(Part: 32) Mine (Manan)


“Nandini, ” he rushed to her and the fan fell on her side, but hit her head. Her head was bleeding and she became unconscious at that movement only. Manik became numb after seeing her in blood, he couldn’t even see a small scratch on her body and now seeing her in the pool of blood, it was unbearable for him. He became blank, his mind stopped working. To save him, she hurt herself, this thought was also eating up his mind. How much she loved him, without caring about herself, she pushed Manik.

“Nandini, baby why you do this?” He clasped her face and asked, having tears in his eyes. His pain was visible in his eyes. He pulled her into his arms and took her outside. Mukti and cabir were sitting in the hall. They stood up in shock as they saw Nandini’s condition.

Her head was bleeding and her hand had scratches. Manik dashed out of the house, and they both followed him. He sat at the backseat of the car, placing her head on his lap. Cabir was sitting at driving seat, and Mukti was sitting beside him. Manik was just gazing at Nandini without blinking his eyes and tears were constantly falling down his eyes. Mukti was also crying for Nandini.

“Bhai, she will be fine, don’t worry.” Mukti placed her hand over his shoulder. They were sitting outside of her room and Doctors were treating her inside.

“This happened because of me, my baby get hurt, Mukti. I can’t see her in pain,” Manik said to Mukti, but his eyes were fixed at Nandini’s room. Tears were cascading down his eyes constantly.

Mukti glanced at Cabir sadly, and then only the doctor stepped out.

Manik stood up and rushed to the doctor. “How is my Nandini, Doctor?”

“Don’t worry, Mr Malhotra, it was just a minor cut and she fainted because of shock. She will be perfectly fine.” After listening to Doctor’s words, Manik sighed with relief, but he was still sad because his baby was in pain. Her pain was killing him, but the good news was that she was fine.

Nandini was lying, her eyes were close. As Manik stepped inside, she opened her eyes and looked at him sadly. Manik rushed to her and hugged her tightly.

“You scared me a lot baby.” He cried, and Nandini hugged him back.

“Hubby, from now we’ll live in the room where there will no fan, agr meine na dekha hota aur tumhai kuch ho jata toh (if I hadn’t seen you and something had happened to you, then?)” She complained about fan after breaking the hug.

“It would be better than this, why did you save me Nandini? Seeing you in pain is unbearable for me.” Manik clasped her face, his words were clearly showing how much he loved her.

She scolded him. “Hubby, this is very wrong. You’re saying that jab Meine ush fan ko tumhre upar girte hue dekha toh main ush fan ko tumhre upar girne deti because you can’t see me in pain. Hubby, the way you can’t see me in pain, in the same way I can’t see you in pain.”

“But still you did wrong by hurting yourself.” Manik said, and she made an angry pout.

“Okay, so tell me, if you were at my place, aur voh fan mere upar gir rha hota, then would you have let it fallen over me? Wouldn’t you have pushed me?” She asked in anger.

“Of course not.” He instantly answered.

“Oh, so you can save me, and I don’t have any right to save my hubby. Manik, this is utterly wrong, I love you and I will always save you. Tumhai pata hai mein kitna dhar gye thi when I saw that gandu fan was falling on you. Tumne toh bash keh diya ki Nandini voh fan girne deti mujh par, Aisa thodhi na hota hai.” She was complaining to him. Manik felt sorry as he realised that he said wrong.

“Okay, I am sorry. I was wrong, you did right by hurting yourself and now tell me how are you?” He clasped her face. Nandini pouted angrily and removed away his hand.

“What? I did right by hurting myself. You’re saying like I asked fan to fall on me.” In anger mode also she was looking dam cute.

“Manik, I have done right to save your life, and hurt toh ush gandu fan ne mujhe kiya, tum apna gussa ush par nikalo mujh par nhi. I am innocent.” She said cutely and he smiled.

“Oh, my baby, I’m sorry. I was wrong and I will scold the fan also. Now tell me, how are you?” He asked again after clasping her face. She smiled widely, becoming happy like a baby as Manik accepted his mistake.

“Thodhi thodhi (little) uee (pain) ho rhi hai, here.” As she pointed her finger at her forehead, Manik instantly kissed her forehead.

“Now okay?” As he asked, she nodded her negatively. After that Manik gave zillions of kisses on her forehead and became successful in giving relief to her.

“Wow, itte sare kisses (lots of kisses ) maza agya aur dard bhi chala gya,” she cheerfully clapped her hands.

Manik smiled and gave the last kiss on her hand. “I love you.” He mouthed, gazing at her fondly, and she smiled broadly.


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