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“I won’t leave any one of them,” Sidharth muttered in anger.

“Oh hubby, I’m here, speak to me. There wasn’t any fault of them in this because they didn’t make me drink.” She shook head adorably. She wasn’t in her senses.

“I drink after snatching the glass from Khushi’s hand.”She laughed loudly after telling him the truth that it was her fault. Sidharth frowned at her.

“Wait, wait let me show you, what I did. Yes, a replay.” She picked the glass of wine from the table and gave it to Sidharth.

“Assume you’re Khushi and I am Sana, your baby only. Okay? You understand?” As she asked him, he nodded his head positively.

“So, I snatched the glass from Khushi like this,” she snatched the glass from Sidharth’s hand, gulped another glass of wine down her throat before Sidharth could stop her. “And then I drink like this.” She chuckled and placed the empty glass of wine on the table.

“Sana, are you crazy?” Sidharth bawled, holding her properly when she was about to lose her balance.

“Yes, I’m your crazy, baby.” She loudly laughed on herself and their friends were laughing too, hidden under the table. One of them was hidden at the bar counter and rest were hidden behind the chair.

“Guys, come on, come out now. I have explained Sidharth everything properly. ” She asked them to out, Sidharth was still angry with her. “Hubby, do you understand everything?” She asked cutely from Sidharth.

“Promise me, you won’t be gussa (angry) from them, then only they will come out. Please, my hubby bubby.” Sana clasped his face and requested, but Sidharth nodded his head because how could anyone deny the cute request of Sana.

“Now, I will myself take them out. Arnav jiju and Khushi come out. Sidharth won’t say anything to you, don’t worry.” She reassured them and bent down because they both were hidden under the table. They came out without looking at Sidharth. After that Sana took out cabir, Mukti and Abhi also.

Sidharth was utterly annoyed, seeing them scaring from him as if he was a ghost. “Guys chill, you don’t have to scare from me.” As he uttered, they all signed with relief and gave smile to Sidharth.

“Now, I’m taking Sana to home.” As he told them, Sana pouted sadly at him.

“Wait, wait, the party is not yet over, we haven’t eaten the cake also and we have to dance and do lots of Masti too.” She didn’t want to go back home.

“Sana, look at your condition, you can’t even stand properly. We’re going home and that’s final.” He stated strictly and next moment, Sana started crying like a baby, sitting on the floor. This made everybody laugh and Sidharth became worried.

“Uhhmm, gandu (bad) Sidharth, you are K A A M Shukla.” She cried like a baby. Sidharth tried to make her stand up by grasping her hand. “No, no, I won’t get up. I want to party hard.” She denied like a stubborn baby and unwillingly Sidharth agreed. She stood up, holding his hand, smiled showing her teeth to everyone.

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