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Warning: Hell Cute Part

Sidharth lay her down properly on the bed. He opened all the buttons of her shirt. Without wasting any time, he tossed her already unhooked the bra, Sana closed her eyes tightly because of shyness and her hands were kept on his chest. Sidharth got utterly lost in the beauty of her body. He wanted to kiss every inch of her tempting body.

“Beautiful,” only this word escaped out of his mouth as he saw her cute little twins.

He moved her eyes up at her and grinned with excitement.

He clasped her face and said in a soft voice, “baby, open your eyes, ”

She nodded her head cutely in denial. “I won’t open my eyes because I’m shy baby, but promise I won’t stop you now as I wanted to know what happen next.” As he listened to her cute reply, he became speechless and kissed her eyelids.

“Baby, open your eyes. I’m your husband, don’t shy in front of me. This is the first lesson in romance.” Sidharth tried to make her understand, but still, she nodded her head in no.

“Baby, for me please open your eyes.” He requested, caressing her soft cheeks with his thumb.

“Okay, for you only,” as she said cutely after opening her eyes, Sidharth smiled broadly.

“So let’s start your today’s class.” He placed his hands over her twins and caressed them lovingly. As Sana giggled, Sidharth’s eyes moved down to her soft boobs, having a smile on his face. He wanted to chew, suck and bite them, but he knew his limits because his baby couldn’t handle it now. He was massaging them, Sana held his shoulders tightly, digging his nails into them. Sana was giggling when Sidharth was making circles around her already hard nipples and after that, he kissed them. Like always Sana was enjoying his kisses there also.

“Hubby, I want to ask something,” suddenly she uttered when Sidharth was sucking her nipples. He was lost in sucking her nipples, so he didn’t listen to her words. “Hubby, listen to me,” she pushed him away and he came back to his senses.

“What happened, Sana?” He asked annoyingly.

“Sidharth, why are you sucking them like a baby? You wanted to drink my milk?” She asked, her eyes filled with innocence. Sidharth shook his head in disbelief.

“Baby, this is the part of romance and on this,” he pointed at her nipples. “Baby’s father has right before baby. So now do you understand?” As he asked, she nodded like an Innocent baby.

“Oh, now I understand. You can continue now, I was enjoying this a lot, my baby hubby,” she pulled his cheeks, smiling gleefully. Sidharth was now smiling, his eyes were shimmering with excitement.

He pecked her lips and then leaned down to her chest. He was sucking one twin and squeezing her other twin with his hand. Now she was moaning with extreme pleasure, enjoying everything. He sexily smiled at her, and she smiled back at him cutely.

“Hubby, I’m confused that why the milk is not coming out?” As she asked adorably, Sidharth chuckled.

“When you give birth to our baby then only the milk will come out.” He explained to her and she opened her mouth in O shape.

He attacked toward her other twin. He was sucking it lovingly and Sana was moaning, moving her hand in his black silky hair.

“So today class get over with this and now tell me, how are you feeling, baby?” He asked after looking at her.

“Hubby, no, I want more. Don’t finish the class.” She uttered because she was enjoying a lot when Sidharth was loving her twins.

He smirked and teased her. “Oh really, my baby want more?”

“Hubby, I want more sucking romance.” She smiled shyly at him and hid her face in his chest. Sidharth smiled broadly. He was falling in love with his baby Sana more and more. After that, he again started starting sucking her twins and she was moaning in pleasure.

“Stop,” as he asked him to stop, Sidharth instantly looked up at her.

“Now I am feeling sleepy, you can continue your class tomorrow. I want to sleep in your arms. “She said cutely while rubbing her eyes like a baby.

“But I want to sleep taking them in my mouth,” Sidharth said cutely like her, pointing at her nipple.

“I’m so sorry, hubby. I won’t able to sleep if you suck them.” As she denied and apologised, Sidharth made a sad pout. She felt bad for him.

“I have an idea. When I fall asleep, you can sleep by taking it your mouth,” she said taking Sidharth acting seriously and smiled proudly after finding the way out.

“Aww baby, you’re so sweet,” he pulled her cheeks and took her into his arms and covered themself with the blanket. Sana fell fast asleep. He smiled blissfully at her and kissed her forehead before sucking her nipple and slept, taking them in his mouth like a baby.


Next morning, Sana woke up, rubbing her eyes. She giggled as he saw Sidharth. He was sleeping like a baby, hugging her tightly. His arm was wrapped around her stomach, her leg was wrapped around his waist and her nipple was in his mouth.

“My hubby is so cute.” She smiled widely and kissed his cheek.

“Hubby, wake up,” as she shook him, he instantly woke up.

He clasped her face. “What happened, baby?” He asked concernedly.

“Jur ki Lagi hai ( It’s urgent.)” She told him cutely, showing her pinky finger.

“Then go,” he asked her to go.

She pointed her finger at his leg which was still on her waist and asked him in a gesture to remove his leg.

“Oh so sorry, baby.” He instantly removed his leg. After that Sana hurriedly jumped out of the bed and rushed to the washroom without wearing her top even and Sidharth chuckled.


“Hwww! How can I forget to wear my top? Now how will I go out without top? I’m still feeling so shy.” She was talking to herself, standing in the washroom.

“Hubby, give me my top.” She shouted but didn’t get any answer.

She opened the door a bit and signed with relief when she found Sidharth sleeping. She stepped out and looked for her top, but she found her top nowhere.

Sidharth grinned because he had hidden her top.

Then she strolled to her cupboard. She opened it, but before she could take out her top Sidharth grasped her hand tightly from behind.

“Hubby, let me wear the top, please.” She requested.

He smiled devilishly. “No, baby, I won’t let you wear the top, because you don’t need to wear anything in front of me.” Sana opened her eyes widely in shock.

“Hww, how can I walk naked in front of you? This is so wrong, hubby.” As she pouted in anger, Sidharth chuckled. The innocent soul was not understanding that he was just teasing her.

“Baby, there is nothing wrong in this. I’m your husband and walking naked in front of your partner is normal. There is nothing wrong with this.” He explained her and trailed his hand up to her twins, but before he could grab them, Sana turned toward him.

“Hubby, I need time for this. This is very new for me, I’m so sorry, hubby.” She said innocently and held his face. Sidharth was just smiling.

“Oh my baby doll, I was just kidding. You don’t have to do anything for me.” He reassured her and made her wear the top. She was gazing at him lovingly, her lips were drawn in the blissful smile.

“Sidharth, lie down on the bed now.” As Sana suddenly ordered him, he narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“Lie down.” She shouted cutely when Sidharth didn’t listen to her.

He nodded at her. “Okay, okay.”

He obeyed her by lying down on the bed. Sana was grinning like a naughty baby. It was clearly visible that something was going in her tiny mind.

She came over him, still smiling. Sidharth opened his eyes widely in surprise when Sana started opening his shirt button.

“Baby, what are you doing?” He asked in shock. She shushed him by placing her finger on his lips. It seemed like they had interchanged their role.

“Now it’s my turn to do romance with you, hubby.” She told him and her hands were still opening his shirt buttons.

“Hubby, help me in removing your shirt, these buttons are so tight.” So here comes our cute Sana again. Sidharth smiled and himself opened his shirt button.

“Wow, your so solid.” She was caressing his muscular body. She leaned down and started kissing his bare upper body. She sucked his nipple as like Sidharth was sucking her nipple yesterday night. All this was turning on Sidharth. He was going crazy. His manhood was becoming harder and harder. He wanted to release.

He moaned when Sana by mistake gave love bite to him.

“I am sorry, hubby.” She apologised thinking that she did something wrong.

“Don’t be sorry, baby. I told you before also that this called love bite, you can give this to me anywhere.” He explained her

“But it will hurt you, I can’t hurt you hubby.” She said innocently and Sidharth smiled widely, seeing her care.

“When I give you love bite yesterday here,” he pointed his finger at her shoulder.

“Did it hurt you?” As he asked, she nodded her head negatively.

“No, but why?” She asked, narrowing his brows bemusedly.

“Because it is filled with love. It gives pleasure, not pain. Whatever you do with love, it will be beautiful whether it is a bite or anything else.” As he explained to her, she nodded her head, understanding him.

“Okay, so I will give you love bite on another side also.” She grinned cutely.

Sidharth moaned as she bit his nipple, it made him harder. She was making him crazy with each passing second. He wanted to release, he wanted to cum inside her. He wanted to love her right now.

He slammed her lips after pushing her down and hastily coming over her.

To be continued in the next update

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