“I am so gussa, tumhai tickling hi nhi hoti.” She complained in anger. Manik chuckled after listening to her words.

“Aww, my baby.” He kissed her hands.

“Please, put me down, please, hubby.” She requested and at last manik accepted his defeat and put her down.

“Yeh huh, huh, yeh…” she was shouting and splashing water over him. Manik also started splashing water over her. She was running like a baby in the water and Manik was chasing her. Then finally he caught her and twirled her after picking her in his arm. They laughed wholeheartedly.

They fell on the sand. Nandini was on top of Manik and they both were gazing in each other eyes, their eyes were filled with immense love. They kissed each other till infinity. Water was touching their feet and it was making the atmosphere more romantic.

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