(Part: 33) Mine (Manan)


Manik took Nandini at home. Now it was night time, they were lying in each other arms. Manik was still kissing her forehead and her hands. Nandini was just enjoying his kisses. She was loved to be pampered since childhood.

“Hubby, ek request hai. (Hubby, I have one request.)” She said in her sugary voice, so that nobody can deny her.

“Yes, say it? “Manik asked, “uhmm, please let me talk to Mumma and papa for once. I’m missing them a lot.” She again asked for something which he couldn’t give her.

“Sorry, baby. Actually they are staying at the place where there is no network. If it was possible, I have never said no to you.” Manik clasped her face, and as he lied, few tears dropped down her cheeks.

“I wish I can talk to them soon. I’m missing them a lot today.” Nandini uttered and hugged Manik. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he hugged her back tighter, pulling her closer to himself.

“I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t tell you the truth because I don’t want to lose you.” He kissed her forehead, and soon Nandini fell asleep in his protective arms, but he didn’t sleep because he was tensed for her.

Next morning

Manan came at the breakfast table.

“How are you cutie?” Cabir asked when they both were settling down.

“I’m fine, Cabir Bhai and where is didu?” She asked after not finding Mukti at the breakfast table.

“She left because she had early morning meeting.” Cabir told her.

“Bhai, come here.” He asked Cabir to come close to her in a low voice. Manik narrowed his brows and stared at her in confusion.

Cabir moved close to him. “Bhai, I want to talk to you in private, okay.” She said after covering his ear with her both hands. Now Cabir stared at her in confusion.

“What is going on Nandini? Talk to him later, first have breakfast.” As Manik said strictly, she nodded her head innocently at him. She was eating her healthy breakfast, making bad faces like always. Cabir was smiling at her.


“Hubby, I will attend English class and this is my final decision. Now I don’t want any argument.” She told him her decision in his style and smiled.

“No, Nandini. You want to learn music, I will teach you music, but no English class.” Manik denied because he didn’t want Nandini to attend Arnav class.

“Yes, yes I will attend.” They both were fighting on this topic from their mansion to college. Like always Manik agreed because Nandini was more stubborn than him, and he also knew this.


“Nandini, what happened to you? Are you fine?” Khushi asked worriedly when she saw the wound on her forehead.

“Khushi, voh na gandu sa fan fell on me.” She pointed at the fan, frowning.

“Khushi, come we will sit at corner seat where there is no fan above us, yes.” She clasped Khushi’s hand ans led her to another seat. Manik was standing outside and he was smiling at her.

As Arnav came there, his smile faded into a frown. They exchanged a deadly glare. Arnav marched into the room. Manik also went from there in fury and came in the music room and started playing the guitar aggressively. Something was hurting him. Arnav was still affecting him after long ten years.


After English class, they both wandered to the music room. Nandini gave a smile to Manik. He didn’t even look her because he was still lost in thought.

“What happened to my hubby? Where he is lost? Is he fine? I can’t even ask him.” She wondered, standing at the door only.

“Nandini, where you got lost? come sit.” As Khushi called her, she came on the earth back. She walked inside and finally, Manik looked at her and gave her smile. She sighed with relief and sat with Khushi.

“So, today there will be guitar class. Raise your hand who doesn’t know how to play the guitar.” As he asked, few students raised their hand and Nandini too but not Khushi because she knew how to play the guitar.

“Okay hands down. The students who already knows how to play guitar, they will practice and who doesn’t know, I will teach one by one.” He started teaching them. Nandini was getting jealous when he was teaching the girls by holding their hands.

“Sir…” suddenly she shouted in anger and caught everybody’s attention. All students moved their eyes at her. Manik knew the reason, but still looking at her for the answer.

“Sir, please teach me too.” She requested cutely, handling the situation.

“Wow, smart baby.” Manik murmured to himself and strolled to her, having smile on his face. He made her hold the guitar properly with her both hands. He set her fingers on the strings and made her play the guitar. Nandini was enjoying a lot this guitar session, she had a cheerful smile on her face. She shivered as he blew air on her neck and back. She craved to feel the touch of his lips on her skin, he smiled devilishly.

Suddenly she fainted in his arms, and Manik understood that this was her acting.

“Nandini,” Khushi became worried for her.

“You relax, I am taking her to the medical room.” Manik reassured her after picking her in his arms. Khushi nodded her head slightly at him while other girls were getting jealous from Nandini now. As he took her out, Nandini instantly opened her eyes and winked at him. Manik smiled and shook his head in disbelief.


Manik took her to the college backside where nobody was allowed.

“Uhmm, very smart baby.” He praised her after making her stand on her feet before him.

“Yes, I am, par mein aur krti bhi kya, you were blowing air on my neck and I was,” she paused and shyly moved her eyelashes down.

“And I was what baby?” he asked after pulling her chin up by holding with his finger and thumb.

“I just want you to kiss me.” Like always she demanded kiss like she was demanding ice cream.

Manik stood behind her and yanked her to himself by holding her waist. He leaned and attacked her neck. Nandini closed her eyes and clutched her hands in response. He placed her hair over one side of shoulder and slid down the zipper of her dress before kissing her bareback. She was enjoying his touch, her body was on fire.

After that, he turned her toward himself and captured her lips. She encircled her arms around his neck, kissing him back with equal flavour. They were kissing each other, forgetting where they were standing. They went into another world where there was only Nandini and Manik.

On the other hand Khushi was coming there. Screen divided into two halves, on one side there was Khushi and other side there was Manan, kissing each other.

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