(Part: 39 Master and Princess Session after a long time) {Manan} Master And His Princess


Next morning, I woke up after sleeping peacefully at night in the arms of my Princess.

No nightmares after a month. I’m so relieved.

The weather is cloudy, maybe the sun is still shying, seeing our closeness. It is peeking from behind the clouds and watching us secretly.

As my eyes fell over her angelic face, a blissful smile spread across my face. She’s sleeping peacefully in my arms, her head is placed on my chest. Our lower bodies are covered with the white blanket and our legs are entangled inside it. We’re utterly naked. I had been waiting for this morning from a month. Every morning, I want to wake up, holding her in my arms, feeling the warmth of her body.

I smiled broadly, remembering about our last night which was heavenly beautiful and wild, one of the best night of my life. I felt alive after a long month.

I have been gazing at her face from a few minutes, having a constant smile on my face. She looks so fascinating while sleeping. I can gaze at her all day like this.

She woke up and a beatific smile touched her lips as she raised her head from my chest and saw me. We’re gazing into each other deeply, smiling contentedly. This moment is also precious. When I look into her deep black eyes intensely like this, I see my future in them.

“Morning, Princess.” I softly kissed her lips.

She smiled against my lips. “Good morning, Master.” She’s caressing my dark stubble, gazing at me passionately.

I’m stroking her back and she’s enjoying my touch, breathing heavily from her sexy parted lips. Her warm breath is caressing my lips and sending chills down my whole body.

“I’m missing our Master and Princess session.” She breathed against my lips, still stroking my stubble with her long fingers.

“You want to have Master and Princess session, here, at the top of the hills?” I asked in amazement.

She pecked my lips. “Yes, I want it here and right now.” She whispered huskily.

I smiled devilishly, trailing my hands down her back inside the blanket, gazing in her eyes passionately. I squeezed her butts before slightly hitting them, she moaned and jumped in response.

“I’m gonna punish you here for not following my order last night,” I told her, cupping and fondling her round and soft butts. I love to play with every part of her body. I can’t choose one, I love everything about her. From her beautiful body to her beautiful heart, mind and soul.

“But you were my Manik last night, not Master.” She tried to act smart like always.

“I think you forgot, when I was back to my Master mode, I ordered you to strip, and you deliberately didn’t follow my order and asked me to punish you later on,” I told her.

“Why do you have so sharp memory?” As she asked, I chuckled.

“Are you scared from Punishment, Princess?” I asked, raising my brows.

“I love your punishment also, but I’m already aroused.” She moved her eyelashes down, blushing. I just smiled. I’m glad that she’s completely open up to me.

She glanced at me through her eyelashes and whispered, “I want you badly, Master.” We just smiled at each other widely.

“Okay, so no punishment today because you’re requesting me so much.” I agreed.

She uttered, “and last night was not Master and Princess night officially, therefore no punishment.” We chuckled.

As I removed the blanket from us, the cold breeze caressed our skin and she hugged me tightly. “It’s cold.” She is snuggling in my arms like a baby, placing her one leg around my waist. I smiled and kissed her hair.

“Don’t worry, after a few minutes, you’ll feel hot, Princess.” I smiled naughtily and bit her earlobe, pulling her closer to myself.

“Now lie down on your front,” I ordered her sternly after breaking the hug. “Fast,” I added.

She gave me a sensual smile and complied instantly by lying on her front beside me, facing me. I like the way she follows my every instruction without any argument.

I sat beside her and leaned over her face. “I’m going to tie you up, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can tell me.”

“Okay, Master.” She smiled widely, her eyes shimmering with excitement. She’s crazy, always ready for something new. She’s crazy, unique and she’s my Princess.

I kissed her forehead, promising to myself that I will always protect her like a shield and never hurt her in any way.

I securely tied her wrists behind her back with her jeans. She looks so hot when I tie her like this.

I came over her from behind and ground my hardness against her round hips. I whispered in her ear in a seductive voice. “You’re captivating me. I love to tie you like this, Princess.”

She turned her face to me and smiled sexily. “I also get turn on when you tie me like this, Master.” She murmured softly. I became speechless and just kissed her lips passionately before trailing down soft and tender kisses all over her back.

I picked up her top and blindfolded her by tying her top around her head. She’s looking so sexy, and I’m aroused. “Don’t you think, this is the best use of your clothes?” I asked in the ear and bit her earlobe.

“Answer me, Princess.” I hit her butts slightly when she didn’t answer me.

“Yes, Master.” She instantly uttered, and I smiled devilishly.

“Now it’s time to have some fun.” I sat over legs and stroke my hardness up and down against her inner thighs, arousing her a bit more before giving her what she needed badly.

I know she’s not in a state to answer me, I just asked to tease her. “What do you want, Princess?”

“You, Master…” I grasped her both hands with my one hand and slowly slid the tip of my junior into her and took out.

“What you want, Princess?” I asked, slightly smacking her butt with my free hand.

“I’m badly craving to feel you inside me, Master. Please, I want you.” She almost begged.

I pressed her against the floor by placing my one hand over her back and grasping her both hands with my other hand, I pushed myself into her completely in one go. She screamed loudly with pleasure. I’m thrusting her hard and fast, groaning and she is moaning with immense pleasure.

I grasped her hair and turned her face to me. “I love you, Princess,” I whispered against her lips before kissing her lips passionately. I’m deep inside her, feeling so complete and contented. I removed the top from her eyes. She flickered her eyes before gazing in my eyes intensely. I’m gazing back at her, my eyes filled with immense love.

“I love you more, Master.” She whispered and pecked my lips.

I pulled out of her and untied her hands hastily before flipping her over back. “I love you, I love you.” I shoved deep into her from the front and captured her lips. I thrust her hard, and she wrapped her legs and arms around me. She’s scratching my back, kissing me passionately and widely. She flexed her hips and took me deeper into her. This is incredible. She cum and I still kept thrusting her.

“Oh, Princess, I never get enough of you.” I gave a last hard thrust before coming out of her and exploded out of her because I wasn’t wearing a condom.

We both are panting.

“I also never get satisfied. You’re like a drug to me, Master.” She whispered after catching her breath back.

I lay down beside her and pulled her into my strong arms. Our lips our drew up in a blissful smile. I kissed her forehead. “Sleep for some time, then we’ll go home and eat something.”

She slightly nodded her head and fell asleep after placing her head over my chest. I too slept for sometimes, holding my world in my arms.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Hot hot part full of manik and nandu’s wild adventures…
    Loved the way they feel for each other and the way they express that to each other how protective they are and can do anything for each other love them so much…
    Finally after a long time manan ka master and princess session hua and as usual it was full if hotness along with there love for each other…

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