(Part: 69 Welcome to the Family Aru) Sidnaaz Love Story After marriage


When Sidnaaz reached Malhotra mansion, whole Malhotra family was standing there to welcome them with a huge smile on their face and everybody’s eyes were shimmering with happiness. Their smile grew up as they saw their baby boy Aryan in the arms of his mother, playing with the chain which she was wearing around her neck.

“Welcome to the family, little champ.” Neyonika squealed joyfully. Sidnaaz beamed at her.

“God bless you both for doing such a great job by giving shelter to the orphan kid and becoming their parents.” Raj gave them blessing by placing his hands over their forehead.

“You’re so lucky to have such a nice parent, baby.” As he gently caressed Aryan’s cheek, Aryan moved his innocent eyes to him.

“Gu..” he screamed and tried to jump out of his mother’s arms, moving his hands. Everybody laughed at his cute act.

“Do you want to go to your grandfather’s arms, Aru?” Shehnaaz asked from Aryan, and gave him to Raj, smiling. He placed a soft kiss on his forehead and caressed his soft cheek. He was gazing at his grandson, smiling blissfully.

Mahi brought a white sheet to take the footprint of Aryan. Mukti was holding the plate filled with red ink.

“Aru? You both decided his name too?” Mahi asked when Shehnaaz called him Aru.

Sidharth smiled and told her, “we kept his name Aryan.”

“Wow, nice name.” Mahi pulled his cheeks slightly and he stared at her innocently.

Then Sidnaaz together dug his one foot into the plate and took the footprint of him on the white sheet. They smiled at each other gleefully and together kissed Aryan’s cheeks. Mahi gently and properly cleaned her foot with the wipe.

When little Muskan came out of her room to see her little brother, everybody was laughing, playing and holding Aryan one by one. She felt a bit jealous because now everybody’s attention was at Aryan, not on her. Before she was excited to meet her brother, but the foreign feeling of jealousy made her a bit upset. She pouted sadly and went back to her room, hanging her head down.

“Where is Muskan, Mahi?” Shehnaaz asked when she didn’t find her.

“She’s sleeping in the room,” Mahi told her, not knowing she was upset.

“I just come after seeing her,” Mahi said.

“Wait, we’re both are going,” Sidharth said, and Mahi nodded at him.

They stepped into Musu’s room and found her sitting on the bed silently and gloomily. Aryan was in the arms of Shehnaaz. He was looking all around.

“Look who has come to meet you, Musu.” As Shehnaaz said, she looked at them with a grumpy expression.

“muje iss gande baby se nhi milna (I don’t want to meet this bad baby.)” Sidnaaz glanced at each other in shock. They weren’t expecting this reaction from her.

Sidharth sat in front of her. He placed his hand over her face and asked concernedly, “Why ganda baby, Musu?”

“Hww, we both didn’t think that you would give this reaction after seeing your younger brother,” Shehnaaz said dramatically and shook her head.

“kuki evlyone folget me after meeting him.” She told them the reason. Shehnaaz looked at him anxiously, and he blinked his eyes in assurances that he would explain her.

“How can we forgot you, you’re the first kid of this family. You’re the apple of our eyes, our naughty and cutest Musu.” Sidharth explained to her.

Sidharth slid his hand into the pocket and took out two chocolate bars. “And look we have brought chocolates for you.” Muskan’s eyes glinted with happiness as she saw chocolates. He gave them to her. She became super happy after seeing chocolates, and her innocent and pure heart melted. Sidnaaz were just smiling fondly at her.

“Now don’t you want to meet your brother?” Shehnaaz raised her brows as Muskan looked at her.

“He’s so cute, chachu Chachi. He’s golu molu. I’m solly, golu, I called you bad.” She pulled his chubby and red cheeks. Sidnaaz were just smiling at her.

“Chachi, I want to hold him. Please, give him to me.” Muskan asked Shehnaaz by opening her arms. Sidnaaz glanced at each other and chuckled.

“Cross your legs, Musu, then Chachi will give him to you.” As Sidharth instructed her, Muskan crossed her legs instantly, gazing at Aryan with excitement.

As she placed Aryan in Muskan’s lap, he gazed at his sister cutely.

“He’s so cute and his cheeks are so soft.” She was caressing her cheeks, smiling gleefully and excitedly. Shehnaaz also sat beside Sidharth.

She leaned over Aryan and placed kisses on his forehead and cheeks, playing with her tiny hands. First Aryan was enjoying his sister’s love, but after a few minutes, he became irritated. He pouted sadly and started crying.

“Your sister was just showing her love.” Sidharth instantly picked her into his arms and shook him.

“Chup hoja, chup hoja, (Be quiet, be quiet.)” Muskan tried to make him quiet. The way she was pacifying him, Sidnaaz smiled widely at her. Aryan also stopped crying and now he was staring at his sister, having so much innocence in his tiny eyes and his lips were drawn up into a beautiful smile.

Shehnaaz placed her hand on her face. “You’re so cute, Musu.”

“Thank you, Chachi.” She smiled broadly at her.

“Gu…gu….” Aryan cutely shouted, waving his hand in the air like he was saying that I’m also cute.

“Yes, yes, Aru, you’re also cute.” Shehnaaz stroke his soft cheeks and kissed his forehead.

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