(Part: 28) Mine (Manan)


Manik strolled to Nandini and intentionally dropped his pen near to her desk. In gesture, he asked her to pick it up. As she bent down to pick up the pen, he also bent down and pecked her lips making Nandini hell shocked. She was looking at him cutely in a shock.

“Nandini, thank you for the pen.” He stood up and came back to reality. She also got up and sat back on her seat. Now Manik winked at her, she was still staring in a shock

Manik: After the lecture, meet me at the parking area, okay.

He sent her a message when the lecture was about to be finished.

Nandini: Okay, hubby and thank you for the kiss.

He sent her heart and smiley emoticon. Then he sent her kiss emoticon.

As Nandini reached the parking area, Manik pulled her into his car and kissed her hungrily. Nandini became shocked for a movement, but after seeing that he is her hubby, she responded to him with equal flavour. He was massaging her twins over the fabric, and she was enjoying the kiss. He knew that lips pecks had made his baby hungry and he loved to kiss his hungry baby. They were kissing each other, forgetting about the world. As they broke the kiss, Nandini moved her eyelashes down and blushed.

“Manik, you scared me. Koe pati aise karta hai apni pyaari si cute si wife ke sath (who did this with his cute and loving wife.)” She complained cutely and her this complaint brought a broad smile on his face.

“But, I’m loving my professor.” She clasped his face and cutely kissed his cheek.

“Manik, I forget to tell you one think about my English class, English professor is so sweet.” Manik was least interested in her these talks because listening about another man from her mouth, he hated that.

“His name is Arnav Singh.” As she told his name, his eyes shot up in shock.

“What is his name?” He again asked to confirm his doubt.

“Arnav Singh,” She again told him and Manik’s face became pale after hearing his name.

Manik P.O.V.

Maybe I’m thinking wrong, he would be other Arnav Singh. I have to check, but Nandini, I can’t leave her alone here in the parking area. What I should do, I need to check right now.

“Hubby, Khushi is waiting for me in the canteen. Today is the first day of our friendship, so we have planned lunch together, so can I go?” She like always asked cutely and took away my all worries. She gave me a solution to my problem.

“Yes, my baby, but no junk food, okay,” I instructed her strictly.

“Okay,” she nodded her head positively, agreeing to my words. But I knew she would surely eat junk food only. 

I didn’t argue with her further because first I need to check that who is Arnav, then only I can breathe. Nandini went to the canteen and I came into the staff room. My eyes are searching Arnav. After scanning the whole room, I took a few steps back to the door and stopped. He is standing in front of me. He is the only Arnav Singh, about whom I was thinking.

I wanted to hug him. After so many years I’m seeing him, but as I remember about his betrayal, I frowned. He also passed away without saying anything today.  He still thought that I was at fault on that day. That day he had trusted his two days girlfriend rather than our seven years friendship. I had decided that I would never forgive him.

“Nandini, what do you want to eat?” Khushi asked from Nandini, sitting in the canteen.

“Momos,” she happily told her and Khushi went to bring momos for her.

“Yes, now I will eat momos and hubby will not come to know about this, oh momos come fast, nandu’s tummy is calling you.” She murmured to herself, moving her hand on her belly. It seemed like she was hell excited to eat the momos.

Nandini was eating momos happily and Khushi was eating the sandwich.

As her phone rang up, she took out the phone from her handbag. “Khi, hubby ko pata toh nhi chal gya that I’m eating momos, oh god please save me,” she prayed as she saw the caller Id.

“Khushi, I have an important call to attend I am just coming.” she left after excusing herself.

She picked up the phone after coming in the corner. “Hello.”

“Nandini, you will not attend English lectures.” As he said, she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“Why?” She asked instantly.

“Because I’m saying and I don’t want any further argument.” She made a sad pout.

“Why are you behaving like a monster?” She asked sadly.

“Leave all this and tell me, did you have your lunch.” He asked, his voice was clearly showing that he was in a bad mood.

“Only two momos left.” She mistakenly told him the truth and bit her lower lip as she realised her mistake.

“Nandini, I told you to don’t eat junk food. Why don’t you listen to me? Why don’t you understand that you will fall sick.” Manik burst out his anger on her. She made a crying face like a small baby. If Manik had seen her face, he would have surely forgotten his all anger.

“Hubby, why are you behaving like a monster? I’m so angry with you, bye. I will not go with you.” She growled at him and disconnected the call.

“Oh god, why I was taking out my all anger on her, you stupid, Manik.” Manik scolded himself after realising what mistake he had done.

Manik: Nandini, come to the parking area within ten minutes or else, you will see me.

He sent the message to her, having a smirk on his face. He very well knew how to handle his baby doll.

Nandini became scared after reading his message. “Khushi I am going, now bye.” She rushed to the parking area. She was still angry with him, but his message made the innocent soul scared.

So what do you think, what will happen?

Love Mehak

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