(Part: 37 I’m blessed to have you) {Manan} Master And His Princess


We stepped into the Jiya’s room hand in hand to talk to her when Doctor told us that she gained her conscious back. She was staring at the ceiling blankly.

As she moved her eyes at me, she asked in a low voice, “Why did you save me?” Her eyes are filled with sorrow.

We wandered to her, she moved her eyes to Princess, and then back at me.

“Because we know, in this life, every person deserves a second chance. You’re a good person, Jiya. You’ll surely get a person who will love you. Life is beautiful, don’t waste it. Live it to fullest. One day you’ll get what you deserve.” I explained to her. I’m impressed with myself, and all credit goes to my Princess. She has changed me for good.

“Yes, Jiya, please don’t do this again. I know, what you’re going through, it’s not easy to handle. Life makes us fall to make us strong. Just don’t lose hope. You will surely find someone who loves you.” Princess also tried to explain, and I smiled slightly and proudly at her. I’m proud of her. She’s explaining the girl who loves me, who tried to separate us. She’s unbelievable, but a girl with a golden heart, and I’m blessed to have her in my life.

I looked at Jiya as she uttered in disbelief, “I just can’t believe that you both are standing in front of me and explaining me. I did so terribly wrong with both of you.” She was on the verge of crying.

“We both have forgiven you. Now please don’t spoil your life like this. We’ll see you again, take care.” I said to her, she just gave us a blank look. I never thought that I would say this to her. Rather I thought that I would not leave Jiya for making us suffer. Really life is unexpected.

I clasped my Princess’s hand and wandered out of the room after last time glancing at Jiya. I’ve planned something for Jiya. I really want to help her in recovering fast and move on from me because I don’t want her to again finish her precious life or try to harm us. I still can’t trust her, but I can help her.

We settled down in the car. I’m gazing at her, holding the steering before starting the car. She is tying the seatbelt. “Finally everything is fine. I’m so relieved.” She sighed, resting her head against the seat.

She smiled at me before coming closer to my face. As his warm breath touched my face, a shiver rushed down my spine. She placed a soft kiss over my cheek and then pecked my lips. “I missed you a lot, Manik.”

She sucked my lips lovingly. “I love you so much.” She murmured, gazing deeply in my eyes.

“I love you more, Princess. I can’t even tell you what you’re to me.” I breathed, clasping her face before kissing her lips softly, pouring my all love. She grabbed the collars of my shirts and deepened the kiss. I’m feeling alive with this kiss. I’m so much in love with her. I’m feeling like she’s kissing my soul with my lips. Her kiss is like heaven for me.

“I love you.” We both whispered, smiling as we broke the kiss. I’m so happy to see her happy, sitting in front of my eyes, utterly fine.

“Tonight, I just can’t wait to make you mine again after a month,” I said and smiled broadly at her before starting the car engine. I’m so excited for tonight to feel her touch all over my body. I missed everything about her.

“Let’s go fast. I’m craving for your touch, Master.” She beamed at me. Her eyes are glowing with excitement.

As she called me Master, I shook my head. “No, today I’m my Princess’s Manik, not Master.”

“Okay, Mas…” she paused and bit her tongue. “Manik.” We beamed ear to ear and kissed her cheek.

We’re telling each other how much we missed each other on the way to our destination. I’m taking her to my special place, and this is a surprise for her. We’re extremely happy from our heart to be with each other again.

“Manik, where we’re going? This is not the way to your farmhouse.” She asked.

I glanced at her and answered, “The place is a surprise for you.”

“Wow, you’ve doubled my excitement now. I love you so much.” She squealed and hugged me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I chuckled, concentrating on the road. She’s crazy, and I love my crazy Princess.

I stopped the car at the top of the hill. The moon and stars are shining brightly in the sky over us. My star, my Princess, she is admiring the view of the mountain with open mouth and her bewitching eyes are shimmering. I smiled at her, opening the seatbelt.

“Do you like this place?” As I asked, she turned her face to me, her eyes sparkling and her lips are drawn up in a contented smile.

“I loved this place, this is so beautiful.” There is a constant smile on our faces. Her beautiful black eyes are shining brighter than the stars. I can see my whole world in her those eyes.

I smiled widely before placing the kiss on the forehead, promising her that I’ll never let her smile fade away from her face.

“I really love you, Princess. You don’t even know how much I’m afraid to lose you. I was seeing nightmares of losing you every night when you weren’t with me.” I told her in flow. Shit. I don’t want to make her anxious for me. I shouldn’t have told her.

She first looked at me anxiously and then took a deep breath before clasping my hands and rubbing them to calm me down. She’s gazing in my eyes deeply.

She moved closer to my face. “It’s okay, now I’m with you. You’ll be fine. I won’t let nightmares haunt you because tonight, you’ll be in my arms. Everything is fine now. We’re with each other.” She reassured me, and I just pulled her into my protective arms, smiling blissfully, and a lone tear trickled down my eyes. I really don’t want to lose her.

“I’m so blessed to have you in my life, Princess. I love you so much.” I’m pulling her closer and closer, I want to bury her in my heart safely forever with me. I just love her so much.

To be continued…

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manan are soo sweet and understanding jiya ne unke sath ketna bura keya but no being the nice people they are they forgived her and gave her a second chance in her life to live it…
    Finally they are together and with each other and they are very happy about it which is shown by the smile on there face and there way of expressing it…
    Nandu ne ek minute mai manik ke nightmares ka solution nikala and told him not to worry as now she is with him…

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