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They were playing the game truth and dare and now it was Sana’s turn and she chose truth.

“Okay, Sana tell us a secret.” As Arnav asked, she wondered by placing her finger on her chin. “Secret secret, what is my secret.” She murmured, looking up. Sidharth was eagerly waiting for the answer, smiling at her.

“Okay, I remember the one. When I was in third grade, I had stolen the barbie doll from the market because I love dolls and we didn’t have money to buy it. I did so wrong. I was bad.” She told her baby secret to them, her face drew down in sadness. All of them felt bad for her, especially Sidharth after knowing that she had no money to buy the doll.

“Hubby, are you angry from me?” She asked sadly, looking at Sidharth

Sidharth placed his hand on her face and asked, “why baby? ”

“Because I am thief. I had stolen the doll.” She cutely told him, calling herself thief. She was angry with herself.

“You were a small kid that time, baby. Chill, no one is angry with you.” Sidharth explained to her and she nodded her head like a cute baby. “Please, don’t call yourself bad.” He kissed her forehead.

“Listen, everybody, my Sidharth is not K.A.A.M. Shukla. He is my S.C.H.” As Sana announced cheerfully, they all looked at her in confusion. “Now what does S.C.H. Means?” They all wondered.

“S.C.H. means my sweet caring hubby.” She smiled at them. “He is my sweet hubby bubby.” She started pecking his cheeks in front of everyone. She wasn’t leaving him and they all were laughing on them.

“Baby, stop we’re not at home.” Sidharth held her arms and moved her away from himself.

As her eyes fell on Khushi who was about to eat the cake, she freaked out. “Hww… Khushi stop, don’t eat the cake.” Everybody looked at her.

“On that piece of cake my Sidharth is there, only I have the right to eat my Sidharth. Keep it down now, you will eat your Arnav, I will eat my Sidharth.” As she explained them cutely, everybody shook their head in utter disbelief.

“This is my Sidharth eyes, I will eat it first.” She picked up his eyes piece from the cake.

“What are you doing baby?” Sidharth asked when she was about to put the cake on his eyes.

“What? You have only taught me to eat food like this. Did you forget?” As she asked, everybody burst into laughter. Sidharth looked all around, avoiding their eye contact because Sana was telling about their secret romance.

“Sidharth, you take Sana at home before Sana open up your all the secrets here,” Abhi suggested Sidharth, he agreed with his words.

“Sana, we need to go in the room for eating the cake in this way,” Sidharth whispered in Sana’s ear and she nodded her head positively.

“Okay, let’s go.” She stood up, smiling widely. Everybody stared at her in shock because of how easily she got ready to go with Sidharth.

They were walking to the door, but she stopped Sidharth. “Hubby, I haven’t said bye to them. I’m just coming.” She rushed to them before Sidharth could stop her. Sidharth shook his head and went behind her. Sidharth came there and found her hugging everyone one by one tightly and like always he got lost in her cuteness.

“Hubby, let’s go. I want to eat the cake with you in private. It will be so much fun, right?” As she said, he came on the earth back. He just smiled at her and they left from there hand in hand.

“Wait, wait, I forgot to bring the cake.” She again stopped him as she recalled about the cake. She again rushed back to bring the cake. Sidharth again ran behind her as always.

Sana was sitting over her hubby’s lap at car backseat. She was cutely eating the cake. First, she was applying it on his face and then licking it like an ice cream through her tongue. Sidharth was just smiling and enjoying her cute act.

“This is your cheeks.” She applied the cake on his cheek and moved closer to his face to lick it.

“Sidharth, your cheeks are so yummy and tasty. I want to eat them more.” She squealed merrily and pulled his cheeks. She applied more cake on his cheek and licked it.

“One, two, three,” she made a cute face and counting, pointing her finger at his face.

He narrowed his brows bemusedly. “Baby, why are you counting?” He asked.

“Your faces, Sidharth. They are so many, I got so confused about where to apply the cake.” She answered and wondered, placing the tip of her index finger on her chin.

“Hww… Sidharth, you have ten faces like a Ravan. You are Ravan, hahaha.” She laughed loudly and Sidharth was just smiling at her. He wanted to eat her up right now.

“Hww, Sidharth, I’m such a big fool, idiot, stupid and greedy.” As she cursed herself badly, he knitted his brows in fury.

“Sana, don’t call yourself bad or stupid, please.” He requested, being possessive for her.

He clasped her face. “You are my pyaari ( sweet), baby.”

“I asked you to eat the cake? No.” She asked and answered herself, nodding her head. “Look how bad I am, Sidharth I am not your sweet baby, I am very very bad. Now my teacher, please scold me.” She asked Sidharth to scold her for a useless mistake.

“Sana, let’s go home back, I am so tired.” Sidharth smartly changed the topic.

“Yes, today I will drive the car.” She grinned.

“No, baby, you don’t know how to drive the car then how will you drive the car?” Sidharth denied instantly.

“No, no, I’ll drive the car. I will drive the car.” She said stubbornly. Sidharth placed his hand on his forehead and wondered how to explain his drunk baby.

Sana was sitting on Sidharth’s lap, now on driving seat like a cute baby.

“Yippie, I am driving the car, wow.” She was beaming with happiness, thinking she was driving the car, but in reality, Sidharth was driving, she was just sitting holding the steering.

“I love you so much, Sidharth.” She confessed cutely and kissed his cheek.

After that, she started enjoying while pressing the horn of the car again and again. “Assi jithe jaavan ge gaddi moudan ge Phir saare de saare signal todan ge Assi jithe (wherever we go, we will turn our car and break all traffic signals.” She was singing joyfully. Sidharth was laughing on her.

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