(Part: 41) Mine (Manan)


“Yes, Khushi you have to come to the party,” Nandini said on phone, stepping into her room. Nandini with her cabir Bhai and Didu had planned a party because after so many years Manik Arnav and Abhi became friends again.

“It will be so much fun, right?” She was loudly talking over the phone, it was disturbing Manik because he was doing an important video conference.

He picked up his laptop and rushed to the balcony without saying anything because he knew, it was waste of time to say something to Nandini.

“Today is Sunday, then also work and only work. Now how will I tell him about the party,” she wondered, talking to Khushi on phone and pouted sadly.

“Hello, Khushi, your voice is not coming.” She shouted on phone, wandering into the balcony and disturbed Manik again. Her eyes fell on him and she found him glaring at her in anger. She immediately disappeared like magic after seeing anger in his dark black eyes.

“What I should wear? We are going to the lounge, and there everyone wears short dresses, I have seen in movies. I will also wear a short dress.” She murmured to herself as she opened her cupboard. The innocent soul didn’t know Manik would never let this happen.

After some time, her whole bed was covered with her clothes and there was no short dress for her. She was crying like a baby, sitting in the middle of the bed, crossing her leg. All dresses were spread all around her. After completing his work, Manik came back to his room. He raised his brows in shock as he found his baby crying. His all anger vanished away.

“Baby, what happened?” He asked concernedly, strolling to her bed, forgetting about his anger because Nandini was his priority. As she heard him, she hastily stood up and climbed down the bed. She rushed to him.

“Hubby, today there is the party in the lounge and I have no short dress.” She told her problem with a sullen look.

He narrowed his brows. “What party? Which party?” He asked confusingly.

“I am throwing the party for you, Arnav and Abhi jiju, great idea na? “As she asked cheerfully, Manik’s lips curved into a smile.

“Superb, but whatever you wear, you look pretty. So don’t think too much.” As he said, Nandini nodded her negatively.

“No, hubby, I will wear a short dress only because I have seen in movies.” She argued like a stubborn baby like always.

“No, you won’t wear any short dress and that’s it.” As he said in the dominating tone, Nandini’s lips drawn in sadness.

“AAM Malhotra is a perfect name for you, hubby. No, no add one K in your name, kadhus attitude Angry Monster Malhotra, now this is perfect.” She growled in anger on him. She hurtled from there in fury and Manik was laughing loudly because he was finding her cute in anger also.

Manik: Mukti, if Nandini ask for a short dress from you and you won’t give her a short dress and you will also not wear a short dress today.

Manik sent the message to Mukti because he knew his baby very well that she would ask dress from Mukti only.

“So Mr K A A M Malhotra, now you have to do something, so she agrees to wear the dress of my choice.” He said to himself, wondering what he should do.

“Didu, Didu.” Nandini darted into Mukti’s room.

“Didu, please give me a short dress for today’s party.” She requested cutely, strolling to Mukti.

Mukti was upset because she had to follow her brother’s order and deny her.

“What happened, Didu? You’re looking sad.” Nandini asked worriedly.

“Actually sweetie, I didn’t remember where I kept the key of my cupboard.” Mukti lied by putting the stone on her heart. She pouted disappointedly.

She believed in Mukti’s words and didn’t understand the real reason of Mukti’s sadness. She thought Mukti is upset because she really lost her key of the cupboard. Therefore to cheer up Mukti, Nandini asked Mukti to wear her dress. “It’s okay, Didu. Don’t be sad. You can wear my dress. I have lots of beautiful dresses.”

“Oh Nandini, you’re so so sweet. I love you, meri Jaan.” As Mukti hugged Nandini, she also hugged her back tighter.

“I love you too, Didu.” Nandini kissed her cheek after breaking the hug and smiled cheerily.


“Baby, I brought a dress for you, close your eyes, “Manik squealed, stepping into the room. As she heard his voice, she looked at him, her eyes shimmered with happiness.

“Yippie…” she whooped and clapped her hand cheerfully. Manik smiled broadly as he saw her happy.

“It’s so beautiful, hubby, but it is not a short dress.”She uttered disappointedly after seeing the dress which Manik had brought for her.

“Baby, I went to buy a short dress for you, but when my eyes fell on this beautiful dress and I started imaging you in this dress, so I purchased this for you, look the colour of the dress is red, it is your favourite colour. Right?” Manik with his sweet talks tried to manipulate her. She was convinced and also got ready to wear that dress in today’s party. She was extremely excited about the party and to wear the dress.


Everybody reached Aer lounge which was so beautiful. Nandini raised her brows in amazement and her eyes sparkled as she saw the lounge. She had never seen this type of place in her life. It was on the terrace and the view was breathtakingly beautiful. She was enjoying a lot and Manik was happy because his baby was happy.

A Waiter came there with the cake which was booked by Nandini for Manik, Abhi and Arnav. On top of the cake, there was their picture. “Wow, my cutie-pie sali ( wife’s sister ) the surprise is amazing.” As Abhi thanked her, Nandini beamed at him merrily.

“Thank you, baby.” Manik held her hand, and as he gently kisses her knuckle in front of everyone, gazing at her face lovingly, she blushed, moving her eyes down.

“Oye Hoye love birds.” Cabir teased them.

“Yes, we are love birds,” Nandini replied him adorably.

“Now fast, common on cut the cake because I want to eat the cake,” Nandini asked them to cut the cake and after that Manik Abhi and Arnav cut the cake.

“Happy friendship to you all.” Nandini squealed joyfully and clapped her hands. Mukti took her into a side hug, smiling cheerfully. Nandini hugged Khushi.


“Manik, let her drink today, ek drink toh banta hai aaj.” Arnav tried to convince Manik when everyone was drinking wine and Nandini was drinking a soft drink. Everybody nodded their head, agreeing with Arnav.

“Arnav, please.” Manik requested him.

“No, hubby, this is wrong I will also drink, if you all can drink, then why not me? Why there is partiality? “Nandini asked in sadness and anger. Abhi laughed as now how his friend Manik would make her understand.

“Baby, this is not good for your health. You can’t handle it, understand me.” Manik clasped her face and explained her calmly.

She moved her down and uttered in low voice. “Okay.” As Manik placed a kiss on the forehead, she smiled at him blissfully and everyone was awed, seeing their love.

Nandini was like a small baby, now she was sitting with a sad pout, looking at everybody’s wine glass with craving eyes. She wanted to drink, not because she wanted to taste it, she wanted to drink because everyone was drinking.

“Everyone is drinking wine, and I am like a baby drinking this soft drink, why me?” She murmured to herself.

As Manik’s phone rang up, he took out the phone.

“I just come, it’s an important call.” He stood up and walked out of the club, not before giving smile to Nandini. She smiled to fullest because she got a chance to drink wine now.

As he left, Nandini hurriedly snatched the glass from Khushi’s hand and drank the wine. Everybody was staring at her in shock and disbelief.

“Oh wow so tasty, now give me more. Cabir bhai give me.” She tried to snatch the glass from Cabir’s hand, but he was not leaving the glass. “I want more, give me more.” She cried, banging the table like a baby.

“Now we all are gone. Manik Bhai is not going to leave us, he will eat all of us uncooked.” Mukti said, her eyes were filled with fear. Everybody nodded their head positively. Nandini was now trying to snatch the glass from Arnav’s hands.

“Are do na (give me please).” She was still snatching the glass from Arnav’s hand. His eyes popped up as he saw Manik stepping into the club. He hastily pushed Nandini under the table to hide her.

“Stay here quite for a few minutes, then only you will get more,” Arnav instructed her and she sat under the table by placing her finger on her lips and nodded her head like a baby.

As he reached there, he narrowed his brows, seeing their weird expressions. “Why you guys are looking at me as if I’m a ghost?” As he asked, everybody smiled at him like an idiot.

“One second, where is Nandini?” He asked as he noticed that Nandini was not sitting there.

“She has gone to the washroom, Manik.” Abhi lied and Manik found something fishy. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

As Manik felt someone pulling his jeans, he bent to look down. Everybody closed their eyes in fright. Nandini gave a cute smile to him and uttered in a sugary voice. “Hubby, here I am.”

“What are you doing under the table, baby? Come out.” He asked and held his hand out for her. As she placed her on his hand, he held her hand and took him out.

“Manik, Arnav jiju said that he would give me more glass of drink if I hide under the table.” She spit out the whole truth in front of him.

“What?” As Manik freaked out, they all disappeared like some magic before Manik could even ask anything from them.

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