(Part: 26) Mine (Manan)


“Manik…” Nandini hugged Manik, he smiled blissfully, embracing her. His stress and tension vanished as she came into his warm arms.

“I missed you so much, hubby.” She told him by opening her hands, showing him how much she was missing him.

“Aww baby, I also missed you a lot.” He pulled her cheeks. “I have good news for you and a surprise,” as he told her, she smiled broadly after hearing about surprise because she loved surprises.

“Wow… surprise and good news, tell me fast.” She squealed joyfully and clapped her hands.

“You got admission in your dream music college, the space college,” Manik told her the good news.

“Wow, really the space college, oh my god, I am fainting.” She placed her head over his shoulder dramatically. He was just smiling at his baby.

“You know Manik, I had decided before only, after twelfth I would go to this college and after that, I would become a big and a famous singer, my poster would be placed on every wall. Wow, Manik, it is like a dream, I am so happy.” She squealed happily.

He thanked Mukti and Abhi in his mind for giving him the idea of sending her to college.

“Yeh, aaj main upar, asmaan niche, aaj mein aage, jamana hai piche. (I’m on top and the sky is below today I’m ahead and the world is behind.)” She sang merrily, jumping on the bed like a small kid. He was just laughing at her.

“Baby, be careful or else you will fall.” Manik warned her being her caring husband.

She replied to him, “Manik, I’m not afraid to fall because I know you will never let me fall.” She was still jumping on the bed happily, and Manik was just gazing at her, his eyes filled with love. Her words were clearly showing that finally, she was in love with him.

“Wow, lots of new clothes and accessories for me.” She whooped joyfully when Manik took her in her dressing room. In that room, there was everything for her from her head to toe. Varieties of handbags, foot-wears, hairbands, hairpins, everything was there.

She raised her brows in surprise and asked cutely. “What? Is this all mine?”

Manik clasped her face. “Yes, baby, because I don’t want my baby to face any kind of shortage of anything.” As she grinned cutely, showing him all teeth of her. He pulled her into his strong arms.

“Wow, I’m so excited for tomorrow.” She said when she was lying in his arms at night. He was caressing her face with his thumb.

She pouted sadly and said, “but you won’t be there with me at college, right?” Poor baby now wanted Manik to be with her always.

“Baby, I will be there with you,” he kissed her forehead.

She raised her brows in surprise and asked instantly. “How, Manik?”

“In your heart and your mind.” He winked at her and laughed on his joke. His act was clearly showing that Nandini was changing Manik a lot, he was becoming like her, fun-loving. He was enjoying life with her, joking, smiling, laughing.

“Yes, but I will miss you hubby in college.” She hugged him tightly. Manik was just smiling cheerfully because tomorrow he planned a surprise for her.

“Now you should sleep, tomorrow is your first day of college.”

“I am not feeling sleepy, Hubby. You know in excitement I can’t sleep, aisa hota hai mere sath (this happens with me.” She said cutely, looking at him.

“Wait, I have a solution to this problem.” He lay on his stomach and she was staring at him bemusedly. “Come, lie down on my back, I know after this you will fall asleep immediately.” He reassured her.

“No, I won’t sleep on you, I don’t want to give you pain.” As she denied instantly, nodding her head, he smiled.

“Baby, you won’t give me pain, but now it’s hurting me.” As he said dramatically, she narrowed her brows in confusion.

“Why?” She asked innocently.

“because you are unable to sleep. Please baby, for me, lie down on my back and sleep.” As he implored, she agreed and nodded her head.

She lay down on his back comfortably and hold him tightly from behind. As Manik said, she instantly fell asleep on her best bed. Because of Nandini, he wasn’t able to sleep. He was tired, but still, he let Nandini sleep on him. Now he wouldn’t able to sleep the whole night. But still, he was happy because his baby was sleeping peacefully. All these things were clearly showing how much he loved her.

Next morning

Nandini was getting ready for college, standing in front of the mirror. She was wearing denim jeans with a crop top. She made a messy bun and put up light make up. Like always she was looking dam cute. Manik came out of the bathroom after taking bath and smiled as he saw his adorable and beautiful wife.

“Baby, wear this, or else your skin will be tanned.”Manik gave her a shrug to wear because he didn’t want anybody to see her bare waist and her bareback. She hastily took the shrug, wore it without questioning him.

“Thank you so much, you saved me from becoming black.” She said innocently and didn’t understand his real intention that why he made her wear the shrug. He closed all the buttons of her shrug to cover her bare waist.

“You know I have seen in movies if a girl becomes less beautiful or black, her husband stops loving her.” She said disappointedly, thinking wrong.

“Baby, there is nothing like that, you will always remain the most beautiful girl for me because I love your pure and beautiful heart more than your beautiful body.” He clasped her face and explained her lovingly. A blissful smile spread across her face after listening to his words.

At the breakfast table, she was cheerfully telling Cabir and Mukti that she was going to her dream college. They both were happy after seeing Nandini happy. They said all the best to her and then Manan left for college. They reached college and Nandini was looking super excited, but a bit upset too because Manik wouldn’t be with her at college.

“Hubby, goodbye kissy do na. (Give me a goodbye kiss.)” She cutely demanded a kiss.

“See you soon, baby.” He pecked her cheek to tease her because he knew she was asking for lips kiss.

“No, not this one.” She cutely said and Manik was just smiling at her.

“Which one baby?” He asked, acting innocent.

“This.” She placed her finger over his lips.

“Aww, baby.” He moved closer to her face and captured her lips. He was sure that she would ask for the kiss, therefore he stopped the car where nobody could see them. They were kissing each other hungrily like from ages they were craving for the kiss. Their tongues were dancing with each other. He yanked her closer to himself and deepened the kiss. They both didn’t want this kiss should end. They wanted to kiss each other till infinity. Manik always kissed her lovingly, therefore she loved his kiss because it was filled with true love. At last, they broke the kiss.

“Goodbye baby, and all the best.” He whispered after kissing her forehead. She smiled at him before stepping out of the car.

“Bye hubby, I will miss you.” She waved her hand in front of his window and then she strolled to the college gate. She turned her face and glanced at him for more than five times until she reached the college gate. Finally, she gave a last smile to him and stepped inside. One man, hired by Manik, took her to the classroom.

“I won’t let you miss me, Nandini. Oh god, I am dying to see her face expression when she would come to know the reality.” He grinned and drove the car into the college.


“Could I sit with you?” Nandini asked a girl who was sitting alone. She was wearing a knee-length dress. The girl passed a small smile and nodded her head.

“Are you a new admission?” As the girl asked, Nandini nodded her head.

She looked all around and found everyone busy in gossiping. “Hi, I’m Nandini, log pyaar se mujhe nandu bolte hai (my love ones call me Nandu.)” She held out her hand in front of her, smiling.

“I am Khushi Gupta.” She smiled back and shook her hand with him.

Sanaya Irani as Khushi Gupta

“I come after saying hi to them.” She said to Khushi, pointing her finger at the two girls who just entered into the classroom.

“Nandu, they are bitches. Don’t talk to them.” Khushi tried to stop her by holding her arm, but Nandini was Nandini.

“Hww, Khushi, how could you call anybody bitch? Very bad.” As Nandini scolded her, Khushi left her hand and didn’t argue with her further.

“Hi,” as Nandini came in front of her, both girls glanced at each other and gave whatever look.

“Get out of our way, you tiny little girl, see your class than say hi to us.” One of the girls pushed away Nandini, and they both moved toward their sit. Nandini pouted angrily at them. They all were laughing at her except Khushi. She was giving I told you look to her.

“You were right, Khushi. They are very bad, they called me tiny, I will surely take the revenge from them. They don’t know who is Nandini.” Nandini sat beside Khushi, glaring at them.

“Nandini, leave them, they will never get change,” Khushi said, Nandini nodded her head.

“No, Khushi, I will not leave them.” She growled.

“Will you be my friend?” Nandini cutely asked again and held out her hand before her.

“Friends.” Khushi squealed merrily and shook her hand with Nandini.

Nandini’s phone beeped and she smiles broadly seeing manik’s message.

Manik: Reached in your classroom safely?

Nandini: Yes, hubby. I have made a friend also, she is so sweet, her name is Khushi

Manik was standing at the window and gazing at her while chatting with her. His lips were curved into a broad smile.

She put her phone into her bag as she saw the professor coming inside. She shook Khushi, and asked her, “who is he? what is his name?”

Khushi smiled and answered, “He is Arnav Singh, our English teacher,” Khushi’s eyes shimmered as she told Nandini about Arnav. Nandini nodded her head in response.

Barun Bobti as Arnav Singh

The class went pretty good and Nandini shook everyone with her intelligence. She was giving all the answers to Arnav’s questions. He was also shocked and Khushi too.

“Wow Nandini, you are so intelligent,” Khushi praised her, impressed with her.

“Thank you,” she smiled gleefully.

Next period was of Music. Nandini and Khushi stepped into the music room. They all settled down.

“Student, I want to introduce you all with your new music professor, Mr Manik Malhotra.” As Principal announced, Manik stepped into the room, grinning. Everybody’s eyes were at him. All girls were gawping at him. A pen slipped on the floor from a girl’s hand after seeing him. Our Nandu was staring at him in utter shock with wide-open eyes.

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