(Part: 38 Loving My Princess after a month) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


We’re sitting in front of each other, holding each other hands at the top of hills on the mat. My Princess is gazing at the sky full of stars, and I’m gazing at her angelic face. She’s so gorgeous from inside and outside both. I moved closer to her face. As my warm breath touched her face, she moved her eyes to me. We gazed into each other eyes intensely and forgot the whole world.

I clasped her face. “I missed you a lot, Princess,” I whispered before capturing her soft and delicious lips. My heartbeat is accelerating, and I’m kissing her lips like my life is dependent on this kiss only. She is kissing me widely with equal flavour and opening the buttons of shirt hastily. She’s more desperate than me. Today, I don’t want to be her Master. Today I want to be her Sidharth only. So today I’ll let her do whatever she wants.

She’s stroking my bare chest, kissing me deeply. I’m shivering with the touch of her cold hands on my body. I really missed her touch. Oh God, I’m feeling extremely good. I’m feeling like she’s touching me for the first time. My whole body is burning with the desires.

We broke the kiss and touched our forehead together. We’re panting after the kiss.

“I missed you more, Sidharth. I missed kissing you, I missed the touch of your breath and hands on my skin, I missed touching you, I missed your presence. I missed everything about you, and now I’m craving for you to make me yours again and make me feel alive again with your love.” She breathed after catching her breath back, our eyes are close. We’re completely in this moment, feeling each other presence. Our warm breath is caressing each other faces. We’re utterly lost in each other.

I ordered, “raise your hands, Princess, because now I just can’t wait anymore.”

She smiled at me. “Okay, Master because I also can’t wait anymore.” She raised her arms obediently, her eyes are filled with passion and love.

“Today, I’m your Sidharth, Princess. Don’t call me Master, call me Sidharth.” I told her before pulling the top out of her head and dropping it down on the floor.

“Okay, Sidharth.” We beamed at each other, and I pulled out my shirt, gazing at her body intensely. I’m craving to touch her warm body. I just can’t wait anymore. My soul is craving to feel her again. My heartbeat is accelerating with each passing second.

I grasped her hair and pulled her head back before attacking toward her neck. I’m nibbling her neck and she’s moaning, moving her hands over my bareback and sending the chills down my spine with her touch. I unhooked her bra, kissing down her neck to shoulder. I took off her bra before massaging and squeezing my favourite soft assets which are her twins. I missed massaging them. They’re so soft. I really love to play with them.

“I really love the touch of your hands on my body.” As she murmured with extreme pleasure, enjoying the massage, I smiled widely.

“I’m feeling so good…” She moaned a bit louder as I pinched both of her nipples together. I smirked at her, and she gazed at me shyly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as I gently stroke down her tummy, arising the goosebumps all over her body. I’m noticing every move of her body.

I moved closer to ear and asked huskily, “are you aroused, Princess?”

“Yes, Si,” she paused and jumped as I slightly hit her inner thigh over the jeans.

“Remove your jeans and innerwear fast,” I ordered, back to my Master mode. I want to be her Sidharth, but my Master side don’t leave me because this is my real nature. I can’t be soft and gentle for a longer time, and I’m so glad that my Princess has accepted me the way I’m. I’m extremely happy.

“My Master is back. I like it because I missed my Master the most in this one month.” She smiled gleefully at me.

“Do it fast, Princess, or you want punishment?” I smirked and raised my brows.

“I want punishment.” She winked at me and sat astride my lap, my naughty Princess.

“You can punish me later on for not following your orders, but today I want to show you my wild side to you.” She uttered, encircling her arms around my neck.

A broad smile touched my lips. “Okay, my wild cat.” I kissed her tiny nose and she chuckled softly.

She smiled broadly before slamming my lips like a wild cat. She’s kissing me widely, pressing our chests and grinding herself against my crotch. I’m utterly aroused now. She’s making me harder and harder. She bit my lower lip before sucking it, her hands are in my hair, and my hands are roaming all over her bare back, sending the chills down her spine.

I hastily opened her jeans button and yanked down her jeans and innerwear. I’m rubbing her inner thigh vigorously, kissing her widely and deeply. She’s moaning inside my month. Our bodies are on fire.

We broke the kiss, and I hurriedly took off my jeans. As I pulled down my boxer, my hard junior sprang out. A shy smile touched her lips as she stared down. She slowly moved her eyes up to my face. I smirked and placed her hands over my hardness.

I closed my eyes and groaned as she stroke me. She straddled me before taking me into her slowly, pursing her lips and squeezing her eyes shut. I closed my eyes, feeling incredible and complete again after feeling myself in her. She took me deep into her and hugged me tightly by wrapping her arms around me. I hugged her tighter and pulled her closer to myself. Our heart is beating each other. This naked hug when I’m deep inside her under the sky full of the star, this is more than incredible feeling. I’m really feeling like we’re two body, one soul. I’m feeling utterly complete and alive. This moment is so precious, and I’m blessed to experience this moment with my Princess.

She slowly moved up and down, moaning. I grasped her hips and accelerated the speed, moaning loudly. Oh God, this is so pleasurable and incredible. I came out of her and suddenly lay her down straight on the mat. I came over her and loved her whole body with the soft kisses before pushing myself deep into her in one go. She screamed, scratching my back. I thrust her hard and fast, pressing her knees against her chest.

We’re moaning with extreme pleasure and screaming after every few minutes, “I love you so much and I missed you a lot.”

Making love with my Princess in the open, this feels tremendous. The moon and stars in the sky will be shying seeing our wildness. They will be trying to hide behind the clouds after seeing our wild lovemaking session.

At last, I pulled her fragile body into my strong arms and kissed her forehead. “I love you.” We both confessed before falling asleep because we both were tired. I slept peacefully after a month. Now I wasn’t afraid of nightmares because my Princess was with me.

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  1. Woww …. Finally …. Do jism ek jaan ban hi gaye after one month …jisse beimtehaan pyaar karte ho unse door rehna ..na mil pana. ..vo duniya ki worst feeling hoti hai 😔😔

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