(Part: 35) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Sana, Arnav was my childhood friend, but we broke our friendship when I was 18-years olds.” As he told her, Sana pouted angrily.

“This is so wrong, why did you broke the friendship?” She asked while Sidharth was looking at her dejectedly. Sana was also feeling sad, seeing him like this.

“I am sorry, hubby. Tell me, what happened between you both?” She asked, clasping his hand.

“Because he didn’t trust me. He trusted Shreya, she was a real bitch, she was Arnav’s so-called girlfriend, but her eyes were on me. One day she called me in the hotel, saying that Arnav is not well and when I reached there, Arnav was not there and she started kissing me before I could push her, Arnav entered the room.” Sidharth told everything to Sana, she was fuming in anger now.

“Sidharth, give me the address of that girl. I’ll kill her from my hands, daayan (witch), how could she kiss my hubby?” She snarled in fury.

“Sana, this is not important what Shreya did with me, but what happened afterwards, it hurts me. Arnav doubted our friendship, he trusted Shreya, not me. The moment, he doubted our friendship, I left him. You know he never came back, he still thinks that I betrayed him.” Sidharth shook his head and hit the wall.

“Hubby, why are you hurting yourself? Arnav sir is wrong, you are not. You shouldn’t think about him, it was his mistake, you have done right.” Sana explained him, kissing his hurt hand. He was staring straight dejectedly.

“I will surely scold Arnav sir. How could he hurt my hubby, Mafi to arnav sir ko magni padhegi mere Sidharth se (I will make him apologise.)” Sana decided, staring at him with determination.

“Hubby, don’t be sad. Your baby will make everything fine,” As Sana assured him, clasping his face, Sidharth moved his sorrowful eyes to her. He rested his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes, she rubbed his back to calm him down. She held his hand tightly to assure him that she is with him forever. Sidharth was feeling better.


Sana was sitting gloomily because she had no dress to wear for the fresher party.

“Baby, here is your dress.” Sidharth stepped into the room, holding the bag. Her eyes glinted with excitement and she rushed to him.

“Wow show me, fast hubby.” She squealed gleefully.

“Wow hubby, it’s so pretty, you are the best. I love you so much.” She hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. Sidharth was always just smiling like an idiot.


She stepped out of the bathroom after getting ready. Her hair was tied in a messy bun, and she had applied light makeup and wearing beautiful earrings.

“Wow pretty, beautiful, my baby.” As he compliment her, she smiled, moving her eyelashes down. He moved closer to her and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

“Now, it’s my turn to kiss you, can I? “She asked cutely, holding his face.

“Why not, baby?” He held her waist softly and yanked her to himself. Next moment they were kissing each other passionately, pouring all love in their kiss. Her hands were wrapped around his neck and his hands were shamelessly roaming all over her body.

Sidharth was so lost in the kiss, he didn’t come to know when he kept his hand over her inner thigh and started rubbing her core vigorously. This was enough for his innocent baby. She felt a foreign sensation, she was shocked because for the first time someone had touched her there. She was confused also that why she was feeling good.

She suddenly pushed him away. “Sidharth, what was that?”

He closed his eyes, realising what he did. He never wanted to give her shock like this by touching her there because he was sure her reaction would be like this only. Therefore he was going very slow. Before he wanted to make her understand everything properly.

“Baby,” Sidharth was about to say something, but Sana cut his word.

“Hubby, something is still happening me there, I am not understanding anything, it so wired.” She told him cutely, pressing her thighs. Sidharth was confused how to explain her.

He held her shoulders. “Baby, relax. Stand properly and don’t press your thighs, you will be fine soon. Now we are getting late. After party, I will make you understand properly about this feeling.”

“But I want to know now, because now I’m more excited to know about this then party. Cancel the party.” She was extremely desperate to know about her this weird feeling.

“Sana, did you forget about party’s food? Your dance performance, and yes what about miss fresher? If you don’t go, then some other girl will become miss Fresher.” Sidharth was indirectly trying to convince her for the party.

“No! No, I will go to the party and become miss Fresher.” She agreed, and Sidharth smiled.

“Hubby, why are you standing here? Come on, we are getting late, you always make me late.” Sana scolded him, and took him out of the room by grasping his hand. Sidharth was just smiling at her. This girl was the medicine of his every pain. He was hurt, but he forgot his pain because she was with him.

“You go inside first, after ten minutes, I will come inside.” Sidharth instructed her at the parking area and she nodded her head innocently. He kissed her forehead and she turned to leave from there.

“Bye,” she came back and placed a kiss on his cheek. Sidharth smiled widely and kissed her forehead. The both beamed at each other.

She stepped into the party hall, and her eyes were finding her one and only friend, Khushi.

“Hey, Sana.” Khushi hugged Sana from behind. Khushi was looking so pretty in the black dress. Sana was just staring at her dress. She found her dress prettier than her own dress. She was completely a kid, but innocent and pure.

“Wow, Khushi, your dress is so pretty.” Sana complimented her.

“And not me, Sana?” Khushi asked and made a fake sad pout.

“No, you’re looking more beautiful than this dress.” She instantly said, thinking that Khushi seriously became sad.

“You’re so adorable.” Khushi smiled widely and hugged her.

“By the way you’re looking like an angel, so pretty.” Khushi complimented her after breaking the hug and Sana just smiled. As Sana’s eyes fell over Arnav, she frowned.

“Khushi, you know Arnav sir is very bad, he is not sweet, he hurt my,” Sana was about to spit the whole truth, but stopped when reality hit her mind. Khushi was shocked to hear this about Arnav from Sana’s mouth.

“Sana, I think you misunderstood him. He’s nice a person, I mean he helped me so many times. He never talked to me rudely.” Khushi tried to make her understand because it hurts when you hear something bad about your boyfriend from your friend.

“But he hurt my Sidharth a lot, Khushi. Now how do I make you understand.” Sana murmured to herself:

Khushi narrowed her brows bemusedly and wondering. “There must be some reason, therefore Sana is saying this. Without any reason why would she talk bad about someone. She is not like others girls, I have to talk to Arnav, but what will I ask from him?”


Sidharth stepped into the party hall after ten minutes. He narrowed his brows worriedly when he didn’t find Sana in the party hall. His eyes met with Arnav. He was also staring at him only.

As Arnav phone’s beeped up, he took his phone out of the pocket.

Khushi: Meet me at the backside of college

He left from there after reading Khushi’s message. After a few minutes only, Sidharth also received the same message from Sana and he also left.

Arnav smiled as he saw Khushi. She was standing facing her back to him. It was dark outside. Arnav hugged Khushi from behind, wrapping her arms around her waist.

“Wow baby, what is your plan?” He was kissing her back.

“Arnav, how dare you?” Sidharth shouted as he reached there. Khushi was standing beside him.

The girl with Arnav was Sana in Khushi’s dress. Sana rushed to Sidharth. Arnav raised his brows in shock to find Sana instead of Khushi.

Sidharth grabbed his collars and bawled with outrage. “You wanted to take revenge?”

“Sidharth,” before Arnav could explain him, Sidharth shouted in fury, cutting his words.

“Just shut up.” He hit Arnav and he fell down on floor. Khushi scurried to him.

“Arnav, today I won’t leave you.” Sidharth picked him up by grasping his collars. It was enough for Khushi.

“Sir, there is a misunderstanding, leave him.” Khushi yelled before Sidharth could punch him again. Sana became confused why Khushi was protecting him.

“No, no, there is no misunderstanding. In fact, today everything became clear. For revenge, he touched my girl, he is a bloody bastard.” Sidharth shouted, Arnav also became furious.

“Sidharth, it’s enough.” Arnav shouted, grasping his collars. They glared into each other eyes, having only hatred in their eyes for each other.

Next moment, they started fighting. Khushi and Sana were trying to stop them. No one could say that they were the same Arnav and Sidharth who were ready to die for each other eight years ago. And today they could even kill each other.

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