(Part: 40 Teasing In car) {Sidnaaz& Manan} Master And His Princess


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We’re going back to her home to meet Mom and Dad. I’m going to meet them after so long. I missed them too. I’m driving the car and she’s sitting beside me, her eyes are closed. She’s silent. Maybe she is extremely exhausted after our last night and today’s morning wild make-out session.

“Are you still feeling sleepy, Princess?” I asked, concentrating on the road. “I think, I tired you a lot.” I glanced at her and she opened her eyes to look at me.

“No, just lost in the thinking about our precious moments. I always feel so incredible when you touch me, kiss me,”

I cut her words and said, “when I thrust the hell out of you.” I winked at her and chuckled.

Her cheeks became pink, and she moved her eyelashes down in shyness.

“You look cute when you shy like this.” I complimented her, and we beamed at each other.

“You know, I never get enough of you.” She paused for a second. “I’m aroused again.” She bit her lower lip sexily, turning me on.

I raised my brows in surprise and suddenly applied the brake before turning my face to her. “Really?” I asked in disbelief.

She smiled sheepishly at me and nodded her head.

I just grinned widely. “Change of plans. We’re going back to my farmhouse because I’m aroused too.”

Now she widened her eyes in surprise, “really you too?”

I moved closer to her face. “Your presence turns me on, Princess,” I whispered softly near to her lips, gazing in her eyes intensely and stroking her thigh over the jeans with my one hand. I’m brushing her lower lip with my thumb of another hand.

She closed her eyes, waiting for me to kiss her. My corner of lips lifted in a smirk. “Have some patience, Princess. You’ll get what you want when we reach our farmhouse.” As I uttered, she instantly opened her eyes

She knitted her brows and complained, “I have waited for you for a month. That’s not fair. You’re really bad.”

I asked in a serious tone, just to tease her more. “Are you arguing with your Master, Princess?” I asked, slipping my one hand down into her jeans and trailing up my other hand into her top. I really love to tease my Princess. Luckily I stopped the car under the tree where nobody can see us.

Her breath became heavy, she’s shivering with the warm touch of my hand on her skin. I’m stroking her stomach, sending the chills of excitement down her whole body.

“Answer me, Princess.” I smiled devilishly and as I pinched her nipple over the fabric of her bra, she moaned and gazed at me, clutching my shirt.

“What,” She paused and pursed her lips because I started rubbing her inner thigh over the fabric of her undies. My hands are inside her jeans and top. I’m driving her crazy through my hands. Her body is burning with desire.

“Open your legs,” I ordered, massaging one of her twins. She complied like always and spread her legs for me. I just grinned widely on her obedience.

I cupped her inner thigh and pressed it. “Now answer me, Princess.” I’m roaming my other hand all over her bareback inside the top.

“What are you asking, Master?” She asked, breathing heavily.

“Are you allowed to argue with your Master, Princess?” As I asked sternly, she instantly shook her head.

“I wasn’t arguing with you. I was just telling you how much I need you.” She answered me cleverly. My smart Princess. But tonight I have some other plans for her. First, she will complain to me, but by the end of the night, she is definitely going to thank me.

I grasped her hair and just captured her lips, rubbing her inner thigh vigorously with my two fingers. She kissed me back with equal flavour, running her fingers through my hair. I kissed her wildly and deeply. She’s moaning inside my mouth with immense pleasure, pulling me closer by clenching my hair.

I suddenly stopped everything. I pulled back and took my hand out of her jeans. She’s staring at me, annoyed because she wanted more.

“We’re going to meet Mom and Dad.” As I declared, she almost freaked out.

“What? You said we’re going to the farmhouse.” She pouted disappointedly.

“I again changed the plan.” I’m laughing inside, but kept my face serious. I knew that she would react like this only.

“Seriously? You can’t leave me on the edge like this.” She complained, pressing her legs and playing with her fingers.

I leaned down and breathed in her ear. “I can do anything and you can’t argue with me, Princess, because I’m your Master.” I bit her earlobe.

As I looked at her, she crossed her arms around her chest and averted her eyes to show me her anger, frowning.

“Don’t worry, the wait will be worth, Princess,” I reassured her and placed a kiss on her forehead.

She swept her eyes back at me and pulled my face down, closer to her face by grasping my collars like a wild cat. “You’re really very evil, Master.” She uttered, staring at me dangerously.

Suddenly a small smile flashed on her face and I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

“The longer I wait, the more pleasurable it will be later on. Now I know this very well.” Her smile grew bigger.

I smiled too before pecking her lips. “I love you so much, Princess.”

“I love you more, Master.” She sucked my lips. “Forever and always.” She whispered, gazing in my eyes, her eyes filled with immense love.

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5 thoughts on “(Part: 40 Teasing In car) {Sidnaaz& Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hehe manan ka kuch nahi hou sakta they can do anything at anytime abd at any place they are very much enough for each other and there mere presence is enough to arouse the other person…
    Naughty naughty nandu ko manik ne bhot bade punishment de by leaving her in the middle of her pleasure but she knows her master so she knew he will give her more pleasure after the wait…

  2. Wow man it’s so beautiful you know when ever they say I love you to each other something happens in my heart and that feeling is amazing amazing writer you are

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