(Part: 40) Mine (Manan)


Nandini was running to the main door and bumped with Manik. As her head hit with his solid chest, she complained, rubbing her head. “Aahaa, why your body is so solid, it hurt me.”

Manik opened his mouth to say sorry but stopped as he remembered that he is angry with her. He just walked from there without saying anything.

“Mr Attitude Malhotra, I’m also not less than you, let’s see who will win.” She stamped her foot in frustration on the floor.

“Aaha…” She cried because in this she hurt herself only. She went from there with a sad pout.


“Didu, Bhai, meet my friend Pari.” Nandini introduced Navya as Pari to Mukti and Cabir when they were sitting at the breakfast table. Manik was also present there. As he heard Nandini’s voice, he moved his eyes to Navya.

“Please, please, hubby, don’t recognise her.” Nandini was constantly praying, Cavya and Mukti were also tensed and waiting for Manik’s reaction.

He didn’t say anything, he just moved her head down and got busy eating breakfast. They all took a breath of relief. Nandini was extremely happy and started her overacting.

“Didu, you know she is my best childhood friend. I share everything with her, my best buddy Pari.” They settled down. Nandini was talking more than eating and making already angry Manik angrier.

“Nandini, will you please eat breakfast?” Manik asked, glaring at her. She nodded her head negatively.

“No, I’ll not, Mr Angry Malhotra.” She shouted in attitude.

“Cabir Bhai, I want to talk with you in private.” She got up from her seat and led cabir to corner. Manik was glaring at her suspiciously. Cabir was confused.

“Cabir Bhai, you have seen now, Manik didn’t recognize Navya, our plan became successful.” She whispered and giggled in Cabir’s ear. Cabir also smiled at her and thanked her.

“But Nandini, Manik will doubt us, we shouldn’t talk like this.” As Cabir said, Nandini nodded her positively. They were about to go back but stopped as they saw Manik standing in front of them.

“What’s going on?” Manik asked, wondering he would get the answer.

“Aap se koe matlab, Mr A A M Malhotra.” She growled at him. Manik and Cabir gave each other a confused look because they didn’t understand the meaning AAM.

“AAM means Mr. attitude angry Monster Malhotra.” She said in attitude and left from there, holding Kabir’s hand after giving a big name to her hubby.

To irritate Manik more, she was drinking water again and again rather than eating breakfast.

“Mukti, ask your sweetie sister to eat breakfast also,” Manik said indirectly to Nandini only.

“Didu said to your brother, I won’t listen to him until he doesn’t apologise from me.” Nandini curled her lip.

“Mukti said to Nandini in clear words, it was her mistake, not mine. So it will be good for her if she accepts her mistake.” Manik stood up, glaring at Nandini and stormed to his room. Nandini was sitting there with a sullen pout.

“Sweetie, what happened between you both?” Mukti asked worriedly and Nandini told Mukti everything.

“How could he shout on me like this?” She pouted disappointedly.

“Sweetie, I think, you shouldn’t have broken his phone. You should apologize from Bhai.” Mukti tried to explain her.

“No, I won’t, Didu.” She denied and stood up. Before Mukti could say something more, she left from there in fury.

So what do you think, what will happen next?

Love Mehak

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